Sony Releases Complete PS4 Specifications

Looks like the PS4 will be a beast.

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Right after the PS4 reveal event ended, Sony have released a press statement that outlines the complete specifications of the system. It seems Sony are putting their all in to the PlayStation 4 with specs equivalent to a high end PC.

The press release describes the GPU and the memory as:

PS4 is equipped with 8 GB of unified system memory, easing game creation and increasing the richness of content achievable on the platform.  GDDR5 is used for this memory, giving the system 176 GB/second of bandwidth and providing a further boost to graphics performance. The end result for gamers is new games with rich, high-fidelity graphics and deeply immersive experiences that shatter expectations.

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has been enhanced in a number of ways, principally to allow for easier use of the GPU for general purpose computing (GPGPU) such as physics simulation.  The GPU contains a unified array of 18 compute units, which collectively generate 1.84 Teraflops of processing power that can freely be applied to graphics, simulation tasks, or some mixture of the two.

The complete specification is below:

Main Processor 
Single-chip custom processor
CPU :  x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”,  8 cores
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS,  AMD next-generation Radeon™ based
graphics engine


Hard Disk Drive 

Optical Drive
(read only)
Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0) 、AUX

Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)

AV output 
Analog-AV out
Digital Output (optical)

It is interesting to see the official specs are pretty close to what we reported a  week back. You can red that article over here. The only massive change is the RAM. Sony have learned their lessons and have put in a powerful 8GB GDDR5 RAM, which should make the system future proof for years.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned to for our continuous coverage of the PlayStation 4.

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  • AlexJones4President1995

    i have seen leaked nextbox specs. ps4 has already lost the next gen war with those specs. nextbox is going to crush it underfoot 🙂

    • lol? 8gb of DDR3 trumps 8GB of GDDR5? In what universe?

    • fatandsloppy

      what? we’ve all seen the leaked nextbox specs and they’re almost exactly the same. in fact, every leak has stated that it’ll have GDDR3 RAM which will be significantly slower than sony’s GDDR5.

    • Specs have rarely had much to do with a consoles level of success.. Wii? PS2? Both the least powerful of their competitors and both the best selling of their generation.

      What really matters is the games and capturing the public’s imagination.

    • brianc6234

      Sony should win that war. They have much better and more games than Microsoft has now. Microsoft hardly has any first party developers left.

    • brianc6234

      You’re a moron. Microsoft isn’t going to crush the PS4. Now they might have to match the PS4 though.

  • Bulletbill

    Wow…just wow I can’t believe I’ve just invested in the wii u..dammit

    • Billy Lott

      QQ moar?

    • danitanzo

      to play games?… If you focus on graphics play on a pc…

    • jmc8888

      It’s only 3x the Wii U. Most people would have thought 10x.

      Another way to look at it is like this.

      A midrange 2013 PC will have roughly the same power gap between it and the PS4 as the PS4 has over the Wii U.

      An uber 2013 PC will have 8-9x what a PS4 has.

      Another way to look at it is like this

      A 360 and PS3 could outperform a 3000-4000 PC (or 2500 in core PC parts to build yourself) from a 2004 PC (the year before the 360 launched).

      A PS4 is comparable to a $600-800 in core 2011 PC parts. (motherboard, ram, psu, CPU, GPU)

      You do the math whether the ‘powerful’ console showing demos on a PC (and not a PS4) that looked good, but not great is something to fret over.

    • there is no mobo with ddr5 support so you’re not factually correct… but you can get better performance with less money if you’re just buying parts

    • WhiteManFromTown


  • dakan45

    hah high end pcs are more powerfull

    • Axe99

      Aye, but have to deal with a lack of optimisation (because of the various hardware setups) and the huge tax on performance that running on Windows (if you’re actually playing high-end games – there’s very few high-end PC games on Linux or Mac) entails. Once you take into account the Windows resource ‘tax’, the PS4 specs actually compare pretty well with high-end PCs – far better than I expected, that’s for sure.

    • dakan45

      The horrible optimization is killing pc gaming. That i can agree with. Look at gta iv, looks like crap but needs a super pc. Or crysis 3, dx11 1gb card required just to play it while crysis in 2007 looked and run better.

    • Man, a whole two games listed. Lack of optimization is not some rampant issue. Plus, now that console hardware will be getting back into the same ballpark, relatively speaking, as PCs, optimization will be even better. The only reason PC has had any struggles recently is due to developers producing games for ancient tech and then trying to work it back to PC.

