Sony Working on PS2 Emulation for PlayStation 4

Confirmation emerges after reports of emulation software already present on PS4.

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Wondering when you’ll be able to play your favourite PlayStation 2 games on your PS4? Sony has finally offered an update on the possibility of the same and it’s fairly positive.

Speaking to Wired, a representative said that, “We are working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation. We have nothing further to comment at this point in time.”

This came after a report by Digital Foundry, which examined the Star Wars PS2 titles that shipped with the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle and confirmed them to be running on proprietary emulation software as opposed to being simple ports. It was manifested in the form of an upscaled resolution with black bars allowing for 1080p resolution output on the PS4.

Of course there’s no timeline for the PS2 emulator or how it will exactly work so stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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  • XbotMK1

    But how can this be?

    The Microsoft fanboys told me Sony was trying to force us to use PS Now.

    • Gamez Rule

      PS-Now is a choice for all types of people that want to play games ( without a console ) if need be..IE a Samsung TV.. It is a better way of getting games out to the public than needing a console. Why can’t they see that.

      The only thing I would do is allow people to play their already bought games through PS-Now for free. That way nearly everyone would be happy IMO

    • XbotMK1

      I haven’t used PS Now since it launched to play Shadow of the Colossus because of the price structure. It will be interesting to see if Sony does something else with it.

    • Michael

      Lol…you keep waiting,pony. Greatness awaits or awaiting geeatness. Take your

    • XbotMK1

      Terminator, aka GamerJudge, bardock5151, is that you?

    • Gamez Rule

      I know lol… Sony could open PS-Now to many more devices with more pricing options allowing gamers a bit more freedom while using the service.

      Sooner or later we may not have a console and need something that works for the gamer and In My Opinion Sony are heading in the right way as long as they relax on their services.

    • red2k

      Lol PS3 are not i target. But any way its good.

    • Truth™

      720P PS2 Games that were 1080P on PC in 2010. LOL

      What an achivement

      720P PS2 games
      720P VR
      900P Uncharted 4

      Where’s the Async Compute? Wheres the hUMA?

      Oh wait. It never existed. The PS4 was weak sauce from day 1.

      Stay failing

  • Terminator

    Sony just confirmed they are working on PS2 emulation….

    LOL!!! The PS Drone Corporate Slave Hypocrtie Fanboys like TrollBotFailMk1 wont like this at all since they don’t like going backwards and since they have been downplaying Xbox One backwards compatibility. Man talk about karma.

    • XbotMK1

      Sony has been working on PS2 emulation on PS4 for the past two years. There was a patent for it two years ago.

      I’ve always stated that backwards compatibility is a great feature and I never stated backwards compatibility is like going backwards. Microsoft is the one who stated that remember? Don’t try to make up things I never said.

      I’ve stated that both PS Now and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility are great and they both have pros and cons. And when PS2 backwards compatibility was rumored a year ago I also stated that PS2 backwards compatibility would be great.

      I’m wondering why you never gave the PS4 credit for PS Now but you praised Xbox 360 backwards compatibility when Microsoft added it two years after PS Now was announced because Microsoft wanted an answer to the PS4. I already know why. It’s because you don’t give Sony credit for anything because you’re an Xbox drone Microsoft slave hypocrite fanboy.

      Great job proving why Microsoft fanboys are the problem this generation.

    • Terminator

      LOL didn’t need to read your damage control essay. Keep being a lying/misinforming, hypocritical PS Drone Fanboy TrollBotFailMK1 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      You didn’t read my comment but you replied to it with pure Microsoft fanboy rage.Doesn’t make sense.

      It must really hurt you that I say the truth. That is why you haven’t given the PS4 credit for anything but you’ve been jerking off Microsoft and defending your Microsoft fanboy buddies the past two years despite all the lying and backtracking Microsoft has done the past two years desperately trying to make Xbox One look more like the PS4.

