Sony posts $312 million loss for Q1 2012; Game division underperforms

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Sony has posted a loss for Q1 2012 totaling to $312 million. Their game division performed poorly as you can see from the pdf they released below, and showed a consistent decline in hardware and software.

Sales were 1,515.2 billion yen (19,180 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 1.4% compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year (“year-on-year”).

They have reduced the forecast for PSP/Vita to 12 million from 16 million. Earlier they aimed to ship 10 million Vita and 6 million PSPs.

It was clear that they couldn’t hit their forecast considering Vita’s poor sales. PS3 and PS2 combined shipped 2.8 million units for Q1, which is a decrease compared to 3.2 million from the same period last year. We don’t know how much PS3’s they shipped this quarter as they seem to be combining both PS3 and PS2 now.

It doesn’t look like they will hit their PS3 forecast either unless it gets a drastic price cut.

Slight update: Japanese companies’ fiscal year starts with the year it begins so it’s  Q1 2012. Normally, we take the year it ends so the initial title read Q1 2013.



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  • Chris Poole

    4chan is here.

  • Guest

    I hope Sony dies. Worthless arrogant company that only lies to cover their backs. Overhype and underdeliver is everything Sony!

    • Guest 2.0

      I thought you were describing xbox trololol, well i hope you die and disappear into the abyss,

    • MrUnderhill

      Cool post, bro! As opposed to the complete lack of original game development on other systems? Halo 10, Mario 17? The 360 is literally a gaming wasteland of sequels and kinect shovelware. No one is more committed to actual gamers than Sony.

    • teufel

      Resistance discontinued due to lack of sales. Giving away games for download to bribe people to pay for their inferior online service that, oh by the way, they put in a new wording on their contract that you cant sue anymore if they get hacked and lose your info to hackers. Lying to the public outright about game sales where shipped and sold become the same number. Bundling their games with systems to boost game sales by giving away games that are rotting in their warehouses. Photocopying Nintendo games then putting a slight spin on them and yet still failing to get decent sales; cant wait to see if LBP Kart Racing will flop like Modnation Racers. A motion control system that is losing to a broken camera based system like the Kinect. A bunch of exclusives that are so dreadful not even their fans are willing to buy them, probably because generic shooters and button mashers are not as fun as third party titles that dominate the PS3.

      I guess being a slightly over priced slow blu-ray player is a decent consolation prize when you have been the runner up for an entire generation.

    • LOL

      Lack of sales? You’re an idiot. All Sony exclusives have sold well over a million or have reached a million sales. A game doesn’t have to sell Halo numbers to do well. Should I point out all the games that didn’t do well on the 360?

      Like…Alan Wake for example.

      Check and mate.

    • LOL

      You hope Sony dies? Grow the f*ck up you douchebag. Because Microsoft wasn’t arrogant as well when they were jumping around, pissing themselves over U.S numbers.

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  • Jack

    Poor pauperstation fanboys, only now, at the end, do you understand!

    • LOL

      Poor 360 faggots. No games at all except rehashed franchises. Trololol.

  • HasaDigaEebowai

    It’s pretty pathetic how scared Sony is to just release their sales numbers. They have to combine their PS3 and PS2 sales together. I’ve never heard of anything like that before. Microsoft and Nintendo are so transparent with their numbers. Sony won’t even respond to NPD anymore, so people have to estimate PS3 sales based on the other consoles’ numbers and percentages. My, how the king has fallen.

  • LOL

    Wow, you trolls are pathetic. You bubble each other up like mindless puppets. You seemed to have missed the part where the gaming division is suffering as a whole because of something called a recession. But of course you have to cherry pick the article.

    Grow up fanboys and go play games.

  • LOL

    Btw you stupid ass trolls. You wouldn’t have the XBos or the 360 is it wasn’t for Nintendo or Sony. YOU’RE JUST PROVING YOU’RE NOT GAMERS AND ON;Y CARE ABOUT SALES.

  • Roger

    Now, Sony have been proven the liars and deceivers they have always been to their stock holders, it’s byebye Sony! And nobody will miss you but the PS3tarded fanboys that never learned to think for themselves and see through the lies and deceit! Sony = overhype and underdeliver and that is just plain fact!


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