Spencer Clarifies That He Was Not Taking Shots At Sony, Gamescom Strong Showing Due To Team Effort

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer also praises EA’s games showing.

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Following his statement that Sony is buying a number of third party exclusives and deals for PS4, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was called out on Twitter for his “hypocritical” remarks.

Forgetting that the remarks were made in response to why Xbox One has less third party stuff going on compared to PS4, Spencer said, “No fingers pointed. I was asked a question, which I clarified, and then I answered. Buying 3rd party deals is just a choice.”

Spencer was also praised for the Gamescom showing and responded that it was “Real team effort. Very proud of the teams and the energy the fans brought to the show.”

With regards to other games and pressers, particularly EA, Spencer said that concerning Star Wars Battlefront, “Rogue Squadron was best Star Wars space combat franchise Imo. If Battlefront can hit that level + on ground combat, huge.”

Spencer also liked Coldwood’s Unravel, stating that it, “looks like a game I’ll be playing. Nice demo.”

DICE was also praised for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. “Mirrors Edge is one I’m really looking forward to, demo looks great.”

Finally, social marketing manager Graeme Boyd revealed that the Microsoft Gamescom booth is now open. Playable games on the floor include Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6 and much more.

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  • Cypher-Unknown

    It’s easy to say buying TP exclusivity is a choice but surely a company that holds the majority market share will have an easier time securing such deals?

    Either way, it was a great showing from Microsoft (better than E3 as far as I’m concerned) and I look forward to what Sony have to offer at TGS.

    • ShowanW

      Surely the company that cuts the biggest check, will have an easier time securing such deals? fify

    • extermin8or2

      Nah because when an offer is put forwards if you have larger market share the value of possible sales figures on your console is added onto the price you’re paying and in some instances that my be enough to mean you don’t even have to pay anything. Microsoft as a company has more money (well kind of- Sony hasn’t made much profit in the past few years but they are a bank and insurance company among other things in Japan so exactly how much money they have to play with is unclear). but if they constantly spent like 2 or 3x as much for deals they would definitely not be pulling a profit…

    • IamTylerDurden1

      U Don’t think PS4 selling twice what xbone sells is a bargaining chip? It is. If both offers were similar the company WILL choose PS4 everytime.

    • CubicalLake7

      Both offers would not be similar, Xbox would have to pay more to cover potential lost revenue from no PS4 launch. Point is MS has the $$$ to burn though. It is not easier to PS4 to get deals, it is cheaper.

    • GHz

      Dude its all about the check. Not your market share in regards to the XB1 and PS4. Why? Because both systems are selling extremely well. PS4 runaway success doesn’t mean that the XB1 isn’t successful as well. In the end both systems are selling well above normal. Its just more kudos to Sony. Their marketing is off the hook.

    • IamTylerDurden1

      Ru kidding? The console that has twice the install base will be far more likely to get the marketing deals. The deals xbone gets are bc ms overpays to get them.

    • GHz

      Quit with the know it all attitude. You dnt have a clue. Both platforms sell well above expectations. Publishers are loving it. As far as the XB1 and PS4 goes, either company who writes the biggest check gets the exclusive deal, both them n the publisher decides is right for the amount rendered!

    • Cypher-Unknown

      I love the way you tell him to quit with the know it all attitude when you bring just the same. 🙂

      Of course the user base is a factor. Ubisoft, for example, have said that they sell twice as many games on the PS4 as they do on the One, with One sales equal to that of the last gen systems.

      Would it not make more sense for Ubisoft to partner with Sony and have 25 million potential customers rather than Microsoft and just 13 million potential customers? Of course Microsoft could still secure such deals but they’d no doubt have to pay more than Sony to compensate for the lower sales figures.

      Both consoles are on a roll though, which is all good.

    • GHz

      Stop being salty. I’m saying it like it is. Stop with the numbers. UBISOFT is happy with both install base. Stop pushing your agenda. If UBI is happy with both XB1 and PS4 install base you got nothing to add. Simple! And I agree with your last sentence. 😉

    • Cypher-Unknown

      No agenda here and neither were there any comments about Ubisoft being disappointed with One sales. You’ve assumed that and gone off on some tangent. As for using numbers, I promise to never again try and explain the logic of my opinion (whether it be right or wrong). I forgot for a moment that this was the internet and such actions are frowned upon.

      (enter “your mom” joke here)

    • GHz

      Dude its not that deep. *Roll eyes*

      Be advised though Im not picking on you. Im really saying its not that deep.

