Sony Working To Integrate New Technologies in Game Demos, Developing New Firmware Concepts

Also looking to develop “tools and drivers for new peripherals on current and future platforms.”

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Sony is currently seeking new ways to showcase contemporary gaming technologies and gameplay scenarios along with new ideas for firmware and incorporating the same with the hardware. This was observed in two new listings – Senior Software Engineer for Demos and Senior Software Engineer for Firmware/Hardware.

In the former, Sony is seeking some one to, “Create software to demonstrate new technologies for video gaming. Software must show realistic game play scenarios and use modern gaming technologies. Part of the work will involve integrating libraries supporting new technologies and devising imaginative ways to use the technologies to create improved game play experiences.” We are not sure what kind of new technology they are looking to implement in game demos but we can speculate they are working on delivering demos more quickly, may be something similar to the download as you play feature that the PS4 already has.

For the second listing, the primary responsibilities entail “Prototyping and development of new concepts and integration with hardware team at all levels of software” and even the “Development of tools and drivers for new peripherals on current and future platforms”. This position indicates that they might be working on more features which will be a part of future firmware updates for the PlayStation 4. Secondly the position also talks about driver updates for peripherals, so may be a new update is incoming for the PS eye or the official headset. Of course this is speculation at this point and we will let you know if anything of this materializes.

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  • Anon

    A site where generic job openings and twitter comment are actually considered ‘news’. Pathetic.

  • joe

    Maybe if the user has a fast enough downstream they can use gaikai tech to start to stream a demo/full game instantly and as they play, it also downloads the game to their PS4.


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