Stardock CEO On Xbox Scorpio And PS4 Pro’s Different Approaches, Both Trying To Solve Different Problems

Sony got it right the first time.

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15 Ways to Enhance Your Experience on PS4 and Xbox One

The Xbox One Scorpio is a far more radical upgrade than the relatively more conservative PS4 Pro- this has naturally led to discussions regarding which approach is the superior one. Speaking to Gamingbolt in an exclusive interview, however, Stardock’s CEO Brad Wardell noted that a direct comparison may be meaningless, since they both set out to do different things to begin with.

“I think that in the case of- I think both are trying to aim for different things, trying to solve different problems,” Wardell said. “With Scorpio, Microsoft is trying to, I think they are making a lot of good moves trying to address a lot of the weaknesses of the original Xbox One hardware. The PlayStation 4, it has a little bit of different issues traditionally, I find their software environment a little stranger as a PC guy. But their hardware was already in pretty good shape off the bat. They don’t have any- they bit the bullet and put in 8GB of super expensive GDDR5 memory in from the start.”

What he is saying does make sense, of course- and Sony, having gotten it so right the first time, definitely didn’t need to muck around with the hardware as much as Microsoft did, trying to address the failings of the original Xbox One. it will be interesting to see how the market responds to Microsoft’s approach with the Scorpio when it launches later this year.

More information on Scorpio is expected later this week so we will make sure to keep you updated on the same. Stay tuned for our full interview with Brad later this week.

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  • The truth-ier

    Another dumb pro sony piece, if sony got it perfect the first time (certainly not with the cpu), then why release the ps4 pro? MS messed up with messaging, and it was bad…the wii outsold the ps3 and xbox 360…but it was under powered, so to sum it all up to power is stupid. Both the PS4 and X1 are selling above there last gen consoles, that seems like a success for both.
    They both are extending the current gen family upgrades such as thr pro and scorpio, unlike a completely new system like the switch…again nothing wrong with that, which is why sales combine ps4 and ps4 pro.
    Lastly, instead of giving your opinion, and some random dev (dev teams can be as small as 2 people to 500 people), why not go to the source and ask spencer at MS? worthless piece as usual, from the same lazy person.

    • crazy_black_man-

      “if sony got it perfect the first time (certainly not with the cpu), then why release the ps4 pro?”

      Duh…Because of the potential of their customers utilizing 4k tvs. A resolution bump from what was already a more capable console than the 720p/900p eSRAM garbage that Microsoft released. And NO….this is not “another Pro Sony article”. This is just the way it is. Microsoft went cheap on the Xbox One design, to where they are now removing features for it just to make it stable and usable. They completely failed with the Xbox One, and you just can’t handle the “truth-ier”. Hilariousness!!!

      Stop your crying. Its embarrassing.


      Microsoft got it wrong with the Xbox One but got it right with the Xbox Scorpio

      Sony got it right with the PS4 but got it wrong with the PS4 PRO

    • Rebelox

      How u gonna say they got it right with the Scorpio? The Scorpio ain’t even out yet!..

      Basically you are bragging about a machine that hasn’t come out yet, cause you know that you don’t got anything to say about the Xbox One..

      The Xbox One has nothing. And they are gonna bring out the Scorpio with also Nothing.

      Nice to have a Scorpio with no games to play on it. Except the same Forza game over and over again..

    • kreator

      You seem mad…why?

    • Mr Xrat

      MS has spent most of the last fifteen years getting it wrong, Kirk.

    • Mr Xrat

      Dunno why you’d expect much from Phil considering he’s spent the last nine months giving non-answers.

  • Sp4ctr0

    If Sony got it right the first time then why is it there a PS4 PRO three years after the PS4?
    Another article doing damage control for the PS4 PRO

    • Rebelox

      You are totally missing the point of the PS pro.

      The real failure is the xbox, just admit it bro! Be a man!.. it’s okay, just join the Sony side of gaming.

