Sony On Whether Comparison With Xbox One X Is A Problem, Not Stopping Studios From Utilizing Its “Power”

Sony’s Jim Ryan says it’s completely up to developers and publishers.

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If you’ve been keeping track of Destiny 2, then you’ve probably heard that it will run at 30 FPS on Xbox One X, not 60 FPS. Instead, 30 FPS will be the standard across all platforms. Could it be that Sony Computer Entertainment is telling publishers to not make the Xbox One X version of certain games better (as ridiculous as that sounds)? Eurogamer spoke to PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan about the same and basically asked if Sony was encouraging or telling publishers to not make the Xbox One X version of a game superior to the PS4 Pro version. Ryan said he has no knowledge of such a deal

However given that the Xbox One X is much powerful than the PS4 Pro and Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s statement about there being no technical reason why a game coming to both platforms shouldn’t look and run better on Xbox One X, and whether that was a comparison problem, Ryan said, “Well, we’ll see when they launch in six months’ time.

“The number of partnerships, and yes they are big titles, I won’t dispute that, it’s small. There are a handful. There will be hundreds of games published this year and those games, market forces will prevail. If a developer or publisher wants to take advantage of the supposed power of the X, they will do that. If they don’t, they won’t.”

It will be interesting to see how game developers treat the Xbox One X. A game like Destiny 2 should ideally have no problems running at 60fps but then how will developers manage the multiplayer component because there is no way Xbox One will be able to run it at 60fps.

Xbox One X is out on November 7th. What are your thoughts on certain games not quite looking better on the platform? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mark

    Why is Ark gonna run 1080p/60fps Epic settings on Xbox X while the Pro’s doing 1080/30fps medium….but Bungie is capping Xbox at 30? Valid freakin question..

    • XterminatorbotMK1

      Why do you care about this when you’ve been gaming in 720p and 900p on the Xbone while downplaying the PS4’s 40% performance advantage?

      You didn’t mind when Destiny and Assassin’s Creed had parity between PS4 and Xbone despite the PS4’s 40% hardware adavantage.

      Valid question.

      “Why is Ark gonna run 1080p/60fps Epic settings on Xbox X”

      Funny because Ark devs had parity between PS4 and Xbone so why are Ark devs sucking off Micrisoft?

      Also Ark runs like garbage on PS4 and Xbone so you probably shouldn’t trust those devs. Probably not a good example to use those devs.

      TheRedDragon and the rest of you Xdrones truly are a joke.

    • aawells07

      The same can be said for both sides.

    • Mark

      1) Why should I care about a big time multiplat that can possibly, run at double the frames on Xbox than other consoles? Really?

      2) Ark runs in 2 different modes (atleast it used to), one for graphics and one for higher frame rate. Normal mode is uncapped, so it runs settings per what the PS4 can do. That has nothing to do with Xbox, and doesn’t prove parity at all.

      3) Wild Card studios may not be the best devs out, but performance is crappy on ALL platforms across the board; all versions are EQUALLY unoptimized. Do u think the devs will magically code better on Xbox X? Of course not, it won’t even support 4K on Ark. So when u see it will run at 60fps, it’s cuz of the RAM and faster processing over the Pro, all confirmed in that E3 interview…..which goes back to my first question; can Destiny 2 really run 60fps on Xbox X? Oh and stop getting so triggered man dam

    • Smart guy

      Wow you’re an idiot 🙂

    • Riggybro

      You can’t really compare different games like that.

      Games can be CPU or GPU bound. Depends on the type of game. Witcher and GTA V for example are CPU heavy. A corridor shooter or driving game however could be more GPU bound so you will see some great XBX results on them.

      Some games will be maxing out the CPU already on the XB1 so 600 700 MHz extra on a XBX jaguar isn’t gonna cut the mustard. Somethings you cannot just offload to a GPU.

      You can see testing of this kind of thing online where they take an i3 CPU (the lowest of the range) and pair it with a gtx 1080 ti do benchmarks then swap in an i7. Some games surprisingly it doesn’t make much of a difference. While some absolutely tank on the i3.

      It is entirely possible Destiny 2 is not possible at 60 fps on XBX. Maybe… just speculation of course.

    • Mark

      Ark is a game that’s heavily taxing on the CPU, the more dinosaurs and objects, the lower the frames, confirmed by the dev. It is open world/sandbox, of which both Witcher and GTA are. Very similar to Destiny. The big amount of bodies on screen means many calculations for the CPU to keep track of, both games employ this. So I’d argue Destiny can be compared to Ark. However, Destiny does do more explosions and has many bullets to track, so I can’t claim to know for sure. Just saying Ark def leans on CPU performance to a significant degree. I don’t hate any devs, but this whole thing of mid-gen console performance is very funny and interesting bro

    • Mr Xrat

      “Epic” settings LOL

      1) Ark is a horribly unoptimised game
      2) The Xbollox isn’t as powerful as you think it is.

  • Mark

    I don’t think Sony’s doing this, but sumthin’s up. Is it because Bungie has less dev time on Xbox X?

    • I think it’s more of not wanting XB1X owners to have an FPS advantage over XB1 owners. That’s the only valid reason I could think of, which makes sense.

