Spencer Clarifies His Statement About Xbox One Catching Up With PS4, Update On Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft is committed to making Xbox One a great gaming console and no more games to be added to backwards compatibility until the feature launches, says Phil Spencer.

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Xbox One boss, Phil Spencer has assured players that Microsoft’s long term focus is not on its competition but instead they have their sights set on the players. That is a pretty interesting statement since the Xbox One, despite having some amazing first party and second party titles for the next few months, is lagging in sales compared to the PS4.

Taking to Twitter, Spencer clarified his recent comments regarding whether the Xbox One can overtake the PS4 in sales. Concerned fans asked him whether he has already accepted defeat to which he stated that the “Team is 100% committed to making XB1 a great gaming console. Games, OS, XBL, that’s the focus.” He also stated that their “long term Xbox vision isn’t about competitors, it’s about gamers. We’ll stay focused there.” 

So far they are doing a great job with a strong line up of games for the rest of 2015 and 2016, and with a new bundle scheme, Xbox One is expected to garner some momentum this holiday season. On a related note, Spencer also revealed that Microsoft has no plans to release anymore backward compatability games until the feature launches later this month. Whether this is a good thing is purely a subjective matter but may be Microsoft wants to polish up the feature further before they release anymore games.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and for further update, check out our video about the best Xbox One exclusives to look forward to in 2016 below.

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  • Adam Grider

    R.I.P. Xbox One. 2013-2015


      Xbox One 2015 fall line up blows away the PS4 non existent fall line up and Xbox One has great games for 2016 including
      Quantum Break
      Gear Of War 4
      Crackdown 3
      There’s still plenty of games to be excited about for the Xbox One

    • Adam Grider

      Too bad the console isn’t selling and everyone’s buying ps4, so those games don’t matter.

    • Mark

      “Too bad the console isn’t selling, as much as the PS4”. Fixed.

    • Tech junkie

      Except Xbox One is selling and at an increasing rate, still faster than 360 and PS3, just not quite as well as PS4.

      Like said above, Wii out sold PS3 and 360 by 20 million consoles, does that mean 360 and ps3 were failures?

    • Adam Grider

      Except this is Xbox we’re talking about. First Xbox was only supported for 4 years before Microsoft killed it. Xbox 360 had great games, platformers and even jrpgs for its first 3 years, then after that, they went Kinect and shooter crazy. So basically Xbox only has good games for 2-3 years then the library gets very limited and boring. It’s just not worth buying an Xbox console. Plus Microsoft ips are old and boring now. Same old Forza, halo, gears, fable.

    • Tech junkie

      I’m sorry you feel that way, I love Forza and Halo. Maybe xbox isn’t the console for you, but I’m sure there are things for sale in the market place that you don’t buy that are quite successful.

      Xbox One for example, while PS4 has done far better than anyone expected, So is Xbox One, just not quite as good as PS4.

    • Bryan Singleton

      Xbots always think they have the best 1st party games. if that was the case why isn’t the console in first place? Fable has sucked for years Forza 6 sucks, its just forza 5 with puddles. Gears time has passed that franchise is finished. Alan Wake was one of the best games on the 360 and none of the xbots ever mention it, why? Because its not a FPS. I forgot to mention that other xbox turd, sunset overdrive, Sony didn’t want that game thats why it was a xbox exclusive. The xbox one was never ready for prime time, Sony caught them with their pants down and they rushed it out the door.

    • Matt Rundle

      Sony think that they are better because they have the exclusives and for more obvs reasons why anyone would buy a Sony product.
      MS know they have done a lot of damage by not taking it seriously enough! do gamers seriously watch sky sports while they play their games?
      They are good if they think before they act and it’s great that they are listening to customers.
      I will say 1 thing about Xbox focus! don’t suck! this is from a Playstation gamer.

    • Tech junkie

      I have 2 tv’s in my media room. I often game while watching TV.

      I also think xbox is focused on gaming right now. Doesn’t take away that their console is a great media center as well. My receiver is set to the xbox input 90% of the time my TV is on.

    • Matt Rundle

      From where they started 2 years ago BC feature is a big jump being able to play your 360 games again!

      it’s when they get silly bosses in charge with an arrogant attitude!
      “i don’t care or we don’t care we’re going to do it our way!
      and sometimes what they do isn’t ok!
      Windows 8 we all know how that turned out, fine on touch screen devices, rreleased because Android and IOS were getting popular that’s different they have always been touch screen suddently Windows 8 introuduces a new look and feel!
      ok what about people that used regular computers were they considered? were businesses considered?
      was it really thought of that people might not grasp it because they are so used to keyboard and mouse and were never taught how to use it with touch?
      the answer obvs as we all lnow is no.
      Because the guy in charge didn’t get it, he apparentally was also responsible for Vista! and he was in charge for more than a decade!