    • Holeybartender

      Because the first question out of the people’s mouth during the PS4’s launch was “What are your plans on 4K for the PS4?”


    Sony’s biggest mistake this generation is the PS4 PRO PlayStation fanboys say Sony made the PRO for the 4K market but most of the games don’t hit a 4K resolution instead they use checkerboard rendering fake 4K and the PRO has no 4K Blu-Ray player

    So what purpose does the PS4 PRO serve

    • Eddie Battikha

      lMFAO PS4 Pro was designed for PSVR so it could have a decent launch, PS4 Pro is a stop gap system, Do u remember last April when AMD announced theyre working on 3 Semi Custom Wins. The first was obviously PS4 Pro the second wasn’t NX cause NVidia took care of that and obviously the third was for Scorpio. Common sense the Second one is for PS4 Ultra or watever they’re gonna call it for Fall 2018. Tier 4 it is

    • Holeybartender

      The Pro was in development since the PS4 dropped long before PSVR was in development.

    • Rebelox

      I think the PS Pro was an early prototype, but they saw how inferior the Xbox One was, and they decided to go with the standard PS4 as a first release followed up by the PS Pro later, they probably had more than 1 prototype of the PS4 designed.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Here is one of the developers saying PS4 Pro was for VR.

    • Holeybartender

      Proves nothing.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Last April AMD said they’re working on 3 Semi Custom Wins, 2 of them were obviously PS4 Pro and Scorpio, everyone thought the 3rd was for NX, but Nvidia took care of that. The 3rd is PS4 Ultra or watever they’re gonna call it.Tier 4 it is,

    • Holeybartender

      They were rumours about the 3 new AMD chips since 2014 and it wasn’t until April they officially announced them.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Duh, and like I said Most people thought the third win was for NX, it’s for a new PS4 coming out Fall 2018 Ull find out soon when Sony starts talking after the Scorpio reveal and steals all their thunder.

    • Paul Josephson

      Sorry it was the Xbox One S as the third. That was confirmed a while back. Furthermore, that AMD contest wasn’t about the chips per se but the use of AMD technology in a design.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Nice try Paul, it’s obvious too me that u never know what’s going on and just like to write long winded paragraphs for your amusement.

    • Rebelox

      The purpose of the PS Pro is to deliver more power obviously for the gamers that want it.

      Sony got this gaming industry locked down.

    • Rebelox

      Yeah.. and who created the blu ray technology that your Xbox Scorpio is using? …Sony did!.. 🙂

      Sony is everywhere.. even in your Xbox one and Scorpio.

      Your own microsoft is using Sony technology.. why can’t microsoft come up with their own Blu ray technology.. why they gotta use Sony’s stuff? Hmm?

    • clyde

      Ok. You sound so ridiculous. I guess you think sony runs their business with good old pen and paper. I guess you think they don’t use windows PCs or spreadsheet programs like Excel or their offices don’t use outlook for email etc etc etc. Why they gotta use Microsoft’s stuff? Hmm?

    • Rebelox

      Hahah.. windows is not in the PS4 though. 🙂

    • clyde

      hahah.. I can’t tell if your trolling or foolish. in case your not trolling and actually are foolish you should read up some to educate your self so you don’t look foolish to others when your commenting on articles.

      technology companies like sony and Microsoft rely on other tech companies when making tech products.

      for example sony making camera lenses for LG or Samsung making screens for apple. the web browser in ps4 uses webkit which is mainly from apple and adobe I believe.

      Microsoft as the company behind windows underpins a lot of all tech companies and products. because a lot of products are designed and built on windows software and even if they are not, they are designed to work with windows in some capacity which means that Microsoft tech is in their product regardless. even if a company doesn’t’ design products with windows pc, it’s likely that their business end, the back office like payroll that pays employees to create products probably uses Microsoft office suit like exchange windows nt excel etc.

      forget that ps4 was made possible and probably designed on computer software tools available to engineers because of Microsoft. (think of the soft ware they use when they are prototyping and coming up with concepts of the dualshock for example) even the very x86 architecture of ps4 and the coding in with c and c++ have Microsoft hands in them.