    • dakan45

      metro 2033, just cause 2, saints row 2.

    • matthew.85

      PC is faster. High PC is faster even now. Windows isn’t such a resource hog as people like to pretend. Besides this what do you think all those background processes Sony are doing with ps4 are running on? The UI overlay and the memory space for video compression and the memory for background downloads and the CPU cycles for camera tracking and the CPU cycles for the net code constantly running they want….. That’s right. They are running inside ps4 with a core or more reserved and a gigabyte or more of memory reserved.

    • Axe99

      Aye – I’m not saying a high-end PC isn’t faster – it’d want to be, at probably around three times the cost! High end PCs are always more powerful than consoles, even at launch, but the value you get from consoles is unparalleled, and the performance is still very impressive. I know Windows doesn’t take as much as it used to (Vista was horrible, Win 7 is much better), but it still chews a huge amount relative to a console OS (I have, and game on, a PC – I’m not a console fanboy (although I do prefer them), I play on both), and I highly doubt that the PS4 OS will have anywhere near the overhead of Win 7.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that high-end PCs and their graphics cards are often designed for super-HD screens – often more than one at once – and high-end PC’s often run games far above 60hz. The PS4 will only have to hit 1080p and 60Hz, which will make its hardware go further relative to a high-end rig because it’s not burning power on multiple screens and higher resolutions.

      You just have to see the gameplay vids to see that we’ll be getting stuff that looks as good as what you get on high-end PC on the PS4, at a fraction of the cost in hardware. We won’t be able to run it at 120Hz, or display it on 2 screens at 2560p, but the cost of a device that would do that would preclude mass-market adoption, which would mean you’d never get the development budgets required to take full advantage of the hardware in the first place ;).

    • matthew.85

      By the time PS4 launches PC hardware will have dropped in price than what it is now. Bang for buck and all that. PC initial outlay is of course always more expensive. Undeniable. But let’s not get too much into the argument of cost, because console games are more expensive than PC games, you pay a premium for every one because of the licensing fee to the console manufacturer, and this is besides the potential cost of online services or online pass fees or replacing games you may desire on a possible pay gaikai service because ps4 doesn’t play that ps3 game you bought 6 months ago…. So let’s no go straight to cost. That’s another argument for another day.

      I was highlighting that ps4s hardware is clearly going to be having some heavy duty OS and processing overheads of its very own. This is no game boy. Sony are going bonkers with their netcode and controls and video etc etc. That costs memory and it costs it big time. Wii u reserves 1gb doesn’t it?? It would be fairly reasonable to assume ps4 does too but potentially even more… Windows 8 can run in 1gb quite happily and a fraction of a percentage of a good CPU. If you were interested.

      We know ps4 will probably be 1080p/30 frames. PC doing more is an option and an advantage. Don’t see how you would flip it as a negative for the performance of PC or an advantage of ps4’s hardware. That is surely a +1 for PC…

      I seen the game play vids. I seen that in a year or whenever those games might arrive, ps4 will get close to what PC can already do right now in Crysis 3 and Project Cars for example. What will PC be doing all this year and then next year by the time they launch? Who knows. But PC can do that and it can do it now. It will also do it cheaper and better than it is doing it now in a year.

      The fact is that from this point on, whatever is designed for ps4 will go onto pc architecture like jam on toast. Ps4 is literally the expression of a midrange PC. Not some ridiculously left field RISC chip with broken memory buses and extremely specific 3D processing hardware.

      Devs will probably be able to port their CPU code across to PC in the time it takes for them to make said jam on toast… Except it’ll run loads faster because Jaguar is a frickin.1 litre 3 cylinder and everything in a decent modern pc is a supercharged 6 litre V12

    • Axe99

      Aye, totally – having greater similarities between PS3 and PC is better for all gamers. It’ll push PC games (which are often limited by what they can run on consoles – as a game often has to run on console for it to be worth doing high-end) and console games, and everyone will win – I’m not knocking PC gaming here (I’d be knocking myself, after all), I’m just saying don’t underestimate dedicated gaming hardware with an OS that’ll still be far more focussed than Windows, even if it’s doing more than a PS3. My experience as a PC _and_ console gamer has well and truly highlighted the fallacy of directly comparing specs between the two.