    • Brian

      I think that’s a fair point to make, actually. But I don’t see why Bungie couldn’t just own up to that: It’s a fair play thing.

    • Thanks, I also think when/if the # of XB1X owners grows to equal or come close to the number of XB1 owners though, there could be an argument for 60fps for Destiny 3, if they want to separate the user base, or even keep it the same group, but right now, yeah, it would be an unfair advantage…

    • Gamez Rule

      Agreed. And yes that makes sense.

    • hardseppo

      But it’s easy – let X users only play with X users. See? Problem solved…

      Also works this way on the 60fps PC-Version

    • Yeah, but why would any developer cord off a customer base when they don’t know the total install base yet. I think XB1X will be successful, but let’s be real – it’s not going to sell 5M units at launch at $499 so the Destiny XB1X user base won’t be that high – which is why I said, probably when Destiny 3 rolls around in 2-4 years the XB1X user base will be high enough to warrant a 60fps version

    • hardseppo

      As an artist with an aspiration I always want to do the best possible job. Because it’s tempting and I can do it. Don’t you think game-designers think the same? They are also bothering with a 60fps port for PC, so they clearly show effort in that regard.

      Just not enough.

      edit: and we know PC and Xbox family are very similar

    • I’m not arguing about this from an artistic perspective, simply a common sense economical one. Of course I want Destiny 2 60fps on XB1X when I buy it, but the install base probably won’t support the extra work to do that immediately.

    • hardseppo

      But wouldn’t economically a better version boost sales?

    • No. Let’s say there are only 2M XB1X’s sold to customers by mid next year, and only 50% of those people play Destiny 2. That 1M users are not necessarily enough to warrant the development costs for an 60fps version for only XB1X customers. I’m not saying those are the exact numbers, I’m just saying that the numbers don’t necessarily add up.

    • hardseppo

      I see what you mean and I appreciate your constructive way of discussing (not that common these days), but they are already making a PC version – PC to X ports take weeks, sometimes days accdording to devs – I think it’s just lazy… or a contract thing

    • Mark

      But even in co-op?

  • XterminatorbotMK1

    Anyone who thought Sony was holding back Xbox One X is a moron.

    Hilarious how the gaming media is talking about this yet no one mentions that Destiny had patity between the base PS4 and Xbone despite Siny’s partnership on the first game.

    The Xbox One S holds back Scorpio. Not the Pro. That is why the Xbox One X being $500 is so ridiculous. Some people saw this coming. That is a high amount of money to drop on a meek mid gen upgrade if PS5 is a couple years.away.

    • aawells07

      The tech inside the box is the reason its $500 and if you disagree than you don’t really understand what’s actually in the box. Whether you like it or not its a great box. Obviously you can disagree but it doesn’t change the fact.

  • Marty8370

    Crapbox one X will be DOA, price will see too that

    • hardseppo

      YouTube begs to difer 🙂

      And as for price: my first PS3 cost 599,- Euro, PSVR is 400,- Euro currently – don’t get what you mean…

  • Gamez Rule

    IF Xbone was the main console leader with the biggest install base I believe Xbone X would get devs taking full advantage of the additional horsepower to the fullest, but we know that’s not the case.

    To be fair devs that made games for MS ( like Cliff Bleszinski ) have made games for PS4 this gen due to Sony having the larger install base, and although a version of his game *LawBreakers* isn’t ruled out for MS consoles at a later date he went where the install base is. In fact Cliff mentioned that “Xbox fanboys being salty” due to comments being made towards him for his platform choice. (see video )

    MS stated Xbone X as a *TRUE 4K Gaming console with no compromise*, and we now know that isn’t true. Example AC-Origins is not native 4K and is using checkerboarding as a compromise to hit high resolutions…… Or as some people called it when PS4-Pro used it *Fake 4K*

    But does it matter if a console cannot always hit 4K. Example by the looks of it Anthem was also using checkerboarding to hit 2160p but that game looked great.

    Hopefully devs will support all consoles and gamers, but IMO I really believe that MS needs to get some exclusive content within third party games to really make owning the Xbone X worth the cost over other platforms like Sony done this yeah for it’s install base.

  • JC

    Lots of talk on the net how the X1X can’t/won’t be able to do 60fps due to the CPU. Aside from it being heavily customized (more bus, bandwdith, RAM), isn’t this where DX12 based games will shine? The draw call aspect being magnitudes better than in prior APIs?

  • Mr Xrat

    Another Xgimp conspiracy theory bites the dust.

    They could try asking why Crackdown 3 is 30fps and why Forza 7 still looks like a 360 game.

    • Ocelot forgot his meds

      Mental case is real mad Sony has embarrassed itself at E3 and is upvoting himself. Showed the same 3rd person single player games that they did last year. Sad you wierdos defend this garbage when they are dead a month after launch.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      You stink at this.

      You get no upvotes for that.

  • Wei Feng

    That 720p TV media box will hold it back

  • Dougdec92

    Seriously, Sony telling devs to not go all out on xboxone x….xbox isnt even competition in the first place and Phil shouldnt be paranoid about this…your system cant clock 60fps for now on destiny 2, suck it up and make exclusives to prove them wrong and stop parading like a game dev of the year oh paranoid Philly.


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