Sony: PlayStation VR Is A Plug and Play System

‘The beauty os PlayStation VR is that we have the PS4 to power it.’

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Project Morpheus

VR is undoubtedly exciting for the tech enthusiast- there can be no question about that, after all. However, the long term survival of VR relies solely on its feasibility for the wider consumer market, and that’s where we run into issues- the question of wearing a headset, the fact that VR is a socially isolated experience, the fact that it is so expensive, and the failure of 3D technology from a few years earlier all provide compelling arguments for why VR may not take off.

But Sony thinks that the PlayStation VR is the answer to all of these problems, that it resolves all these longstanding issues. Because it is a plug and play solution that relies on the PS4, Sony’s belief is that PlayStation VR may succeed with the wider market where Oculus Rift or Vive may scare customers off.

“What we expect is to be able to deliver a fantastic PSVR experience to our customers and consumers and you mention a lot of reasons there that I absolutely buy into,” said SCE Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny in an interview with “We have a large installed base of keen gamers who we know want to try these new experiences, and we have a plug and play system.”

Maybe that might work- consoles have been instrumental in technology being adopted by the mainstream public before, after all (such as DVDs and PS2, Blu Rays and PS3, Wii and gyroscopes, and DS and touch screens). But with this ultimately not being an out of the box solution – it is an add on, a peripheral, one that needs to be purchased separately – I am not sold on the long term viability of this venture yet.


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  • d0x360

    I’m proud of Sony for giving this a shot but I don’t think ps4 has the muscle for proper vr. We need to consider a few things. Image quality, resolution of not just the assets but the final rendering resolution, and frame rate.

    On PC using the second development version of the rift you needed pretty strong hardware to get proper frame rates and resolution.

    If you don’t have a proper frame rate not only does the image become ugly it can make you sick.

    My biggest concern on ps4 is image quality. If its rendering fast enough and stable enough how is that going to effect the final image? We already see sacrifices in traditional gamesband we rarely see 60+ fps so how ugly will these games be?

    • Joy Ayala


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    • d0x360

      That’s an amazing story spam bot…I mean joy.

  • Starman

    ‘The beauty os PlayStation VR is that we have the PS4 to power it.’

    lmao , you say that like its a good thing … they can’t even run at 1080p and 60fps for multiplayer on uc4 ..gtfo !
    ‘powered by the ps4″ …ha ! what a joke …did i mention , it can only be played on the ps4 .. did they tell you that????

    • Agent_Blade

      Starman…Jesus chirstman we get it you don’t like the VR. You rag on every article about anything Playstation VR.

      Please tell us how you can make it better or do you have another idea all together that is sure to big the next big thing since slices bread.

    • Duke

      He hates VR but probably thinks Microsoft’s HoloLens AR is the second coming of Jesus.

    • Agent_Blade

      I can most def believe that.

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