      On the by, not sure why you’d want Windows 8 for gaming though – I’ve had a look around the forums, and the impression I get is that I should sit on Win 7 for as long as humanly possible! I’ve got 16GB of RAM, so if Win 7 takes a couple of GB of that, so be it – it’s got far more advantages than disadvantages over both what came before it (Vista) and after (Windows Tablet – sorry, I mean Windows 8 ;)).

    • penglish06

      i think at you are forgetting is that this is not just a gaming console. this current gen changed the market game consoles are now entertainment devices. the ps4 is an all in one deal for a tv set so i can set on a couch or bed and watch netflix hulu a streamed movie or music from my pc, music, or watch a dvd or blu ray. not just gaming. i know a computer can do all those things to which is great but how many ppl r willing to put a computer in there living room and where they need a keyboard and mouse to operate it, wait for it to boot up, or having multi-player on it. stop looking at raw power PC’s r designed to do many things and even tho a high end gaming rig can crush the ps4 and next box the 90+% of ppl dont wanna play a game alone at a desk to do everything these consoles can do from the comfort of there own couch. at the end of the day consoles are from multiple uses at a time where PC’s are from solo acts

    • Gi

      Well said. I share similar thoughts on the matter.

    • Criminal

      Yes they do that is why a gaming console can last for 7 years. Because it’s just focusing on playing your game. Unlike a pc which ram is dedicated to running window, or other apps, while you play your game it’s not being split up.

    • dakan45

      “they do that is why a gaming console can last for 7 years.”

      ahahahhahahha you do reallize 7 years is the longest generation of consoles? You do reallize that 7 years hardware is ancient?

      You do reallize that pc hardware is currently 10 times better than console hardware. You do reallize taht OS takes only 2gb with aero theme switched on and pc games do not relly on RAM but videoram and cpu? You do reallize that NO x64 games exist so the most a game can use is only 3gb ram?

    • jmc8888

      Alot more than 10x.

      An uber 2013 PC will be 8-9x a PS4. 2x GTX 790 or 3xGTX Titan’s will be well north of 10 TFlops.

      PS4 is just 1.8 TFlops.

      Also minimum specs on a PC aren’t the actual minimum specs.

      I’ve gamed on PC’s this century that were less then HALF the minimum specs and was pulling 20 FPS and NOT on the lowest settings or resolution.

    • dakan45

      reading this reminds me how bad optimization is.

      We got so much powerfull hardware adn games run like shit. It is very unfair. I played some games that run very well on my very old pc and on my current one they dont run at 60 fps at all times as i would expect. Depending on drivers it is amazing how better or worse games can run.

    • MGV

      Everything you said is completely false, aside from Windows OS using roughly 2Gb of RAM.

      First, the 360 is 7 years old and the PS3 is soon to follow. Both are still giving us great looking and more importantly fun games to play.

      Second, I’ve been running 64 bit, not x64, games since my first 64 bit PC back in ’06 running Windows in 64 bit.

      Third, having a $700 GPU at that time, I was barely able to play at a decent frame rate with the level of quality to match what 360 and PS3 games were churning out. You had to seriously spend over $2000 on a rig to really push graphics back then and even more today when the next gen consoles come out. If you think you can overpower next gen by spending anything less, then don’t waste your parents money! Like @Criminal said, development for consoles are completely optimized, whereas, a PC will have too many unnecessary programs running in the background that you have to deal with along with all of the services the OS is running. a PC’s hardware is also always changing, so it becomes even more challenging for a developer to optimize for every single piece of tech out there. A game for a PC WILL rely on everything you put into it, including system RAM and the RAM included on your video card.


      Above all, YOU DO REALIZE*****(only one freakin’ L) that your smelling and grammar is horrendous, don’t you? Actually, wherever you have used two Ls just remove one. Use the spell check, dammit. That’s why you have so many words underlined in red when you post this crap. That goes for all the idiots out there who type with their eyes closed. There’s enough wrong in the world already and we still have stuff like this showing up all over the place. Your pointless rants of anger have as much quality in them as your level of education.

      Here’s the most important thing you should know. People couldn’t care less what you think of consoles, PCs, gaming or the industry as a whole, but if you put your time into what you do maybe you’ll be taken a bit more seriously. Maybe.

      P.S. Disregard all of the above if you are under the age of 18, since that would explain a whole lot. There’s just no help for you until you grow up.

    • dakan45

      You might wana take a look when did the x360 launch, it was november 2005.

      NO consoles DO NOT give you “great looking and more importantly fun games to play.”