    • Psionicinversion

      with ubisoft not really no, doesnt make any difference because its going sell anyway regardless of who pays for the marketing

    • Jecht_Sin

      Listen Mr. I know it all. Twice the consoles out there DOES matter. A Dev can even decide to skip the cost of porting the games to Xbone that they can still make great sales and profits. Which is especially true for Japanese games.

    • GHz

      Ok mr ubisoft ceo president of how to make money. We’ll all listen to you now. naw I change my mind. *goes back to play OG gears of war on xbox one*

    • DLConspiracy//

      Do you actually think 13 million potential sales is nominal? I think devs are more than fine with making millions more. I know I would. Japan is a different t story.

    • kma99

      Who cares about install base if another company can give guaranteed money. 23 million ps4 out in the world and yet not even 2 million people bought bloodborne. You mean to tell me Microsoft couldnt compensate for 2 million people? Get outta here. 94 billion in the bank speaks for itself not 2 million people.

    • Jecht_Sin

      This is the typical clueless comment. If MS has $94 billion in the bank they want to make even $100 billion. If instead they become $90 billion the MS shares will drop in value. The shareholders aren’t happy to shower with money Phil Spencer or any other business operation if they don’t return a profit.

    • kma99

      And still you show your ignorance. They had no problem throwing away money in the past why do you think they would have a problem now? One day they woke up and said “hey why am i wasting money on something i don’t own”. This js the company that paid 2 billion for minecraft right? Hmmm do you for one minute think Activision is gonna give sony a discount on cod just because of the Playstation 4 sales? Nooooo? Cod is gonna sale regardless of the platform you dummy . All you have do is find someone dumb enough to invest 50 million on timed dlc. Microsoft was the dummy first and apparently sony isnt to bright either.

    • To be fair, buying Mojang for $2.5 billion will go down as one of the best acquisitions in tech history.

    • kma99

      It most definitely will. There is more to minecraft than just a video game. For these idiots here thinking that selling 23 million consoles automatically makes sony immune to big business is absurd. Microsoft just decided to be smarter with their money instead of blowing it in idiotic time dlc. If sonys wants to do it they are entitled but to think they could beat Microsoft in a bidding war because of console sales is stupid.

    • Yep. The only reason that Microsoft is doing fewer third-party deals and Sony’s doing a ton of them is because Microsoft’s 1st-party exclusive lineup is huge and Sony’s is really sparse. It doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to do it when they’ve got 16 AAA exclusives on the way. Sony has no other choice but to pay third-parties to patch the gaps in their holey lineup.

    • DLConspiracy//

      That certainly doesnt mean XB1 can’t share the gamer space. It’s not like Xbox is going under.

    • OC Guy

      that and admittedly MS shot themselves in the foot with the introduction of the X1. That basically cost them millions of sales right there.

    • GHz

      Also Sony have this thing where they would advertise games as exclusives when they are not. And they would go on these campaigns promising features or games that you wont get to see or have to wait years to get.

  • XanderZane41


  • Devon Day

    Hmmm… if this wasn’t a shot at Sony, why state something regarding how they are obtaining 3rd party deals to begin with?

    If anything, Phil unintentionally just confirmed that Microsoft isn’t giving their Xbox Platform enough finances to secure 3rd party exclusive or exclusive content if that is what he is going. Refer back to the 7th generation of consoles when the 360 had all the power. Yoshida never stated anything regarding 3rd party deals. The truth is pubs. and devs. look at the market share if they are not associated with that console (i.e. exclusives). The console that has the biggest market share can easily sway the partners they arw working with. Stating that Sony is just moneyhatting to win over devs. is the equivapent of stating Microsoft made lucrative deals with SEGA and other companies in Japan in the 6th generation. Even if we are not using this logic, every company has moneyhatted; regardless of generation.

    Dont get me wrong, I still admire Phil’s amazing work for righting the ship and making the Xbox One more competitve than it was in its beginnings, but him stating such might as well have told many one of two possible explanations:

    1.) Nadella has a tighter leash on the Xbox Division than what it was in the past; hence the lack of big deals like Rise.


    2.) Sony’s marketshare ( and historical reign of Europe plus the succes in Japan) indicate that the best selling console can easily sway any company not under that companies first party cache.

    • GamerJudge

      “if this wasn’t a shot at Sony, why state something regarding how they are obtaining 3rd party deals to begin with?”

      Because he was asked a question regarding that statement.