      The fact that sony made the dual shock compatible with PC means that dualshock has Microsoft tech in it to be able to communicate with windows with drivers etc. basically anything with usb.

      also i’m sure things like windows remote play on ps4 means playstation probably has to have windows drivers/codexes. I really don’t know specifics but just try to type out examples of things I can think of so you can maybe see how they all use each other and it really doesn’t matter. hence, my original reply why you sounded ridiculous to question why Microsoft would use “sony’s” blu ray tech. heck, even that you may want to read up on since it isn’t “sony’s” but sony is part of a consortium…

    • Rebelox

      Well Sony doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time. Just as microsoft doesn’t have to.. they borrow stuff from eachother to make an end product.

      My point is that it’s about the way you combine different parts to make an end product.. and Sony is better at that.

    • clyde

      Well I think as a game console Sony definately did a better job with PS4 vs Xbox one.

      I don’t know about the large general claim though that Sony as a whole does it better than Microsoft. I mean I would be surprised if Sony is better at building hardware since they are mainly a hardware company and Microsoft is mainly software company.

      However that is changing the recent Microsoft products they design have been received very well. I’m thinking that new studio desktop if theirs. And also the surface pro line of 2 in 1 laptop/tablet.

      I agree with your point. PS4 is a better console. What’s weird however is even tho I know PS4 is better. This generation my game time has been 90/10 in favour of Xbox!

      I have a bunch of unplayed PS4 games waiting to be played tho. So it could balance out in the future. But for the moment i seem hooked on Xbox and PS4 is collecting dust.

      Do u own both systems as well? I even have a Wii u which had more play time than my PS4.

    • Rebelox

      I have an Xbox 360 on which i play ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2’ and ‘COD Modern Warfare 2’. I play those games daily almost, probably a few matches of each game for about 2 hours.

      And i also have a PS Pro for Bloodborne and Street Fighter V and soon to come Gran Turismo.

      I basically switch from one system to the other all the time depending on what i want to play.

      I recently finished playing Uncharted 4 on it and it blew me away! My PS pro is definitely not gathering dust hehe

      I skipped the Xbox One this generation because it’s just missing the games that i like.

      If the Xbox One would have been completeley backwards compatible with all the xbox 360 games straight out of the box from day 1.. i might have considered getting one, because then i would have been able to continue playing my old games but on the newer hardware.

      I am stuck with my old xbox 360 and my PS4 Pro this generation.

      This is my current gaming setup:

      TV: Sony 4k XD8005 48″
      Console 1: PS4
      Console 2: Xbox 360

      Are you a PC gamer as well? You seem to know a lot about hardware and software and stuff 🙂 and also about the way ‘Windows’ is interconnected with all these components. Interesting..

      One of my friends tells me that consoles are dead (or dying).. and that it’s better to just build a high end PC and forget about giving money away to these console makers, he considers it a waste of money..

    • Eddie Battikha

      I left Xbox because of their very small exclusives list, after Halo 3 and Gears of war 2 they just kept getting worse.

    • ShowanW

      Blu-ray isn’t sony alone… its just as much Panasonic baby as sony’s..

      Blu-ray ownership is a group thing…

      and sony uses a billion of Microsoft patents in their android phones… so whats ur point?

    • Rebelox

      My point is that i don’t care about the PS4 not having a 4k Blu Ray player even though the Xbox one has a 4k Blu Ray player..

    • Rebelox

      Basically microsoft is helping Sony and Panasonic then by putting a 4k Blu Ray player inside the Xbox One?

    • ShowanW

      I wouldnt say helping…
      Blu-Ray is the standard why fight against it?

      Patent fees go to a few different companies..

