Square Enix Wants Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to “Beat Skyrim”


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Ignored amid all the news of Lightning going from a C-cup to a D-cup in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (don’t ask), director Motomu Toriyama and “wilderness lead planner” Yui Umeda talked about how the game was meant to “beat Skyrim” (or “Sukairimu” as it’s pronounced in Japan) in their interview with Famitsu.


Umeda stated that, “The wilderness is designed with a natural open world style of play in mind. Toriyama’s first instruction was ‘beat Skyrim!’ That may be a tall order with the resources on hand, but as this is FF we decided it might be best to approach it by letting you run about on a chocobo. Also, although there is lots of freedom in the wilderness, there is only one goal but with many paths to accomplishing it.”

Yes, they have just now decided to implement a “natural open world style of play”. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the third game in the saga which began with Final Fantasy XIII, and will be releasing on February 11th 2014 in North America and February 14th in Europe for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • LightningFarron19

    Actually, her cup size went from American B to American C. The one you are talking about is the Japan version of measuring cup size

    Secondly, they are just wanting to beat Skyrim in the openness and side quests department. That’s why the “Wilderness Lead Planner” is talking and not the actual writer, Watanabe.

  • Darrius

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

    Yeah, um, not happening. The entire Lightning saga has not even been good at doing what Final Fantasy does. How can they expect it to beat Skyrim at doing what Skyrim does.

    Even if this wasn’t the 2nd sequel to a mediocre game. The fact that you have a designated goal means it will not beat Skyrim or any Elder Scrolls game. For instance, put about 250 – 350 hours into Oblivion and I never started the main quest, never joined the Fighters Guild, never joined the Thieves Guild, avoided the Assassins Guild, never started the Nights of the Nine, and never went to the Shivering Isles. My intention was to do every noble quest other than the main quest. Anytime I saw an Oblivion gate I immediately ran in the opposite direction (hint: If you don’t close the first gate in Kvatch, new ones don’t appear in other places nearly as often, like, almost never). Yet the game never forced me to do

    If Lightning Returns gives us that kind of freedom then maybe it would have the possibility of beating Skyrim. But since we all know that Squenix will not make the game that way, I will resume laughing.

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

    • Yagami

      To be honest Skyrim was good but not as good as older ES like oblivion.I even had alot of friends comment on how the dlc wasnt that great either.It may have been open world but it all looked the same most of the time.Kill loot Kill loot is all I felt like i was doing.However theres alot of Skryim fans at SE wich is why he said that.He wasnt being pig headed like you are rite now.He was complimenting Skyrim itself.

    • Tyler Coelho

      Here’s tip shut the hell up and stop complaining about the thirteen saga and completely stop playing final fantasy games all together you, you bought FFXIII bitched about how that was shit you bought FFXIII-2 and again your bitching how that was shittier than the 1st…. If you though the 1st was shit why did you fucking buy the 2nd part and why the hell are you here bitching about a game that isn’t out yet see a lot of people liked the XIII saga and enjoyed it and still play and enjoy it myself included and here’s you a little bitch complaining stop bitching shut the hell up and give up on final fantasy and don’t let SE’s door hit you in the ass on the way out 🙂

    • Darrius

      STFU, and after all that Lightning Returns still won’t be as good as Skyrim, and you know it. It’ll be mediocre with very good production values.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Disclaimer: if you get goosebumps from reading long comments or have an allergy to wordy thoughts that complicated your brain processes turn away now or stay at your own risk.

    Why does everyone bother trying to compare their success to the shittiest game in the whole goddamn universe?! Does the wilderness lead planner even realize how major OD retarded he made all of Square Enix sound by calling the shots on that front?! If anything the only true unique experience they should be comparing their work to is Skyward Sword, not some loser’s dream of becoming a developer rehashed into a hopeless escape into Oblivion that will never reach his potential since he doesn’t get the criticism essential to man up and do a helluva better than the crappy job he is doing with elder scrolls and other senseless character crafting RPGs such as Fallout. Go ahead give me criticism: I know there’s at least one uber fanboy or fangirl out there who will call my predilection unjustified since Skyrim is so epic in today’s world of gullible gamers who rather play a trashy game rushed on console or botched on mobile than play a real video game that is on handheld and home consoles that have true value since they think they’re too worthy to play real video games. Am I the only genius who realizes that hardcore gaming and hardcore gamers are dying and that we need a resurrection this gen or is everyone just a sleeping whory slut these days and can’t handle the truth cuz it will break them down to their core? You decide if I have merit and tell my why I haven’t come close to proving myself right when I just did. The only reason people keep going to mobile and not consoles is cuz they neither see nor discern the difference. They can’t feel that the heart of the game is gone; the emotion is fading and we must re-establish that connection between the game and the gamer before all hope of rekindling the true meaning, purpose, innocence, and virtue of gaming is lost to the past forever, when it’s meant to carry onto the future and grow in the present, as a gift to those who experience the magic of gaming that can even make a child shine brighter than the sum of his/her parts and overcome the impossible to make all the dreams of our vast and dense imaginations inevitable.

    • Ross Geller

      Get a load of this guy.