      “Microsoft appears to be doubling-down on its first-party titles while Sony is securing a lot of third-party deals. How difficult is it to be successful, in terms of market share, when Sony is gobbling up so many third-party deals now? How difficult does that make your job?”

    • Devon Day

      You seem to misunderstand my statement. My statement was directed towards Phil stating Sony ‘gobbles up’ exclusive deals. Stating such is the equivalent of what Microsoft did the previous generation.

    • OC Guy

      “Phil unintentionally just confirmed that Microsoft isn’t giving their
      Xbox Platform enough finances to secure 3rd party exclusive or exclusive

      Ummm, no he didn’t. Seriously, stop making things up. It might be your opinion and that is fine but don’t present it as fact when it isn’t. If MS wanted the exclusive deals they have immensely more capitol to throw at 3rd party companies. I for one am glad to see X1 moving forward with the intention of more owned properties and first party titles.

    • Devon Day

      …. Read between the lines. You will find it. Even if you don’t find it here, there are many other accounts that Microsoft has stated this. Ironically, it is as you stated, Microsoft has a warchest of money. They used it extensively during the era of the original Xbox; doubly so with the 360 when they were taking exclusives left and right from Sony. This should not be a problem for Microsoft.

      Furthermore, if you have not followed up on Nadellya’s statements during the previous earnings reports, you will ultimately find windows 10 and PC are the future for the Xbox Platform. If not, why else would they be merging it with the Xbox One?

      For your last statement, as am I. ScaleBound, Quantum Break and Ark looked great, but Microsoft needs more of them. Catching Tomb Raider was great, as was Fallout, but even more of those are needed. If Microsoft wants to right the ship, they will need to develop more first party titles and secure more deals. You cannot accomplish either or and hope to defeat you opponent who is double your sales total.

  • Jecht_Sin

    That Phil guy is getting worse and worse by the day..

    • DLConspiracy//

      Come on… you and I both know they take shots at each other. The last 3 E3s have been nothing but shots fired.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Its ok Phil you can do no wrong, you’re the Messiah, the xbox fanboys great white knight, granted it isn’t very hard to look a million times better then Mattrick but bask in that glory anyway Phil.

    • DLConspiracy//

      As if Sony has never taken shots…

  • XbotMK1

    But that is false. Microsoft actually has more 3rd party deals than Sony. People are starting to wake up to Phil Spencer’s lies.

    It’s funny watching Xbox fanboys like GHz and kma99 backtrack. They once justified their purchase by saying, “Microsoft is rich, they can get all the 3rd party exclusives!” Now they think first party is better.

    The fact is, market share determines how easy it is to get 3rd party exclusives. Xbox One is losing money, no matter how much money Microsoft has. Buying 3rd party exclusives will cause them to lose even more money because of their low market share.

    Phil Spencer is full of sh*t. They’re still trying to buy 3rd party exclusives but they’re forced to rely on first party exclusives because they’re losing.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Yeah but the same thing could be said for those fanboys saying MS only buys 3rd party and that 1st party is the only way to go. PS has upped it’s 3rd party significantly and suddenly 3Rd party is ammo for the kid wars. Hypocrites all around.

    • Kabwall

      It is funny seeing idiots like you justify their arguments over…..wait for it….nothing. Spencer was asked a question, he answered it, because you are so precious you didn’t like it, you cry and whinge.

      “The fact is, market share determines how easy it is to get 3rd party exclusives” And that is a fact is according to whom? You!?

      The difference is Microsoft is funding development of games now as opposed to purchasing 3rd party marketing deals and exclusive content. That is the context of the conversation, that is all it is.

    • OC Guy

      Don’t even try to be rational with a fanboy troll. Not worth the time. Just do what I do, laugh at him and move on.

  • PachterStation

    I still say that PS4 sales have come down to the fact that the Wii U and Xbox One never took off. Microsoft’s E3 before the Xbox One launched sunk the Xbox One and it never recovered. Across all the 3 formats, games have been average. Microsoft are playing catch up, but it’s not games that’ll do it, it’s a major price drop. Current UK price at around £300, you’d be looking at around the £200 mark to go mass market, which is what the PS4 is heading for. The PS4 sells at that price, but not the Xbox One. PS4 discounted clocks in at £250. The classic £199.99 price tag springs to mind. That’s the only way forward for the Xbox One now, but it’ll probably just drag along at £300ish until the Xbox Two.

    • Devon Day

      Sad thing about that £199.99 price tag is that Microsoft would be giving the system away at that point since they will be taking massive losses. While Microsoft has vast amounts of cash, they do not like seeing profits going down.

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