Square Enix Registers New Hitman, “Guns & Souls” Trademarks

Perhaps the Hitman game Square Enix Montreal is working on?

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It can be hard to tell exactly what Square-Enix has in mind with its trademarks, but the company has been pretty consistent as of late. The company recently filed for three trademarks, two relating to the Hitman franchise and one dubbed “Guns & Souls”.

There’s no indication to the nature of the two titles, though it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Guns & Souls is a social game, given Square-Enix’s fascination with the medium as of late.

The two Hitman trademarks are more interesting. “Hitman: International Contract Agency” and “Hitman: ICA” could relate to the same game, and given the opening of Square Enix Montreal, which will be handling the next game in the franchise, it at least provides a hint as to what to expect.

The International Contract Agency or ICA is Agent 47’s employer more or less, and books him for various assassinations and such. Perhaps an open world game with more of a focus on the ICA? Time will tell.

Source: Siliconera

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  • Jaffa_Cake

    As long is Hitman returns to gameplay over story instead of story over a gameplay. Whoevers idea it was to make Absolution more about the story rather than gameplay should be sacked asap, the whole thing was a terrible idea. The fact they lied to fans telling them they had nothing to worry about that Absolution was still a true Hitman game will seriously damage sales of the next Hitman game regardless of who makes it. If Hitman fans get the slightest whiff that the next game will be remotley anything like Absolution they wont buy it. Its deffo put me off preordering games thats for sure. I preorderd and paid £40, just 12 days later it was in the bargain bin at £19.99. Not only was i majorly dissapointed with Absolution (Never been so dissapointed about a game before) dissapointed i had a 6 year wait, i also felt short changed, lied too and robbed. I was always loyal to IO Interactive and even bought the lazy half arsed Kane & Lynch games (Yes their lazy games, basically 1% of Grand Theft Auto and only 4 hours long, compare it to games like Far Cry 3, Assasins Creed 3 of Grand Theft Auto and the Kane and Lynch and Absolution developers are either lazy or just not very good devs) I havent high hopes for the next Hitman game and am left with such a bitter taste in my mouth because of the whole Absolution mess i may not buy anything else with an IO Interactive label on it.


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