Spider-Man On Original PS4 is Running Great, Actual Rendering Resolution on PS4 Pro To Be Revealed Later

Insomniac discusses Spider-Man’s performance on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is apparently out in the first half of 2018 and looked great at E3 2017. That being said, how does the game currently run on the console when there’s still a ways to go till release? The developer answered a query on Twitter about the game running smoothly on PS4 by stating that, “Yup, it runs great on regular PS4, many of us at the office play on them.”

Though Insomniac noted that the game would be running at 4K via temporal injection on PS4 Pro, which is basically non-native 4K, it noted that the actual resolution it was building off of would be provided later. “We’re continuing to optimize towards release but we’ll provide that when it’s locked.”

It also made sure to note, “That said, our implementation on Ratchet & Clank is best-in-class, and DF  (Digital Foundry) agrees.” Finally, as for combat and whether it would be varied and challenging, the developer said, “Providing combat that let’s you use all of Spider-Man’s improvisational acrobatics, webs, and his tech is key!”

What are your thoughts on the current PS4 Pro resolution for Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Poseidon team

    I can the tell the resolution of the PS4 Pro version now… fake 4K. LOL.

    What is sad on this that people asked for 1080p 60fps but Sony said no… get this checkboarding 4K at 30fps instead. That underpowered Jaguar will destroy most chances of having games at 60fps. I feel bad for those who upgraded from the regular PS4 expecting much better versions of their games.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “I feel bad for those who upgraded from the regular PS4 expecting much better versions of their games.”

      LOL. Despite all that utter nonsense you wrote, you should actually feel sadder that this game ain’t coming to no Xbox consoles. So many great exclusive games releasing in early 2018…and only for the PS4. Sad.


    • Dougdec92


    • I doubt you would be able to tell the difference between real 4k and checkerboard when your playing. The experts even have a hard time spotting it with the naked eye standing 1 inch from the screen.

      I was also kind of confused about why more developers are choosing 4k graphics over 1080p 60fps but I realized its for future proofing. Its easier to bump the fps with more power than redo thousands of assets in a lower resolution.

    • Ucouldntbemorewrong

      Ya I also feel bad for the Xboxers who upgrade expecting every game to run Native 4K on the XboxX but will see checkerboard rendering also in some games


    • Dougdec92

      Lol, now that comeback was fire.

    • Elie Barreto

      Lol same situation about Xbox x the true 4k machine that use checkborard rendering bajajajajajjajajjaj

  • stopbeingafanboy

    Damn I thought it was running on the pro.

  • Elie Barreto

    I expect that some of you play ratchet and clank on pro before taking, I have seen native 4k games on pc and some other on PS4 pro, that technique is really impressive, you can’t tell the difference between native an temporal injection. just like the chreckborard rendering. I have wipeout and has two modes native 4k and 4k chreckboard rendering with motion blur, I can’t see the difference.


    Forza 7 native 4K locked 60fps dynamic weather day night cycles

    PS4 PRO GT Sport checkerboard rendering 1600p unsteady 60fps no dynamic weather no day night cycles

    Nuff said

    • Mr Xrat

      Forza 7 looks like a 360 game, Kirk.

      Nuff said.

    • justerthought

      If both tunnel racers look great, what’s the issue. Trust your eyes not the paper stats. Linear tunnel racers can easily reach a high performance because they stream a predictable preset graphic output. But don’t expect native 4K or 60fps on complex open world games where the player can go anywhere.

      AC Origins is checkerboard upscale to 4K at 30fps on the XB1X. The same as the PS4 Pro. You need to realise the two consoles are very close. A 40% difference will not achieve a night and day difference. Computing needs a bigger difference to make a major change in output.

      The PS4 was 40% more powerful than the XB1 but that wasn’t huge was it. It was important at the time, because both console released at the same time at the same price and consumers made their choice.

      To put things into perspective, the PS4 Pro is 100% more powerful than the base PS4 and the difference is not mind blowing, so 40% isn’t going to change your life on the XB1X.

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