      If you compare them to a pc version you will see they are equivilant to low settings. Or you wont, because you are a dumb console fanboy that cant tell his face from his ass when it comes to graphics

      “fun games to play”

      Do you work for those fucking publishers who make 4 hour scripted games with low life span and require no skill to play? Also filled with dlc and season passes?

      “Second, I’ve been running 64 bit, not x64, games since my first 64 bit PC back in ’06 running Windows in 64 bit.”

      and i am who is completly false? Listen, games run on x32 not x64, there are NO X64 games. X32 OS gives you 3.25gb ram, x64 gives you more. No game uses more than 3.25 gb ram because the exes are x32 not x64.

      “Third, having a $700 GPU at that time, I was barely able to play at a
      decent frame rate with the level of quality to match what 360 and PS3
      games were churning out. You had to seriously spend over $2000 on a rig
      to really push graphics back then and even more today when the next gen
      consoles come out.”


      Where did you get a 700 gpu that sucked so badly? WTF are you talking about? My gpu is from 2008 and cost 250 back then and i still run all games on high.

      “decent frame rate with the level of quality to match what 360 and PS3″

      Console games run on 30 fps

      I was maxing out bioshock with a mere 8600GT a mere 150 card in 2007 and running it at 1080 p

      Your argument is invalid.

      ” spend over $2000″

      Sure if you bought the most expesive case rather building it on yourself along with the most expensive monitor and most expensive gaming mouse and etc etc. I have been building great 500-600 backs pcs for years, you are full of shit or ignorance the console gamers are filled with.

      How hard is it to “optimize” a game taht ms and sony pay you and have to test before releasing it and you have to pay them royality fees and ALL that on a single specific hardware that has not changed in 7 years? Thats why its “optimized” Ironicly they spend millions and millions to make those games run on 7 year old dated hardware. THe development costs of the next gen will be so high that many companies will leave and go to pc.

      “PC will have too many unnecessary programs running in the background
      that you have to deal with along with all of the services the OS is

      If you are retarded and dont know what is runnign on what, yeah but you have proven that you are retarded. Many of you fanboys prasie the 8gb GDDR5 without knowing wtf it is and how it will be used.

      Long story short the os will only take you 2gb of ram with aero swticihed on, thats all it takes not some insane perfomance killing you think.

      Thanks for point out that pc hardware changes all the time. In 2 years after the consoles release, most pc gamers will be able to afford SUPERIOR hardware and the consoles will be absolute. Have fun getting pwned by pc again.

      Oh am sorry i made a typo and suddenly every cunt in the internet is a teacher with grammar nazi syndrome.

      Contiunue ranging and QQing clueless console fuck

    • You can’t compare specs-for-specs between the PC and consoles. The PS3 has a slow-as-hell, outdated GPU from 2005 (Nvidia 7800GTX, 256MB), and yet it can run beautiful-looking games like Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3 because of the extreme optimization possible in a closed-platform environment.

    • dakan45

      hohoh actually i can. Pick a game, play it on pc and console, on pc its miles superior. So yeah MAYBE the exclusives will look good but multiplats look like ass. Just like the old days “stop saying xbox is more powerfull ps4 has more cors” Turns out multiplats looked better on x360.

    • Multiplat games were made on Xbox 360 first before they were ported to PS3. Games ported to PS3 always looked horrible bec they’re too lazy to optimize it again. But after FFXIII, they were singing a different tune when they saw how horrible a PS3 optimized game looked on the Xbox360. Yeah, pure crap.

    • DarthDiggler

      You can’t really say for certain they were “too lazy” developing a game isn’t some walk through the park you can make any number of changes that break the game, especially when dealing with 512MB of system memory.

      Some types of code the PS3 was very well suited for which is why you saw games with great lighting and effects, while the Xbox 360 generally had sharper textures. The problem is the developers are generally charged with getting the games to look the same on each system which often causes them to water it down slightly on one or the other depending on what the overall engine is doing.

    • Axe99

      It all depends on the PC, and this is the big thing about PC gaming – Steam has almost half as many members as there are on PS3 and 360, but only a relatively small proportion (well under half) of them have PCs that surpass the performance of the _current_ HD consoles. I was personally incredibly disappointed by my recently purchased mid-range PC being about on-par with my PS3, despite costing more than twice as much. Throw in the compatibility issues (on PS3, the games work every time, on PC you regularly have to edit/move files, search forums to find which VB.Net thingy to install, or whatnot – and sometimes they just don’t work at all) and the far greater frequency of lock-ups and glitches (I’m on PC as well as console – talking from experience here) and unless the game is significantly better on PC, I’ll go PS3 every time, even though ‘in theory’ (but not in practice) my PC is 3-4x as powerful as my PS3, if not more.