    • Tech junkie

      Except what makes a good game is entirely subjective. What people want in a console is also subjective.

    • Zorlac79

      You are right, they do the same as the Sony fanboys and blindly argue they have the best or better than everyone else.
      Your best bet is to not talk so you don’t display how you are the same as those you are trying to insult.

    • Zorlac79

      Are you kids still fighting this fight? Seriously, grow up. At least try to say something original as opposed to just rehashing someone else’s words, it is less pathetic.

    • MarkG54321

      Increasing rate means nothing when prior sales were so bad.

      Most of the world the PS4 out sells the xbotch 4:1

    • Tech junkie

      Except sales were not bad at all, and better than expected. They just aren’t as good as PS4. Nintendo Wii sold more than PS3 by 20 million consoles, does that mean PS3 was a failure?

      PS4 isn’t even 2:1 on Xbox world wide. 360 had a similar lead on PS3 at one point. They finished neck and neck.

      Also when a large company makes a long term investment ever increasing sales are just as important as a good start, not to take away from PS4, it is doing amazingly, but it’s sales are not growing at the rate xbox sales are. If current rates growth rates continue, it won’t be long before Xbox catches up to PS4. I’m sure we will see a spike in PS4 sales with the current price drop.

      Bottom line both consoles are doing better than it’s predecessors and both are a huge success. One is just an amazing success.

    • Michael Norris

      ”Not quite” it really isn’t close nearly 2-1 and i am certain this holiday MS won’t do much catching up thanks to the Ps4 price drop.

    • Tech junkie

      Never said it would, I said the xbox is increasing in sales from last year. Like percentage wise

    • Sak Hus

      Ignore the Ponydroids, they’re just bitter. Nothing to play, handful of games bloodbore, driveCrap so naturally sitting on the side watching the XB division give out BC, Forza series, Halo, Gears, new UI and updates etc what else they can do then jump on their keyboards trolling xb news.

    • Adam Grider

      All Xbox has is halo. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Matt Rundle

      not massively true! but yeah Halo is the main reason as well as preference and features to buy an Xbox one!

    • Fweds

      All ps4 has is Uncharted. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Tech junkie

      Oh I see, you prefer interactive movies to actual game play

    • MarkG54321

      That’s just do wrong. PS4 has plenty of games this season, sounds like you need to stop getting info from xbotch forums

    • Pops

      Plenty of third party games

    • Michael Norris

      Eh only Scalebound looks like something i would want to play.The rest are games i don’t care about. I am not sold on the cloud,using it for just MP sounds limited.Gears 4 looks meh at best Quantum Break looks ok but from the gameplay i have seen i am not buying a Xone for that game.I can see Uncharted 4 outselling all of those games even Gears 4.Ps4 gets more 3rd party titles than Xone gets anyways.

      That said i still believe MS can keep supporting Xone bring out good titles and still be successful.Catching up to Ps4 won’t happen,but caring about your user base is something that will help them next time around.


    @Playstation fanboys
    Last-generation console war the Wii was the clear winner it outsold the Xbox 360 and the PS3 by 20 million units
    Did that mean the Xbox 360 and PS3 were unsuccessful consoles?
    I’ll wait for the answer

    • Tech junkie

      With less time on the market

  • ShadowNextGen

    The author of this article needs to clear up a big mistake. The new Xbox OS and backwards compatibility are not launching this month like it says in the article. Both launch sometime in November for the general public. If you are in the Preview Program then chances are you already have it.

  • Starman

    look at what the little fangirls come out to comment on …lol

  • TNArulezWWE

    Fanboys everywhere these days. It just doesnt matter, both sony n ms have made enough money from the market. Theyre not bothered about your fanboy comments and neither your average gamer who is happy to just play what they own.

    You fanboys need to wake up n see every product has its pros n cons n every product will have its off times. It is a good job there are still few console devs out there that create these bundles of joy for us. Rather than being all negative, just go enjoy what you own cus i most certainly wil Poor fanboys, they dont half live in a box…

  • Shawn

    Look of a defeated man, at least he brought Xbox One from the brink of death.