      Is what it is…

    • Paul Josephson

      Sorry, you are giving to much credit. Sony had a minor role in it. Phillips and Pioneer are brains mainly behind Blu-Ray. They get most of the booty from the Blu-Ray consortium. Even Microsoft (although not part of the 20 company consortium) gets cut a check once in awhile because they use their software patents in Blu-Rays. Heck, PS4 uses patents owned by Microsoft so thank them for allowing you to play Horizon and Uncharted will you. It is silly to think that any one device is created by one company. Everybody owes somebody something.

  • Rebelox

    Sony doesn’t cut corners. They do things the right way. Gotta love Sony 🙂

    • Paul Josephson

      Really? They cut corners by not putting a 4KUHD drive in the Pro. A true 4K Blu-Ray drive not in a machine designated by Sony as targeting 4k surely sounds like cutting corners to me. Even Sony admitted as much when asked why it was not in the Pro (cost).

      And please don’t say it is all about streaming, that ignores the fact that 75% of world doesn’t have the infrastructure to get anywhere near 4K streaming. Additionally it ignores how bad 4K streaming is with all that compression.

    • Rebelox

      I dont miss the 4k blu ray drive.. it would have been nice if it was in the machine, but i am not really dissapointed by that.

      It makes up for the lack of a 4k blu ray player in other areas.

      That’s the only thing the PS4 doesn’t have that the Xbox One does.. but it’s not the main feature of the machine. And not having a 4k blu ray player is not a deal breaker in my eyes.

      If i want to watch 4k blu rays i can just buy an xbox one.. cuss that’s probably the only thing it can do well.

      But i am not into 4k blu ray movies right now.. i am a pure gamer so i am satisfied with my PS Pro, that’s what it is supposed to do.. play games.

      Also by leaving out the 4k blu ray player the price of the PS4 Pro was not too high..

    • Paul Josephson

      Listen I am not picking on you. You have reasons that work for you. I am just pointing out the statement that “Sony doesn’t cut corners”. Sony saving around $20 bucks on their end means now you have to either buy a Xbox One S or spend hundreds more for a dedicated drive. To me that is Sony cutting corners.

      More importantly just because you are gamer only now doesn’t mean the drive isn’t important media device. And like you said you may in the future want to play those discs (well worth it over steaming by the way 🙂 ) But, even if you are not using it also ignores the that second most feature of the device is to play movies. A good percentage of those are actual discs and not streamed. This is especially true with 4K (as most 4K compressed fro Netflix is their own content not recent movies). To me it was a strange move from a company that has a vested interest in selling as much 4K videos as possible not to have included the drive in the first place.

    • Rebelox

      Yeah i see your point.. It will be interesting to see what move Sony is going to make regarding the 4k Blu Ray player.

      Maybe a future Sony console will include one of those.

      Streaming 4k right now through Netflix is not the same as playing a 4k blu ray on a blu ray player.. i know Sony cut the corner on that one.

      Maybe they did it on purpose to give Microsoft at least something to compete with them against the PS pro hahaha..

    • Eddie Battikha

      Last April AMD said they’re working on 3 Semi Custom Wins, 2 of them were obviously PS4 Pro and Scorpio, everyone thought the 3rd was for NX, but Nvidia took care of that. The 3rd is PS4 Ultra or watever they’re gonna call it. Tier 4 it is,

    • Frank Beans

      Sony probably knows more than you or I about Blu-ray.

      Physical movie sales are on the decline. 4K is no where near mainstream yet. They didn’t cut corners by leaving out something hardly anyone one wants.

    • Paul Josephson

      Well you better tell their other divisions they just released 4 new 4KUHD players this past month. By the way, Blu-Rays weren’t mainstream either. The PS3 helped the Blu-Ray to become mainstream.

    • Rebelox

      Doesnt Sony own part of the Blu Ray brand or something? Basically Sony makes money on every xbox Scorpio that’s sold because of the Blu Ray technology Sony pioneered. Or maybe i am wrong about it but i heard something like this.

      How ironic!