    • dakan45

      “, but only a relatively small proportion (well under half) of them have
      PCs that surpass the performance of the _current_ HD consoles. I’

      WRONG 80 present of them do. Or they woudlnt play any games, games nowdays require atleast a 900 or 200 gtx series card to run. Current consoles use 700 series by comparison.

      If you bought a pc instead of building one, you propably have no idea wtf you talking about.

    • jmc8888

      Don’t buy PC’s. Build them. If you bought a 700-800 PC, you really got bottom barrel parts probably not worth $300.

      If you have a monitor or HDTV, dvd drive (though with steam it’s really not needed much), OS like Vista or Win 7, a keyboard, mouse, and/or controller already, all you need is about $500-600 and you have yourself a PC that is as good or better than a PS4.

      If you have a decent CPU from 2007 onwards with DDR3 and PCI Express 2.0 all you can get a GTX 660 and have basically the power of a PS4 for $200. For $269 you can get a 660ti, for $339-399 you can get a GTX 670. Or you can wait until the GTX 700 series comes out later this year and get something equal in price that’s 50 percent faster than what the previous models were.

      If you buy premade PC’s, you need to make sure you know what you are buying. Also make sure you know WHICH settings to turn down as you’d be surprised if you say have AA too high, even a decent PC will hit a cliff and even if you run them on low-medium settings the AA will make it seem like your system sucks.

      Make sure you play around with things like AA, tessellation, and few other things, and bump up textures and stuff like that.

      You should have 2GB’s in video memory.

    • thats the point. a PC with specs similar to the Xbox 360 or PS# couldnt run those multiplats nearly as good as the consoles. What PC with 512 MB of ram is running crysis 3 or AC 3 at all.

    • dakan45

      have you seen those games on pc and consoles? The console versions have lower settings than lowest settings of the pc version.

      its so bad that max payne 3 on pc maxed out, doesnt look that far diffirent than call of duty on pc. Thats how superior pc is.

      So superior that max payne 3 on the lowest settings is the console version and the maxed out version doesnt look far diffirent than black ops on pc.

      Thats how dated current consoles are.

      I know i couldnt believe it either but sadly it is true.

      Far cry 2 maxed out on a pc from 2007 looks better than fc3 on consoles.

      RAGE that suposselly pretty game is by far the worst looking game in the last 7 years on pc.

      Thats how old the consoles are.

    • Axe99

      You’re making the mistake of comparing like-for-like specs in very different situations. Sure, the RSX in the PS3 is hardly anything to get excited about, but my PS3 got me similar results to a quad-core GT 9600 with 8GB of RAM – a system that should, by any straight spec comparison, smash the PS3 to blazes. Yes, it’s a purchased rather than built PC – but I’m a gamer – I’m interested in gaming, I don’t have the time or inclination to build a PC these days (I did when I was younger when I had more time, but we’re talking 486 and 586 days, and what I know from back then is well out of date).

      On my current system, a mid-range PC, 16GB or ram, GTX550 and an 8-core AMD CPU, I get performance that’s marginally better than a PS3, when I should be getting (spec-for-spec) something that runs rings around it – and my PC is well above average for Steam. _Some_ PCs will perform better than the new consoles, but the vast majority of PCs don’t provide gaming experiences better than the current lot – most people don’t build their own PCs, remember ;).

    • dakan45

      lol no. 7800GTX with VERY LITTLE RAM is what ps3 is.
      9600 is a rebranded 8600GT, should perfom well in 2007-8 games but cant run any newer games without running like complete shit.

      Your pc is not mid range, its high end.

      the x50 is a very bad choice, You should have gone with 560 and a 660 is a rebranded 650.

      What games you play? Console games run on 30 fps, on pc you should run on 60 fps. Also all of them on 1980 with higher res textures and higher draw distance and lighting effects that the ps3 has not ever heard of.

    • jmc8888

      Yes they can. Minimum specs aren’t minimum specs.

      But when you get into 7 year old cards, they STOP making optimizations because they no longer support such ancient cards.