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    If I want Great AAA games and Innovative Harware/ideas, I’ll play my X1.

    If I want nothing but Indies and Uncharted: NoMultiplayerEdition, I’ll fire up the PS4.

    I’m starting to get the feeling that the PS4 was nothing but HYPE….

    • Mr Xrat

      If you want no games and empty promises, get an Xbone.

      If you want games and an ecosystem with a future, get a PS4.

      Sorry, Jonnie Mantits. 🙁

  • Rubix99

    Just going to indulge in a spot of trolling.

  • People are stupid to have thought otherwise. I don’t even have an Xbone (yet), and even I could see that. Sure, it’s not selling at the same rate the PS4 is, and isn’t getting the same amount of 3rd party support. However that in no way makes the system a failure in any way, nor make it unprofitable, or not worth continuing to focus on the gamers. Phil knows what he’s doing. Give him credit people. Haven’t we seen a MASSIVE turn around with the system since it’s initial unveiling? Come on guys, give him/them credit where it’s due. MS has done a very good job making the Xbone a desirable system since it’s been available.

  • Hey, I’m curious. How does throwing loads of money at third party ‘exclusives’ benefits gamers? It’s a rhetorical question because it does not. Buying third-party timed exclusive such as Tomb Raider is Microsoft’s attempt to catch up with PS4’s sales, NOT an effort to benefit gamers.

    So… a little bit of a hypocrite he is. Yes?

    • Tech junkie

      Even as more of an xbox fan, I’ve always thought timed exclusives, and 3rd party exclusives were stupid. Just like pre-order exclusives are. Just some marketing scam.

      When CoD was Xbox. The one month early map packs were dumb. How ever I did enjoy heading over to Playstation and owning the new maps when they did release. That lasted a day though. Not worth what MS spent to get them. Would rather see a discounted DLC or game price if these companies want exclusives. How about exclusive pricing.

  • MarkG54321

    New gamers buy the console their friends have. That console is PS4

    Backwards compatibility is backwards. I want my console working towards going forward, not backwards.

    Microsoft have lost the plot

    • GHz

      “Backwards compatibility is backwards”

      We wanted it and we got it! And so we moving forward. On to the next one. Give us cloud gaming as promised! Then we got Crackdown demoed. If that is what to be expected of your console, then mine was beta tested in the future.

      When you have Frostbite Technical Director, Johan Andersson, yearning for Microsoft’s DirectX 12 to become the minimum spec in EA/Frostbite games, because of the major benefits it’ll bring, MSFT losing the plot is the last thing any sane gamer would say. Not when they are writing the book.

      Just say that you prefer the PS4. There is nothing wrong with that, because its a great system. But so is the XB1.

    • Mark

      That’s what I’ve been saying. We all think our systems are better, but it’s just preference. People start tripping all over their words when they try to “prove” why ur system sucks, and why their’s is better lol. They usually ignore their product’s weakness, and slap a higher standard on yours.

      This is why I say, let us all converse in these comment sections as fans of said console. If u mix it up with another gamer who shares taste, why do people feel the need to jump in and derail the experience into something pseudo- religious?

      Why people can’t see that we voted for back compat, and if it runs as expected over the net, Crackdown may inspire other devs to follow, and take advantage of remote processing for our systems…..how is that backwards? Well prolly cuz it’s Microsoft, I know.

      But anyway, keep your messages positive and upbeat GHz. I enjoy reading respectful debates man. And I just feel like while the X1 isn’t the number one console out, it defines itself, and has its own vision of how gaming will become better. A true next gen system.

    • GHz

      “They usually ignore their product’s weakness, and slap a higher standard on yours.”

      That says all right there! Well Said!!! 🙂

    • Tech junkie

      My friends have xbox

  • Philip Tam

    I think Sony might be able to pay Microsoft to rent part of their Azure cloud infrastructure for a fee to run some of their games using their cloud. Or they can rent Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. They even have Gaikai’s cloud infrastructure to leverage on. I don’t agree with Ghz in saying Sony is completely behind in their approach to gaming. DX12 is nice and all, but Sony has AMD’s Vulkan and OpenGL low-level access to the hardware which is even more low-level than DX12. PS4 will get similar boosts in performance. Remember, Xbox One has a faster CPU but that’s about it. The CPUs are basically identical and Sony can increase the clock easily via a firmware update. They could also increase the GPU’s clock speed to match the xbox one and the frame rate issues would stop. The PS4 also has 8 Asynchronous Compute Engines whereas Xbox One only has 2. That won’t change for the length of this generation. PS4 hardware is simply better. Their SDKs will get better and Sony is not going to let Microsoft step over them in regards to the API.