    • Aaron Hayes

      Blu ray is a standard that a lot of companies have a stake in. If they make anything its very small. Microsoft makes a lot more off windows being in Sony laptops. Sony and Microsoft collaborate on and buy and sell more to each other more than a lot of people seem to realize. As well as Google and Microsoft which a lot of people seem to fail to Realize is Microsoft’s true competitor.

    • Mark

      I’m a bit misinformed about this… is Google, Microsoft’s main competition? If u don’t mind.

    • Gamez Rule

      Operating systems, mobile services, search, etc There was so much competition between them that they both agreed they will no longer issue regulatory complaints against each other☺

    • Mark

      Hot dam! Thx Gamez

    • kreator

      She’s a rabid ponie, don’t waste your time.

    • kreator


    • Holeybartender

      They didn’t cut corners by not having a 4KUHD drive in the Pro. The reason there’s not one is because the only 4K media at the time of development was 4K streaming. Sony didn’t even have a 4KUHD player until April of last year and the Pro was in development 2 years before that.You say it’s just $20 to add a drive into the Pro but that is now,back then no one had even made a 4KUHD drive. Remember,Sony shocked the game industry when they announced the Pro would be available in November.Everyone expected the Pro to take another year to release and if that was what happened then yeah I would consider that cutting corners.

    • Paul Josephson

      They didn’t shock the industry. The specs were known for almost a year prior to the release. Everyone that paid attention new it was coming 2016. Only those hoping the specs were wrong were pushing next year and better specs narrative. Secondly, you own argument of nobody had a 4KUHD is false. How do explain the 4KUHD in the Xbox One S which was released two months before the Pro. Seriously, the disc player has little to do with the overall development. It is not the same as the APU or memory or integrated circuits. The drive takes up no more space, little or no more energy to use, etc.. This is a company that allows you to swap the main hard drive but, you think changing to 4KUHD was so complex of a process it would have set back the devices development? Please give me some real argument.

      As for streaming stop using that argument. 75% of the world does not have the capability with the infrastructure and that doesn’t even take into accounts the caps that most of the West has to deal and the actual crap quality the 4K streaming is.

      If Sony PS4 is a device for the world (as PS4 fans keep telling everyone) and Xbox One is primarily a Western device, mainly England and US why is that you seem throw most of the world under the bus with this 4K streaming answer. The infrastructure to support crappy 4K streaming for them is a lot farther off then it would be to just put the 4KUHD device in a machine now. Especially, disconcerting considering Sony has more skin the game and needs to push 4K media (movies/TV) more than Microsoft has to.

    • Holeybartender

      First,I said the release date was a shock not the specs.We already knew the Pro was only for 4K streaming. Second,”How do I explain the UHD player in the Xbox S 2 months before the Pro?” The Pro was in development since the PS4 launched long before Xbox S was. Adding a UHD 3 months before launch would’ve set back manufacturing of the Pro. And then there’s this.

      I won’t stop using the streaming argument because it’s fact.Until last year there there wasn’t ANY UHD 4K players on the market,only 4K upscaled streaming or Mastered in 4K Bluray players using a standard Bluray drive until Sony and Samsung released them in April 2016.

    • C. Hoffer

      While I like the Sony machines/line-up this round, I have to agree they cut corners on the Pro by removing the 4K Blu-Ray. That costs them a couple of dollars….literally a couple of dollars or LESS! They own the license for blu-ray and the manufacturing is the same. Once initial setup is paid for, the cost is pretty much zero. The only reason 4k players cost a lot is licensing and marketing/milking of consumers.

    • Paul Josephson

      To fair to Sony (after my rant of saying they cut corners by not including the 4KUHD) they are actually a minority contributor to the BluRay consortium. They don’t get a blank usage of the tech without paying. They pay the same rate as anybody else to use the technology. They just happen to get some of that money they paid directly to the Blu-Ray consortium back. I believe they receive about 20% or so as part of their contribution to the group. I believe it is Phillips and Pioneer that are the biggest beneficiaries of money made for using the Blu-Ray tech. Actually although Microsoft is not part of the group the consortium itself cuts them a very small check (relatively speaking) for using some of their patents in Blu-Ray, as well as HP and other non-members.