    • DarthDiggler

      @facebook-100000553061212:disqus You can’t reason with these guys. It’s not about value for them its about having the most pixels and the most polys and the most sound channels. Its an electronic weener extension. LOL 🙂

    • and yet all the PS3 fanboys are willing to try the same thing vs Xbox fanboys… pot and kettle my friend

    • dakan45

      No you cant reason with us when you are retard that doesnt know shit “it is about having the most pixles and the most polys”

      WTF? Do you even know how graphics work? DO you even know what graphics technologies have been on pc that your shitty consoles cant take? You keep bullshiting like “it doesnt look that far worse on consoles” when you do not understand that you play games on 500p and 30 fps when we play on 1080p and 60 fps. Also thanks to low resolution everythign is blurry and that covers up alot of lack of details.

      As for “Better value” My videocard is 4 years old my cpu is 5 years old, yet i play most games on high, the rest on max. Tell me how pc gamign is expensive and you need to buy shit every year.

      if current high end pcs have those specs, how long you think it will be till everyone has better pcs and the consoles become absolute?

      Who has the best value then dipshit?

    • saying High end pcs is better once PS4 is out he will buy it just because bitch ass doesn’t have the money to buy a 2K PC gaming ! dumb asss

    • dakan45

      You make no sense, learn english faggot.

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  • brianc6234

    That’s what I call a powerful console. Good for Sony. I hope nobody cries about the price. I haven’t checked on the conference yet so this is the first I’ve seen of it. Consoles now need to be made more powerful. You can’t upgrade them. The Wii U is way underpowered with just 2GB of RAM. That’s going to hurt it. I was hoping Sony would at least go with 4GB. 8GB is even better.

    • dakan45

      high end pcs are more powefull.

    • Axe99

      And probably four times more expensive, with only a small range of software that really takes advantage of the specs ;). Don’t get me wrong, high-end PCs are awesome (and if I had the time to deal with one, might grab one m’self one day – reckon I’ll get the equivalent when I retire), but they’re hardly mass-market.

    • dakan45

      yes current pcs that surpass the NEXT consoles are 4 times more expensive.

      insert eyes roll image here.

      But in 2 years that hardware will be mainstream and the next consoles will be absolute in 3 years.

    • jmc8888

      Not really. If you have a decent five year old PC with DDR3, a quad core cpu, and PCI Express 2.0, all you need is to buy a GTX 660ti to beat a PS4. (that will run you $269).

      A $200 card will match a PS4

      A $139 (with a $15 rebate) the GTX 650ti will beat a 720.

      All told you can build a PC with the major components (GPU $200, CPU $99, RAM $46, motherboard, and PSU) for $500 if you buy the parts say from newegg.

      Meanwhile when the PS3/360 came out it could beat $2500 parts that came out simply a year before the 360 came out. (so late 2004 PC parts being throttled by a 360).

    • jmc8888

      No midrange GPU’s from 2011 and mid range CPU’s from 2008 are stronger.

      No need to be a high end PC to be more powerful.

    • dakan45

      I got a mere gtx275, 2008 high end stuff. But did 8 core cpus exist in 2008?

  • justice bentum

    that is a very slow cpu. im dissapointed. they should of gone for one of amds high end cpus and at least 12x bluray read. im dissapointed with the games shown ao far none of dem looked photorealistic only the capcom one.

    • jmc8888

      What he said is true. The only one that impressed me was the Capcom one as well.

      The rest of the stuff was nice, don’t get me wrong, lots of fun can be had playing games that look that way, but it was really a notch below what has been on PC’s for the past couple of years.

  • Captain Obvious

    1.84TFLOp? So its a AMD 5830 or Mobility 7xxx series

    • jmc8888

      A 360 and PS3 could outperform a 3000-4000 PC (or 2500 in core PC parts
      to build yourself) from a 2004 PC (the year before the 360 launched).

      A PS4 is roughly comparable to a $600-800 in core 2011 PC parts. (motherboard, ram, psu, CPU, GPU)

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  • Everyone here is comparing to a PC…who cares? Someone who is quite technical please give us a comparison to the PS3!!! I know what my PS3 can do and how great the games look…I want to know how much better they will look on PS4!!

    • dakan45

      Welll, ps3 uses hardware that you simply cant play any games from now till 3 years ago.

      Thats how much better games look on pc.