    • GHz

      I like where you minds @ Phillip. I did say in the past that Sony may be in a position to take advantage of cloud in different ways to compete with MSFT + Azure. MSFT weren’t the only company investing in solutions that caters to gaming. Gaiki do not have the reach for what MSFT is demoing with games like Crackdown. Sony however did made a deal with Rackspace. But they went silent on what going on with that. The whole think about cloud gaming as described by MSFT(not to be confused with how sony uses gaikai), is cost. That was one of the biggest hurdles. MSFT solved that. So not only do they have the size cause its global, but they have the right price. If you are a dev who wants to use this technology, which also happens to be the best in the world, cost is everything. And the amount of customers it can handle is a plus.

      When I say sony is behind I meant in regards where all this is headed. Hardware manufactures were trying to solve how to get you better performance @ lower wattage w/o having to spent billions in R&D for physical chips. Why? It all has to do with what kind of power you can afford vs energy consumption. With virtual chips, you don’t have to worry about that. MSFT with their partners pretty much on their way of solving that.
      So I definitely agree that PS4 is a great system, I just have higher hopes for XB1 based on how that system is advertised backed up by a modern very scalable network infrastructure. I’m saying things in tech are bound to change. That affects how business is done. Everything is about cost in the end. Reason why MSFT is talking about building bigger AAA games on your XB1 that will compete somewhat with a $4000 PC, while Sony is telling their customers to expect more smaller titles. And no as of now Sony said no Vulcan because their API is already similar. But honestly because of the NEW one code fits all for game philosophy, they may need to adopt it.

    • Mark

      Remember this article? I can only guess what happened to this feature on the Xbox bro….u tell me ur theory lol.


    • GHz

      Simple. A situation where Devs who’ve seen the future behind closed doors & then speaking out of turn. They get excited and over promise. It’s cool. They are only human and of course like us, are gamers! So they get excited and say things. But its better to stay mute until the tech catches up. MSFT said its a 10 year plan when they introduced the XB360. This Nov marks 10yrs. That means their new tech will be introduced. This Nov XB1 gets Win10 + DX12 marking that 10 years cycle. XB1 is the 1st 100% full DX12 device. We just got it early.

      Gamers got to realize that the games we’re playing now are based on OLD tech(APIs & graphic engines) and aren’t a big shift from last gen. It being 1080p don’t make it next gen, nor it having better textures, but how it behaves and the scale in which it renders FX in all their categories will be the BIG shift. That’s what going to mark next gen. Crackdown will be the 1st IF its successfully deployed!

    • Mark

      Did u see Star Wars on Xbox? It’s 720p but looks crazy gorgeous! People tellin me not to believe my eyes!

    • GHz

      It looks good. But honestly I want more. By that I mean we’ve played these games designs for over 10yrs. Its time for more NPCs on screen and more dramatic FX. I understand though that SWBF started development years ago, so it couldn’t take advantage of newer more efficient code. Its still old school wit prettier texture’s. I cant wait for when games are built on cloud game engines via DX12. OMG things are about to change and what’s coming out in a few yrs starting with Crackdown will make everything we’ve been playing till now super outdated. Slowly but surely this REAL NextGen Tech is being outed! Common sense will tell you that if Crackdown is the 1st, then they’ll be a 2nd, and a 3rd, and as they get better with utilizing these new tools, games will get bigger better more extravagant. When Crackdown drops, every dev who love building big games will get more excited. NextGen starts with XB1.

    • Mark

      Yeah, David Jones (being one of the original GTA devs) must be ecstatic about where gaming is going, where devs have compute resources going forward. Dude will be teaching all studios under Microsoft Games Studios about the cloud now! Lol

    • GHz

      “The CPUs are basically identical and Sony can increase the clock easily via a firmware update.”
      Not easily. They have heat to think about. You just don’t flip a switch to get your CPU to run higher. Not that simple.

    • GHz

      “The PS4 also has 8 Asynchronous Compute Engines whereas Xbox One only has 2.”

      Does all that matter when out of the two systems XB1 is the platform showing off games like Crackdown?