      There are no “hardcore games”, only “hardcore gamers”. And hardcore gaming is not dying, at all. Also, you need to stop using buzzwords to seem intelligent to others. In this day and age, buzzwords only make you look like a tryhard, not an intellectual.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Take it however you want, hardcore gaming is declining as long as mobile gaming is rising so there better be a turnaround this gen. Second, you are SO naive beyond your years. You’re really gonna base my intelligence on whether my use of jargon makes sense to you? Incase you don’t realize every profession has jargon so using it actually makes someone intelligent if they use it in the first place. I actually am an intellectual. I actually look up game info everyday not only for the fun of it but because it’s useful so I actually am intelligent about all this and know exactly what I am talking about, unlike you. Feel free to test my knowledge if those words alone don’t satisfy your curiosity and make me seem dumb to you. Lastly, I am actually going to high school while taking college classes for my computer science degree so I know more about this stuff more than you thought, whether I apply the buzzwords or not. Just because my username says Nintendo fan for life doesn’t mean I don’t know this stuff as well or more than you do, as I actually play other game consoles besides ones from Nintendo. If you really think my opinion doesn’t make sense or has no merit that’s your problem because as far as I am concerned I made perfect sense in the message I was giving. If the jargon is beyond your understanding don’t bother reading my comment and attempt any interpretation that makes you look stubborn and ignorant. Okay? What part of my viewpoint on the subject makes no sense just because I used jargon?

    • Christøpher Wyatt Johnson

      LOL usually when a person claims to be a genius its a a good indicator that theyre actually a complete moron. Just because you didnt like Skyrim at all doesn’t mean that anyone who does like it is some gullible gamer. I loved Skyrim because I just got lost in the world, not too many games have done that as well as skyrim for me.
      btw your grammar is horrible, so stop trying to act smart.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Haha that’s because you’re talking to a real genius and not a newb typing away his life on the Internet. By gullible I mean they’re not playing real video games and they’re most likely casual gamers who can’t afford to do hardcore gaming so they only console game they buy is Skyrim or even get Call of Duty with it so they spend lotta time and don’t waste money and spend the rest of their game on mobile devices, so they miss out on awesome game experiences and don’t know a true game when they see it. In fact, my 14 year old sister fits that description perfectly. No lie. Now don’t get me wrong, I know many gamers out there play diiferent genres but this trend is growing as it currently stands. I tried playing Angry Birds and Temple Run but got bored very quickly. That’s the problem: mobile games aren’t built to last and games such as Skyrim don’t have the appeal I require to get into a game, with one of the reasons being the immersion breaking character creation as it detracts from bthe plot and makes you feel insignificant since your character isn’t the center of the game’s universe. I know that sounds like a very stupid reason but it’s one of my huge pet peeves so I can’t play games where you can change the entire identity of your character at will. I found Skyrim lacking in lotta areas for me and couldn’t get into it as I said ststory matters to me so no matter how interesting the world is the story makes or breaks the game. Why do you think Bethesda has always put a ton of side quests in their games in comparison to the really short story? That’s because they’re not coherent storytellers, they only put in so much effort to slide by when they can give it more potential. Finally, I don’t know where you’ve been living your whole life, but worldwide people use improper grammar whether on FB, Twitter or Instagram, most of the time being that they’re just too lazy to speak proper. As for me, like I said this is internet so I don’t bother much with proper grammar unless it’s required for certain things, such as the explanation I am giving to you now. For the record, I don’t have to act smart because I am already smart and smarter than you, unlike you. I actually know how to apply the video game knowledge I have gained over time and use it to my advantage as I update my mental database by looking up game news everyday. So go ahead and test me on any knowledge of gaming, if you yourself are a real gamer that is and prrove wrong or indicate why I have yet to prove myself right.OMG, even on the Internet I leave people stupefied by my opinions and lost as to what my message is, it’s luck I am fucking cursed since every time I let one word slip anywhere everybody turns on their idiot mode to make me feel so special. Oh how adorable yet despicably cute it all is yet I don’t need it and don’t give a canniving fuck about it! Have a nice day

  • DivineShard23

    I’m actually excited to hear there is an open world theme in lighting returns because that implies plenty of sidequest&exploration which most of the ff games in the past had. The whole boob thing I think is being blown way out of hand. I couldn’t even tell she had a boob job until they said it so it’s obviously not that noticable. Heh, it would’ve been weird if lightning was all of a sudden stacked like a doa girl but that’s not the case. As for boob bounce…well, boobs bounce afterall and lightning has a whole assortment of costumes from full body armor to revealing clothing so logically if she were running in a slim dress her breast would bounce just like any other female in real life.

  • evil13killer

    beat skyrim not happening one playable character this game will be the worst in xiii entry which wasnt that good from the beginning square enix be ready for a disappointing profit

  • 1000-Rupee’s-FACT

    I’m just hoping that Final Fantasy wont become all about boobs… i mean boobs are cool and all… but its always been about creativity and Plot for me. they can save the Jiggling for other game series’s. HOWEVER i cant say that they’ll beat Skyrim – Since i havent had the chance to play it. But i think whether they DO or DON’T beat it, is not the point. the point is, is that they intend to better the gaming experience so…. YAY

  • Samuel Stewart

    I’m sure that four continents have been planned in the game since the beginning? But details about the last continent are only just emerging. I wouldn’t say this is a last minute decision to add open world content. I’m quite sure, based on the feedback from XIII and XIII-2’s linearity (XIII-2 might not be linear but the environments were quite small and closed off), that decision would’ve been made quite early in development.

    I think people might be taking things a bit too literally. I really don’t think SE genuinely expects to “beat Skyrim” in a game with a time limit.

  • flashn00b

    The only way they’ll ever beat Skyrim is if they released a PC version with full mod support.

    The awesome thing about Skyrim is that while it’s an awesome game in its own right, the possibilities you can do with Skyrim are literally limitless because you can play with content made by fellow Elder Scrolls fans.

  • juanjo_dpr9

    If they had listened to all of us and they had done in FF XIII the same they are doing with this game about the side quests, FF XIII would have been an awesome game. Open world was necessary in FF XIII but instead we got a very long highway full of enemies with a small orange point at the end. Everything was even more clear thanks to the small minimap showing us the perfect straight line towards the end. That is FF XIII from chapters 1 to 11, and there are 13 but the last one is after you beat the game in chapter 12…and basically nothing happens except the new crystarium level.


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