  • Rasputin

    I’m not particularly impressed with the specs. those 8 core CPUs are actually AMD APU’s which are aimed at budget gaming PC’s and are only 1.7 GHz, I have a 3.4ghz 8 core in my pc and its a year old.
    yea it has 8gb gddr5 but it isn’t just dedicated to graphics from what I can see, a high/mid pc has 2gb gddr5 dedicated to the graphics and 8gb ddr3 1866mhz dual channel system memory so that the CPU and GPU aren’t fighting for the same area in memory.
    having memory in the proposed setup just makes it easier for game developers to mass produce games like COD and to lower manufacturing costs and rip you off.

    best thing to do is buy a 350 quid pc now, (dual core or low end quad, 4gb DDR 3 1600mhz and a GeForce 550ti) ensure it has a good board for upgrades. That spec will play games at far superior detail to any current console. then when next gen consoles are released upgrade to 8 core 4ghz 16gb ram and better graphics and it will cost u much less than a ps4.

    I have upgraded my pc in this way since 1999 when the ps2 was announced, then in 2005 when ps3/360 was announced. this method ensures you buy pc parts at their cheapest and always have a pc capable of playing any game with higher detail and 3 x faster load time than any console.

    ffs I was playing half life one in hd 11 years ago on my 1200p 19 inch CRT lol

  • Shawn

    I pretty much typing on a PS4 right now as my new windows 8 Laptop is pretty much the same as PS4. (Multi-core X86 AMD APU chip)

  • not even close to complete specs… what kind of bus bitrate are we looking at? 128? 256? There is all kinds of specs that matter

  • let’s be honest there is no benefit for having the PS3 as X64 based CPU(only SOE puts anything on PC)… the real benefit is that Microsoft is going to be using the same X64 processor and a DX11.1 GPU… so port will be smooth as butter and Microsoft ports several of their franchises over to PC


      What do you mean by DX11.1 GPU? DirectX is not hardware.
      I think you meant the Shader Model 5.1.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Seeing all the retarded PC gaming elitists in the comments is sickening. Not only are they being obnoxious with their “my dick’s bigger” argument nonsense but they’re WRONG, INCORRECT, UNINFORMED. I build gaming computers as a side job, and even I know for a fact that a $5,000 rig with three Titan GPUs in it wouldn’t outperform the PS4. Sounds crazy, huh? Well here’s why…

    A console versus a PC with the very same specs would see the console outperforming it by a factor of eight or more. Console development allows low-level, direct-to-metal hardware access while PCs have to render past an API layer that saps a ton of performance from the hardware. Optimization for PCs is also really, REALLY inefficient, while on consoles perfect optimization is absolutely possible. Not only that but Windows *IS* a much bigger resource hog than console operating systems, except on the silly Wii U that uses half its RAM for its slow-as-heck OS(Nintendo’s engineers are incompetent).

    If you want the most powerful and future-proof rig on the market, don’t spend thousands of dollars on a monster of a PC that’ll die within months because of all the heat output- spend $400-$500 on a PS4. I quit PC gaming a little over a year ago because of all the awful DRM and lack of true ownership of games, I’m very happy to say that I’m selling my gaming computer to build a cheap-but-nice HTPC rig for internet browsing and getting a PS4 for all my gaming needs.

    Not only will the PS4 be the offering with the very best price-to-performance ratio on the market when it launches but it’ll have an awesome cloud gaming infrastructure, tons of great exclusives and the kind of platform stability PC gamers could only dream of. Ignore the imbeciles who claim that PC gaming is the “one and only legitimate and true option,” they’re dead wrong and they don’t know a thing about game development. I’m getting a PS4 on day one, I’m certainly not going to miss PC gaming much(beyond some late-90’s classics like System Shock 2, which my HTPC will handle just fine).

    • dakan45

      Sorry dipshit but you are the one who is RETARDED WRONG INCORRECT AND UNINFORMED.

      LOLZ the titan alone outperfoms the ps4.

      Seriously quit the bullshit kid.

      The ps4 will cost 900

      All arguments pwned. Actually pc gaming has exploded and never was stronger, the insanse development costs of the next gen consoles will lead more devs back to pc where not every game has to sell 5 millions to make profit.

  • how can you compare pc to game console of course pc will win game console will not ever compete with pc they would have to make a console every 3 months and that is just bad for business so stop comparing the two it is just nice to see a console that will be able to fit the needs of console gamers after all these years ps not every one in the world likes pc to game on or even like pc

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