      Ok I’ve read that the average gamer today is about 30yrs old. And you guys seem to be stuck in the past with what to expect your tech to do or how it should be built. What I’m saying is that PS4 is an excellent system as far as a old design philosophies go. Build a game with an old graphic engine on the PS4 and it will give you what you expect. But take a minute and look @ StarWars Battlefront on the PS4. 900p and CANT lock 60fps when the action get big. Is that what we want for the rest of this gen? Or do we want a balance and get the best of everything(for now)? Then for the next step, when games get even bigger, more NPCs, bigger scale destruction, bigger fx etc. How will the PS4 fit in? What solutions had Sony discussed?

    • Philip Tam

      They can make use of gpgpu compute and asynchronous compute on the PS4. That helps a lot with the rendering and the resolution and fps or what not.

    • Mark

      To be fair Phil, some studios are already pushing the PS4 to its limit. Project Cars for PS4 was maxed out.


      Also, some of Sony’s first party studios have been using Async Compute since launch, for extra gpu grunt. Even some multi-plats use it, like BF4. Pretty much Sony’s API feature set has/is being utilized since launch. And it doesn’t mean Sony’s SDK team won’t improve tools, they will help devs do more in games. Both systems will. And yes PS4 has the beefier gpu, and easier to use GDDR5 RAM. But regardless, seeing games like Horizon, Qbreak, Scalebound, UC4 etc, both consoles go toe to toe with graphics, imo.

    • GHz

      “but Sony has AMD’s Vulkan”

      No. Sony said that they don’t need Vulcan because their own API is similar enough in that its already low level. But its not all about just being lower level. Your API needs to do much more. You’ll see when DX12 drops. DX11 needs to die along with deferred rendering. Al these old concepts need to go away. They’re not XB1 friendly. The Xbox was designed for newer rendering techniques.

    • Orion Wolf


      Why is everyone yapping about lower level? I mean if it’s all about lower level than the ps4 API is the go to API. I mean its supposedly lower level than both the dx12 and Vulcan, but at the same time that makes the whole “Vulkan because its lower level than dx12” argument immediately null and void … and yet everyone wants Sony to use Vulkan.

      Why is that? Haven’t the Naughty Dog devs (as per their own admission) made an API that is as good as, if not better, than dx12/Vulkan.

      In addition, as you said it’s the features that come with the API that are far more important thatn just making the API as low level as it could possibly be.

      Another thing people – or at least this person – don’t really don’t realize is that Vulkan is still in development, whereas dx12 can already be deployed in games, and game engines can already be built on the basis of dx12 – main example would be the nitrous engine. By the time Vulkan is (actually) ready, most game engines (unless the studios behind them will be willing to wait for Vulkan and rely on old APIs) will be designed around DX12 ( a collaboration between and backed by Intel, Nvidia, AMD – the industry leaders), which is for w10 indeed.

      However, w10 means tablets, phablets, phones, desktops, latops, xb1 etc. and not just a single platform like the ps4 API that was designed exclusively for the ps4 and nothing else.

      The last part was in response to how “Sony is not going to let Microsoft step over them in regards to the API” which MS already did, I mean comparing a company that has been designing APIs that are meant for an entire ecosystem
      of devices, besides the OSs, and various programing languages to a company that is a HW company … well, it’s quite the ludicrous proposition.

    • GHz

      “AMD’s Vulkan and OpenGL low-level access to the hardware which is even more low-level than DX12.”

      Don’t make stuff up. Vulcan and DX12 will offer basically the same results. The only difference between the two, Vulcan supports more than just Windows 10. Vulcan will also support Windows 7, which if you’re a dev, is very attractive. Bigger audience.

    • Philip Tam

      Well either way I am prepared for the future as I have an Xbox One and a PS4. I think to each his own I guess. I still think Sony won’t let MS have a leg up on them since most likely they will come up with something that is cloud-based and I still think network latency would cause problems for Crackdown. Not everyone has a fast enough Internet for that. If you need to constantly connect to the Internet just for fully destructible environments then you need a very fast connection. I believe No Man’s Sky on the PS4 is something close to Crackdown as each planet is fully destructible. I think Xbox One is more future proof in a way but PS4 will get similar boosts in performance with Sony’s dev tools. The only thing stopping Sony from getting cloud-based infrastructure is their budget. Sony is a far poorer company compared to Microsoft.

    • Mark

      As for the cloud and latency, u may be thinking of a streaming service, with choppy quality and whatnot. Crackdown’s different; there’s no frames being rendered on Azure, then sent over the net to ur console, that you react to.

