Sony Insiders Refute Claim That PS4 Neo’s Development Started Because Of PSVR

Credible insiders debunk the rumor.

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Earlier today we reported that PS4 NEO was developed because the original PlayStation 4 system was ‘truly awful’ and was simply incapable to support VR to its full potential. Well, that reported has been debunked by two reliable Sony insiders at Neogaf. Insider Matt simply stated that such a situation will “never” happen while adding that “PSVR is fine on the regular PS4. Obviously things look better on Neo, but considering the performance requirements, the actual experience is largely the same.”

Meanwhile Demonite’s response was simply amusing. Both Demonite and Matt are credible insiders (many have assumed Demonite to be a Sony employee at Neogaf) so they may be right once again. But as usual, take this report with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation from Sony.

But what are your thoughts on this? Do you think NEO was developed primarily because the base model was weak to support VR? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • kee1haul

    Insiders say it was, other insiders say it was. Anyway, won’t matter when Scorpio destroys everything.

    • Mike

      It probably won’t sell any better than the Xbox one.

    • angh

      haha, xbox fanboys always looking for something to destroy… SDRAM was there to destroy ps4, cpu overclocking, additional allocated ram, DX12, new sauces everywhere, and now it will be a mythical scorpio ;D
      Leave those people to their delusion, waiting 4 years for some promises while normal gamers just enjoying playing.
      Going back to Uncharted;)

    • Mike

      Amen brother

    • Ryuken13

      Xbone does great in the West. Sony and Nintendo do well globally.

      You are correct.

    • Ryuken13

      If he said that she said her cousin’s best friend’s mistresse’s hairdresser’s client said it is true of course it is true lol.

    • Mr Xrat

      If, Mark. Gonna be funny when MS either fail to reach their targets or do so with a console that costs $699 a year after Neo and NX.

    • kee1haul

      3===D~ ~

    • Rose Henderson

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  • Michael

    Insiders at gaf? It can’t be…lol /s

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Scorpio will destroy all. Doesn’t matter.

    • Mr Xrat

      I thought it was DX12, Xgimp? Or the cloud?

      Nothing is saving you.

    • Chris Sanchez

      6Tflops > 4Tflops, deal with it.

      You idiotic fanboys brought this on yourself, doing nothing but bragging about specs all gen instead of playing games.

      Now you have it.

      If you really thought a multi billionaire company like Microsoft was going to sit down and watch a bleeding company like Sony beat them over power, you’re daydreaming my friend.

      The OG Xbox destroyed the PS2 in terms of power, the 360 destroyed the PS3 and now the Scorpio is coming after the PS4 Neo.

      Hold onto your butts, hope you enjoyed these 2 and a half years of troll, because that’s all your gonna get.

    • Mr Xrat

      Target performance versus estimates, deal with it. Even if they do manage it at an RRP of $599 (better line up that second job) it’ll be a year late and have no games. Seems that multi-billionaire company sat down and let the Nokia deal fail.

      You have nothing, deal with it.

  • d0x360

    If course the ps4.5 is for vr. The ps4 just doesn’t have the muscle for high fidelity vr at a proper frame rate. Its just a fact that can’t be argued. I mean Jesus proper vr on PC requires a GPU that costs about $600. We are talking about rendering an image at higher than 1080p and at least 90fps. Anything lower and the experience is literally stomach turning and even at 1080p pixels are highly visible.

    Sure the ps4 can render at 90fps if you turn the visual fidelity way way down but people tend to like their games to look nice. A bunch of low poly models with bad lighting effects isn’t what people are after and if its what Sony delivers it will just turn people off.

  • Starman

    Here we go …. “Save the playstation” campaign” continues….. lol what a joke ….

  • Mr Xrat

    Never mind, Xgimps, you’ll have that Scorpio pipe dream to hang on to for the next year and a half.

  • Jeff Rigby

    In letters to the EU power board, Sony and Microsoft already have a roadmap of power savings with Tier three (2017) and Tier four (2019) navigation power levels. These are typically node reductions that result in power savings. Tier Tree (2017) was a 20 watt reduction but moving from 28nm to 14nm gives about a 40+ watt reduction which probably means they had always planned to turn the efficiency into more performance. Because Sony moved the ARM IP out of the APU to southbridge with it’s own 256 MB of DDR3, they could use GDDR5 and GDDR5 with Polaris. With the XB1 having ARM IP in the APU, they had to use DDR3 and will have to wait to use HBM2 with Vega.

    PS4 using Polaris IPand GDDR5 4TF Late 2016 probably same price
    XB1 using Vega IP and HBM2 6TF Late 2017 and more expensive

    CPU rumors for both could be a variant of a cat core, eExcavator or ZEN lite

    The above paper and one linked to it also confirm the 2013 PS4 and XB1 are UHD Capable consoles which will be firmware updated in 2016

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    If PS4 was to weak for PSVR, that would have been suicide. No just trying to follow iphone model, but that’s much different a phone is a utility (almost) your going to use it much more than a console. A console is a luxury/leisure item I think a PS4 4.5 and X1 1.5 consoles are bad ideas. Devs are going to hate this.

  • lagann

    This makes no sense whatsoever. If the ps4 was ideal for use with the psvr….we wouldnt be talking about ps neo at all. Ps4 is THE best selling console this gen and if there wasnt a need for a more powerful version, then we wouldnt be seeing so soon.


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