    • DarthDiggler


      Really? They cut corners by not putting a 4KUHD drive in the Pro. A true 4K Blu-Ray drive not in a machine designated by Sony as targeting 4k surely sounds like cutting corners to me.

      Given Sony has maintained their sales lead by a very healthy margin your words don’t live up to realities.

      The fact is Sony was looking to meet a certain price point and still make a little profit on the machine. Given Sony’s focus on games this generation it wasn’t a huge surprise that they didn’t have a UHD drive. Sure a system targeting 4K it is an omission, but by no means a deal breaker.

      The fact is most people stream things they watch these days. This isn’t some big secret.

      Even Sony admitted as much when asked why it was not in the Pro. It would have added around $20 total. So yeah, cutting corners.

      Sony admitted WHAT exactly? Please provide a link for this claim, given your tone I don’t trust you are giving us the whole story or that you are being accurate with the details here. This very much sounds like a sound bite that has been parsed to support your argument.

      Not including a certain piece of hardware isn’t cutting corners. When you are targeting a certain price point you have to make decisions on what will be included in your hardware. They could have perhaps included the UHD drive if they only used a 500GB HDD. That would have only been a temporary solution because the 500GB HDD would likely not be available towards the tail end of the PS4 Pro’s lifespan. Also they likely knew (via data on the PS4 User Base) that people run out off hard drive space more often than they view movies on PS4.

      This was a strategic decision and not cutting corners.

      And please don’t say it is all about streaming nowadays.

      Is this really the best debate tactic that you have? Is simply telling people not to point out the easily observable facts that refute your infantile argument?

      Doing so ignores the fact that 75% of world doesn’t have the infrastructure to get anywhere near 4K streaming.

      So you are suggesting that there are places in the world that don’t support 4K streaming yet they have an ample supply of 4K content on Blu Ray?

      What part of the world are we talking about exactly? Please provide details.

      Additionally it also ignores how bad 4K streaming is with all that compression with resulting artifacts and lack of clarity.

      It all depends on your connection. I can view 4K streams just fine. At the end of the day if the PlayStation 4 Video Game Console doesn’t support 100% of your media needs you have options. You can pick up a standalone UHD BluRay player. That way you wan watch your Japanese imported hentai. 🙂

      Please do not respond to this comment without providing links to the sources of the claims you have made.

    • kreator

      BS! “Checkerboard rendering anyone”??

    • Rebelox

      There is almost no difference between checkerboard rendering and native 4k. And if there is you won’t really notice it.. this is why the Xbox Scorpio will not really make a big difference in the way games are displayed.

      Even if the Scorpio has true 4k people aren’t gonna see a massive difference in graphics details cause 4k checkerboard rendering is 95% identical to native 4k.

      The Xbox Scorpio will be 5% better than the PS Pro.. at most.

    • kreator

      Bullshit…but there’s a huge gap between 900p upscaled to 1080p huh? You are going to see a difference between the Scorpio and the much weaker PS Pro!

    • Rebelox

      Go ahead and try playing a game in 4k on the Scorpio and see what happens.. i’ll tell you, it’s gonna catch fire! You’ll burn the house down!

      I warned you lol.. native 4k is dangerous.. specially on the Scorpio..

      ..the Scorpio will never be able to handle native 4k graphics.. it’s more likely to overheat and melt as soon as the 4k kicks in 🙂

    • Fweds

      Tell us about the black screen drop outs on the pro where they have cut corners, you know the problem that has HUNDREDS of posts in the Sony forum.


      “Please fix this problem SONY it is very annoying when playing a game every 6 minutes the picture and audio suddenly drops for 8 seconds and comes back again, This is a serious fault which needs to be looked into and fixed not ignored”

      Tell us about the VR and HDMI issue, etc etc

    • Rebelox

      I play on a ‘Sony XD8005 4K UHD Led TV’.. i have not had any issues regarding black outs and what not since i got the PS Pro.