      Instead, the Xbox will send the more demanding cpu jobs to Azure’s group of cpus, it gets computed, and sent back to the Xbox’s gpu, for rendering to the TV. According to Dave Jones (Crackdown dev), this will require 2-4Mbit/second currently. I have data that shows majority of the world meets that demand.

    • Mark

      Also, I just have to say, No Man’s Sky isn’t using any remote processing for physics destruction. I think ur referring to the fact that planets can be destroyed…or I’m guessing u mean that lol. Don’t wanna put words in your mouth Phil.

      But that would be “canned” physics, computed on the console. Even if it’s “real time”, where material blows up differently each time u shoot it..that explosion is still limited to the system power.

      Add to that the sparse 5GB of RAM on the X1 and PS4, compared to massive amounts of memory in cloud servers. This is crucial for enhancing immersion, because most of the material blown up in games, atleast half of it disappears; see Red Faction.

      But keeping debris and bricks and metal constant after the explosion, laying around in the game, makes the environment more dynamic – taking cover behind it, jumping ontop of it etc.

      Personally I think once we all play Crackdown beta next summer, you’ll be convinced about cloud assist in new games.

    • Orion Wolf

      “I believe No Man’s Sky on the PS4 is something close to Crackdown as each planet is fully destructible”

      And a few comments above this is what I wrote

      “And lastly about crackdown. So many people are salty and are trying to find counter arguments about the whole thing, mainly because Sony hasn’t done it … yet. By “yet” I mean something at least remotely similar to what crackdown is about to do”

      Now I’m not saying that this person is a fanboy, but the remarks he made are a bit too similar to what I wrote, I mean comparing NMS destruction to Crackdown, really? Nothing against the game, but one is an indie space sim, the other one is a testing ground (imho) for a new type of tech backed by MS on incomparably larger scale.

      Btw it would seem that there’s a new “Red Faction” argument – you know how Crackdown and the destruction displayed in there is nothing new and Sony will do the same … and do it better naturally.

    • Mark

      Yeah no disrespect to them, but I have no idea how some people would entertain the thought that No Man’s Sky is even doing a fraction of what Azure’s handling for Crackdown.

      To simply observe the fact that, there’s 3 studios developing Crackdown (ReAgent Games, Cloudgine, Sumo Digital) in comparison to an independent developer with less than 10 people, shouldn’t allow that thought to float much. Crackdown’s budget is probably on the scale of Gears imo, and watching the demo it’s obvious why; this thing is clearly a full generation ahead.

      But like I tell people Wolf, that what is hidden now, will make its way to the masses eventually. So I just watch people crap on Microsoft, but the cloud is slowly showing its face….and when Crackdown comes, people are gonna look pretty foolish.

    • GHz

      Eventually I’ll get my PS4. I want to play games like Horizon Zero and UC4. Its a great system and it’ll be there when I’m ready for it. We’ll get all kinds of interesting games like no Man’s Sky and Crackdown, showing off their unique spin on how to utilize gaming tech.
      Sony isnt going anywhere and will offer the best games possible based on the stregnths of the PS4. Its all about game design.

    • Greetingsfriend

      “The CPUs are basically identical and Sony can increase the clock easily via a firmware update. ”
      Oh, God no that won’t happen. That’s not how it works. The entire system design/cooling is designed around what it is now. You’re not arbitrarily raising those clocks speeds. MS only did it because they had enough overhead with their system.

  • Philip Tam

    I own both consoles and I think both are competing neck in neck right now. Microsoft has the better services and software whereas Sony has the better hardware and 3rd party exclusive contents. Both have their pros and cons and I am not taking sides. I will get the benefit of both sides this generation.

  • Philip Tam

    Well either way, I am supporting both Microsoft and Sony in their quest for next gen gaming. Microsoft is expected to be better at doing their API then Sony as it is a primarily software company whereas Sony is more of an electronics hardware company. But I am pretty sure eventually developers like Naughty Dog will get more performance out of the PS4. I know that project cars is maxing out PS4, but it is probably also maxing out Xbox One not including the cloud capabilities since locally Xbox One’s GPU is not as robust as the PS4s. But honestly, I think both dropped the ball with the design of the current gen consoles. They should have waited until a better GPU from AMD can be bought to fabricate the consoles. We could at least have 1080p 60 fps capable machines.

  • Whatsitwhosits

    What exactly is to stop xbox one games from being played on pc once windows 10 launches on xb1? I’m sure MS has thought of this, but I would like to know the answer. If they are both running the same basic platform, then there should be a way to do it without emulation.

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