Star Citizen New Video Shows Interesting Ship Persistence Tech

Taking off into no man’s sky.

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Star Citizen will hopefully start seeing final release soon, with at least some of its many modules beginning to see a release in the near future. However, while we wait for that to happen, Cloud Imperium Games has released a brand new video for the game, showcasing some interesting ship persistence technology that they will be using in the game.

The ship persistence technology will allow the game to keep track of ships parked within other ships- so if you park your smaller ship in the hangar of a larger ship, you can then use that larger ship to take your smaller one far beyond it would have been able to go otherwise.

That aside, the video also includes an update on the development progress for the title so far. Most Star Citizen backers are a patient bunch, so I am sure they don’t need to be told it is coming- still, having reassurance of that cannot hurt, right?

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  • Psionicinversion

    star citizen is still about 2 years away. once again gamingbolt not having a clue about anything they write about. persistence is just talking about the tech there using to save stuff online. bit more involved than the usual MMO but its pretty standard stuff

    • Monkeyman

      Uhm no, mister armchair developer. It is not standard. YOU don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Ownership is most MMOs, as in the standard model for ownership of items, is account based. Not physically based.

      In SC, players own only what they’re carrying. When they drop an item they transfer ownership to the container they dropped it in. Legal ownership of ships is implied by the V/N number of the ship being registered to you. If someone steals it, the ship is hot, but there are no game mechanic restrictions preventing them from stealing it, save for the security systems you install on your ship.

      That is not standard. That is incredibly complex. It has never been done before.

    • Psionicinversion

      No you don’t know what your talking about, I’m referring to gamingbolt saying they hope SC gets a release soon.

      The persistence bit was just added on, just because it’s more advanced than normal doesn’t make it any less about saving stuff online which is standard. If it didn’t save it wouldn’t be there

  • Joe_Blober

    Complementary to this article, the recent publication in a famous game
    magazine done by Christopher Livinston is also very good news about the
    upcoming major 3.0 patch (August) allowing planet/moon landing, fight on all
    surface and back to spatial station!

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