      Drop the DRM? Check!
      Remove the paywall for apps like Netflix and IE? Check!
      Allow self-publishing? Check!
      Make Kinect optional? Check!
      Add free games like PlayStation Plus? Check!
      Drop the price to compete with the PS4 launch price? Check!
      Add backwards compatibility like Sony? Check!
      Stop relying on 3rd party exclusives like Sony? Check!
      Stop forcing people to buy an adaptor for headsets? Check!
      Make a new UI focused on games, speed and social like the PS4 UI? Check!
      Add button remapping like the PS4? Check!
      Allow you to stream games like Sony’s Remote Play? Check!
      Add a hub for games like the PS4? Check!
      Steal Tomb Raider to compete against Uncharted? Check!
      Make sure Titanfall doesn’t come to the PS4? Check!
      Buy Gears of War from Epic to stop the rumors about it going to the PS4? Check!
      Allow you to stream games to Oculus because we’re scared of PlayStation VR? Check!
      Limiting the scope of our marketing to the holidays only because that is the PS4 slow season? Check!
      Focus on Windows 10 so we can try to stop Steam? Check!
      Pretend like we’re for the gamer so we can bring back DRM? Check!


    • Rodney Patrick


    • XbotMK1


    • Rodney Patrick

      You are the biggest idiot sonyfangirl i have ever seen on a gaming website,loser

    • Starman

      didn’t he say stfu , you ugly closet geek .. i’m not as nice …

    • Michael

      Release vita and then abandon it? Check!…lol

    • Terminator

      Sorry to burst your bubble scr*b but I don’t bad mouth Sony or the PS4 I have been giving them credit since the PS4 launched an still am, I only bad mouth hypocritical lying drone fanboys like you.

      Now you on the other hand NEVER, and I mean NEVER have given credit to Microsoft and the Xbox One not even once since it launch. Every good news about the Xbox One may it be a game, feature, DX12 or what not you always damage control, spin and lie to fuel your stup*d fanboy agenda and always s*ck up to Sony even when they f*ck up.

      Sony has a mutt, a pet, a PS Drone Corporate Slave Hypocrite Fanboy who uses multiple fake accounts to upvote his comments, who spreads lies/misinformation and spins any news regarding the competition to be bad because he loves to ride Sony’s D*ck, who screams “THEY COPY” when in fact most of the features both console use have already been in the market even before both console launched, who screams “FACTS AND TRUTH” without backing them up, and lastly but not least acts and talks as if he knew more or knew better than what actual hard working adults that have a life do when working with this consoles. Is this individual XbotMK1? YES! CHECK AND MATE! GET OWNED!

    • CoudntComeUpWithAName

      LOL! Hey hit me up on PS4! What’s your gamertag? Mine is XRenegadeChildX

    • Truth™

      Meanwhile Sony went out and did all those and you fell for it

      Console fanboys LOL

      720P PS2 games will save the PS4, right Derp?

    • Robert

      Hahaha The fanboys always defend Sony
      Sony’s Logic———–
      “Why Innovate when we can Duplicate”

    • Tech junkie

      Look at the back pedal king hard at work.

      Do you actually believe your BS or is it just that your personalities don’t fully communicate with each other.

      Good job proving why Sony fanboys are the problem this generation.


    • Truth™

      720P PS2 games. That are 1080P on PC for years.

      Even more pathetic than usual

      720P VR
      900P and downgraded Uncharted 4

      What a lying wreck of a company Sony is

    • Mr Xrat

      If it ends up being as piss weak as the Xbone’s limited emulation (a handful of games available with vague promises of more coming soon) they may as well not have bothered, to be honest.

    • Truth™

      Sub-720P games running 1080P on PCSX2 for years. It’s worse than xbone emulation since you have to pay for it again. But you will because you are a loser.

      No wonder you gave up marketing so quickly on /v/ rscottyg. Same with your lame “Immersion” defence after PSVR devs have to drop games to 720P to hit 90FPS and still look like trash.

      It’s going to be a long generation for you. Losing exclusives week after week. Uncharted 4 being a trainwreck. PSVR a flop on arrival. Then being BTFO by the NX.

      Make your exit plans now rscottyg

  • GHz

    Good move by Sony! Nostalgic gamers will appreciate this if its done right.