      I use my PS Pro everyday and haven’t had any issues. In fact, my PS Pro seems to be getting better and better overtime!

      There were so many amazing updates to the system the last couple of weeks really.. from external hard drive support to 4K media playback.

      And i haven’t even started with the patches that were brought out for games like Dark Souls 3.. the games are getting better as each day passes, it’s nice to see the evolution and progression of the PS Pro unfolding each day.

      The PS Pro is kind of like a plant you watch grow and get stronger with each day :-).

      And all those issues you are talking about that people are having, will be sorted out by Sony (if it is their fault) i am sure. Most of those issues probably have nothing to do with the system in general really..

      So do you own a PS4 yourself? And what issues have you had? Let me know..

    • Gamez Rule

      The only issue I have is getting the kids off PS4-Pro because they are bored with Xbone☺

    • Rebelox

      What happened to playing outside and eating ice cream? kids these days :)..

  • Eliezer Barreto

    Microsoft’s thinks that a more powerful console is gone resolve the problems with the Xbox brand loll. Bajajajjajajaj

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  • Mr Xrat

    I remember when Xgimps loved Brad Wardell when he talked up DX12.

    Reality isn’t an Xgimp’s best friend, is it?

    • Cenk Algu

      what kind of hypocricy is this? since when have you been speaking about reality?

    • Pazz

      stupidity is a Mr Xrat best friend, with his bot friends

    • Eddie Battikha

      He told it how it is, go cry to mommy lil boy.

    • Eddie Battikha

      U don’t accept the truth, too bad.

    • Mr Xrat

      It’s Xgimp hypocrisy, Crunk, and it’s been in full view for years.

    • Cenk Algu

      How are you Salty little Rat?

    • Mr Xrat

      Haven’t stopped laughing for 24 hours. You waited a whole year for barely better than the Pro. Never mind.

    • Fweds

      Are you seriously still at it, is this all you do ?

      Still using the Upvote Bot ! Seriously do you think people don’t notice the stupid ghost name Upvotes of yours and almost anyone ant post that is anti Xbox or positive Sony ones.

      And your user multis. “MrXrat” AKA “REVOLVER OCELOT”, “RhubarbForFingers” etc etc etc

    • crazy_black_man-

      And your point is what as it pertains to the subject matter?

      Or are you just one of those losers who comes to game comment sections just to cry about who’s actually upvoting who?

    • Fweds

      I see you are still at it to, time you two moved on.

      They are electronic games toy’s, it’s like arguing “my batman has an electronic voice” compared with your “my Superman’s got light up red x-ray vision lights”.

      Seriously move on.

    • Cenk Algu

      this is one of his accounts.I cant believe that a person trying so hard to prove its self with some fake accounts.It is a miserable move but hey!!!

    • crazy_black_man-

      We aint goin nowhere. You move on and take your whiny tears with you.

    • Fweds

      Actually I am going to mirror your type of comments on any Sony news, there must be something to it as you have been doing it for years on Xbox news now.

    • crazy_black_man-

      And unlike you, no one else will give a F. Now, go do you gangster.

    • Fweds

      Did you like the Xbox Scorpio reveal ?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Didn’t see it. But looking at the specs. I’m really not impressed. I was actually expecting much more.

    • Fweds

      You can’t expect more from an upgrade they have taken this gen to the limit.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Power and games. Power and games maaaan. You aint got nothin but 360 games and a Fisher Price multiplayer only cartoon pirate video game? Why are you still talking?

    • Fweds

      Notice the dates of those titles, nearly 3 years to finally bring out some actual games though most being niche titles and also on pc.

      Gravity rush 2 is certainly one of the worst games around, I suggest you replace that picture.

      Bet you play the baseball one everyday. Lol

      Thought indie titles were the thing everyone wanted on ps4 ? Have you gone off them now or have you finally released Sony were playing you along.