    • Rodney Patrick

      LMAO!!!!! The people who are into ps2 games like that still have their ps2 system. And not just that why pay a fee to play them games when you can just put an ps2 emulator on your PC or laptop for free

    • GHz

      You know how it is? If you love consoles you love consoles, & the more they can do the better. If they can follow MSFT’s lead in regards to back compat, even if its just PS2 games, it’ll be appreciated I think. It’s just convenient.

    • XbotMK1

      Sony has been working on PS2 backwards compatibility long before Microsoft announced Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Microsoft only added backwards compatibility after they were getting destroyed in sales.

      Microsoft 2013: “If you’re backwards compatible you’re really just backwards”

      Microsoft isn’t leading. They have only been backtracking and following.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Can you please stfu!! And stop repeating the same dumb $#it over and over again good lord man

    • Rodney Patrick

      You on here like always doing damage control

    • GHz

      Like good little piggy, You look for the muddiest puddle you can find & you bathe in it. That’s pretty much your life & you cannot see anything outside of that muddy puddle of yours. Who gives $h!t on whos doing what 1st? Are you a gamer or not!? What’s more important!? The games, overall service experience with your console of choice, or corporate politics? JEEEEEEZUS! OMG! SMH. -___-

    • Tech junkie


    • Truth™

      720P PS2 games. Wow

      Meanwhile they have been 1080P on PC since 2010

      What a failure, John Derp. Just like your life.

    • bardock5151

      “Don Mattrick 2013: “If you’re backwards compatible you’re really just backwards”

      Fixed it for you.

      “Microsoft isn’t leading. They have only been backtracking and following.”
      Funny, the Sony is adding features only available on Xbox last gen. Sony is backing games that are only as popular as they are, thanks to Xbox.

      Stop being a little shill, and maybe you’d realise all consoles share features the competition innovated.

    • Truth™

      Meanwhile at Sony…

    • Rodney Patrick

      Yeah that’s true! but for me and alot of other people,I’m not going to pay a fee to play old a$$ game’s such as ps2 games when I can play them free on my PC for free with an emulator

  • archfiendx

    I keep forgetting Sony has alot more games to tap into from previous generations than Microsoft does.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Yeah, but they are changing you to play’um

    • GHz

      I don’t like the business model of it, but gaming companies been trying to create some type of residual income off gaming for years. What Sony needs to do to make that deal better is follow what EA is doing with Access, and that is putting current titles in the box. Other wise it looks like they (sony) just bought out an existing company and their business model and jacked up the monthly price. Just imagine if Sony would start putting in their newer 1st party titles on there a year in after release. It’ll look more appealing I think. And I’m all for supporting game devs.

    • Rodney Patrick

      That’s a big if my friend

    • GHz

      We’ll see. If they want to cater to the rental crowd, they’ll have to go all out. Start putting PS4 games in the mix.

    • Gamez Rule

      PS-Now is still in beta and doesn’t represent the final service. And the good thing about that service is you don’t have to become a PS+ member to use PS-Now or need to buy a PS4 console.

      Agreed the price isn’t great and from what I’ve been reading that is the main concern for people. If Sony allowed more pricing options PS-Now will become a more wanted service by many more people.

      Another concern is that people cannot use PS-Now to play PS3 games they already own on the PS4 ( but like I stated it’s still in beta and things could change ) We are seeing PS2 games running on PS4 via emulation so who knows what Sony has planned for PS3 games and the PS4.

      They already have some really big PS3 titles on PS-Now and allow those games to be played by people that have never owned a console, ( IE Samsung TVs ) which in turn allows a bigger audience to experience gaming. That is a very good business move by Sony and so will adding more games too the service like PSOne, PS2, PSP, PSVita,etc.

    • GHz

      I agree!!! But that put Sony in a dilemma I think. With PS Now, you’re paying about $20.00 per month for games that you aught to be getting free on PS+ anyways. I’m saying Sony have an opportunity here. They should just evolve PS+ by integrating it into PS Now & add PS4 games into the mix. How much are you willing to pay yearly for a service like that? 79-99 squids is the sweet spot. Keep in mind, PS Now game line up really belong in PS+ monthly freebies.

    • Gamez Rule

      Example… My sister just made a PlayStation account and paid a monthly sub to Sony ( to play games on her TV ) She has Two children with a big gap in age between them.

      I said “why not buy a PS4″… She replied “what’s the point, there are more PS3 games than PS4 and it saves me money as I don’t need to spend £300 on a console or pay out money for games and by using PS-Now it allows the kids to have a massive selection of games from day one”

      I was like *now I understand where Sony was going with PS-Now* Example.. How can she have PS3 games for free on a PS4 if she never had a console in the 1st place. PS-Now is made for people to experience PlayStation Network games on more devices than just a console and in which allows new people to not worry about paying out for a console etc.

    • GHz

      How much did that Bravia or Samsung tv cost her? Cause no matter what, you’ll have to count in the cost of entry if saving money was a factor. A PS4 is only $399.00 and you can get a PS3 for $179.00 – $200.00 these days. As for paying $225.00 p/y for just over 400 (and growing) may sound like a steal, but in the end they are old ps3 games which majority of them are just fillers placed to inflate the number. Quantity over quality. And again you get those same games for free for a measly $49.00 p/y with PS+

      I do understand though that this service is currently aimed @ a different demographic who may not be interested in buying a console.

      As a gamer, I just cant get out of my head the fact that a ps3 these days can be purchased on cheap, and a yearly ps+ service @ $49.00 will get you an average of 3 games p/m free, 36 games a year. + if you want to purchase games, you can on massive discounts w/o ever leaving your living room. Either way you look @ it, you save way more as the months add up cause you control what you want as far as games you purchase go, on those discounts. While your library grows additionally with the free games you get every month. Even if you’re not a die hard player, its easy to recognize that it’s better economics.

      I like the idea of PS Now. I really do, but my opinion is its not a real value right now. Filling the list up with filler games you’d probably wont want to play to inflate the number doesn’t equal value. But being that’s subjective, satisfy your customers who would argue the same and lower the price. When they fix that, it’ll be worth looking at. Oh I just found out that PS4 games will be added sometime in the future to list on PS Now. I think that’s absolutely great.

    • Gamez Rule

      New PS4 = £300 ( plus money to play online ) PS+ = £40 ..Total £340 ( with one retail game ) 500GB model

      New PS3 = £250 ( free to play online ) No retail game included 500GB model

      ( Both consoles will need money spent out on games )

      The TV will be needed to play both consoles anyway ( so price of TV is up to user ). She paid £1000 for a Samsung 55″ JU7500 ( came with 6 Six years Warranty )

      So she had the TV anyway ( she didn’t buy it just for PS-Now lol ) so she just paid out for two DualShock 4 controllers ( £40 ) and joined PlayStation Network and then PS-Now at ( £12.99 pm ) for unlimited use giving the kids 212 games.

      So that means she can have 23 months of PS-now gaming for £299. Which would work out cheaper than having consoles and buying games?

    • GHz

      In the end I just think its awesome that her family is enjoying the service. The more options we have the better.

    • Gamez Rule

      I went out today and bought the kids a PS4 for xmas anyway, so they have even more options in gaming now. Ps-Now on TV downstairs and Ps-Now upstairs on PS4.

      I got them the PlayStation TV for it’s remote play features, just in case the kids want to play in the backroom downstairs while the console is sitting upstairs, which means the kids are still allowing people to watch ( or play ) from the main frontroom TV.

      All good.☺

      Also now we know that PS4 and PC will have remote play that will work out great too.

      “Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac” Yoshida said in a tweet. ☺

    • Tech junkie

      So be is a good thing if Sony does it?

    • Truth™

      720P PS2 games?


  • Robert

    Whats the point of PS2 emulator on PS4 since I’ve already got this feature on PC lol

    • Truth™

      Sony shills are desperate after another year with no games and none of them reaching 1080P either.

      Next year they have 720P PS2 games and 720P VR to defend. You’d almost pity them if they weren’t such disgusting creatures.

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