      Still back to Forza Horizon 3, next one is going to be amazing on Scorpio in glorious 4k and framerates Sony owners can only dream of.

    • DarthDiggler


      Why don’t you try getting a job and attempt to disprove what your mom said when she claimed you would never make anything of yourself. 🙂

    • Fweds

      I doubt she ever said anything like that as I work for my family and as long as I turn up I get paid and I can tell other workers what to do.

      What about you what’s your job other than part time Burger king cleaner ?

    • DarthDiggler

      Have they implemented DX12 into XB1 yet? I know they released on PCs, honestly I never researched the practical impacts of DX12 vs what was promised before launch.

      I know XB1 has a “hybrid” of DX12 within their DX11 code and given the differences between the XB1 and PC platforms not all performance gains would be realized on XB1.

    • Fweds

      And now we know Direct X 12 is built into the Scorpio hardware, not good news for you ehhhh.

  • crazy_black_man-

    Pretty good compared the competition from MS who sold zero amounts console VR games. Resident Evil 7 says hi and shut the f up.

    • Gamez Rule
    • Rebelox

      It’s just beginning.. wait untill Gran Turismo Sport drops! ..I’m definitely getting the PS VR .

      You can also watch movies in 3D with it or use it as a second screen.. you can do so much with it.

      I hope Sony will make a new PS VR next year to compete with the ‘Pimax 4k’ that would really be awesome..

    • Gamez Rule

      I play RE7 in VR and it is crazy☺

    • Rebelox

      Hahah Resident Evil 7 made people sh*t their pants with the PS VR 🙂

  • Mark

    I must be missing something; “this has naturally led to discussions regarding which approach is the superior one”. Do u mean sales Pramath? Like which one will ultimately sell more? You don’t mean which one will run games better do you?

    When Brad says “How they’re going for different approaches”, maybe he means, how each company is trying to achieve success with their respective new consoles

  • Granduppahhhh

    They could always name it something else entirely to strike interest in more of your average console buyers. It will be interesting to see for sure either way.

  • Eddie Battikha
    • Paul Josephson

      I did and I saw that Google Cardboard has shipped 10 million VR to consumers. So are they overall winner? If that Forbes article (you linked to) assumes the company with most VR devices is the most successful and best for playing games even with less than a million PSVR devices sold doesn’t that make Cardboard the dominating force with 10 million in the hands of consumes? Just saying if you want to call it a numbers game it is not even close. I give you that RE7 was pretty good but overall from a gaming perspective both Oculus an Vive games are well beyond just having 20 minute demos disguised as games that currently litter the PSVR landscape.

      By the way, I am in no way saying the Cardboard is great VR I am just pointing out the folly in your argument that because PSVR sold more than Oculus or Vive it must be the better device, have better games and best situated to win something. If so those Cardboard numbers has something to say about that logic.

    • Eddie Battikha

      The Article was just to prove that Sony had a successful outing for their first PSVR obviously.

    • Paul Josephson

      But they didn’t. Today Sony announced a recalibration because the PSVR is not doing nearly as well as they liked or expected (according to inside sources in a Wall Street Journal Article) So, that success you talk about was for the immediate jump on the band wagon PS4 consoles owners. All that immediate success was done in first few months. Since then it has been a slow crawl, and only getting slower for PSVR adoptions/sales.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Great article, well see how things go in the next 6 months for them. Man Scorpio is gonna destroy PS4 Pro specs tommorow when it’s unveiled, I really do think Sony will have a new Playstation out Fall 2018 instead of Fall 2019.

  • Living While Alive

    I’ll tell you how the market will respond!

    Current status: Pre-order on standby

  • crazy_black_man-

    Does Scorpio have any baseball?

    • Fweds

      If you like sports game’s I suggest you get EA Access, it’s only 25 dollar’s a year and you get a stack of other titles as well as sport.

      FIFA 17 goes in the vault next week to.

    • crazy_black_man-

      That must have been a tough question for you, eh? Lets try this again.

      “Does Scorpio have any baseball?”


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