Steam Security Issue Revolved, “No Unauthorized Actions” Reported

Valve assures users that no credit card information has been leaked.

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Steam faced a rather strange issue earlier today when users’ information had been swapped with each other, allowing you to effectively access other players’ accounts. Following some downtime to address the same, Steam is back up and running and Valve has confirmed that there haven’t been any unauthorized actions or leakage of credit card information.

This was revealed in an email to Game Informer when Valve stated that, “We believe no unauthorized actions were allowed on accounts beyond the viewing of cached page information and no additional action is required by users.”

As for the credit card or PayPal info, Valve revealed that these details could not be accessed during the issue and were thus safe. Regardless, make sure you check your transaction history to ensure that no purchases have been made without your knowledge recently.

What are your thoughts on this issue, especially since Steam is usually very tight in security? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Truth™

    And faster than Sony ever did.

    Poor console peasants.

    • XbotMK1

      Console players don’t have to rely on internet or network services to buy, install, or play their games anywhere near as much as PC peasants such as yourself do. So how are console users peasants after Steam’s exposure? Explain that logic to me troll.

    • Truth™

      You play sub-30FPS games on weak out of date hardware from a company who was already fined millions of dollars for exposing millions of credit card numbers all for the sake of an “Offline” console.

      Explain why you are still using Sony products after such a massive breach of data and privacy, peasant.

    • XbotMK1

      “Exposing millions of credit card numbers”

      Then why was there no proof that any credit card numbers were stolen or actually exposed after investigation by the U.S justice system? Just because a database is broken into doesn’t mean everything was stolen or found.

      You ask why I still use Sony products when my comment already answered your question.

      Explain why you are still using Microsoft products after such a massive breach of data and privacy when Games for Windows Live was hacked and Microsoft was bending you over with Direct X and the Games for Windows Live service on PC, peasant?

    • Truth™

      But Sony were found guilty in Europe and fined $400 million Xtreme Derp. But then Sony did things like charge extreme amounts for Vita memory cards while the 3DS used normal SD Storage. How are they pro-consumer?

      You are a pretty bad marketer. No wonder Sony doesn’t pay you.

      I’m using Debian by the way, Xtreme Derp. Not that you know anything about it. Vulkan will do nothing for your Potatostation 900P 🙂

    • Andrew Newton

      Hello fellow Linux User. just a small correction to you, Vulkan is open source API and so if sony and their game developers choose to, it could be integrated into the consoles (I believe they already run a customised version of OpenGL which Vulkan replacee). Whether this will be done or not I do not know but it would help to some degree if it does happen, though PC’s would still have the performance edge. @YUSoDumb:disqus actually, if you read the article it states that no credit card information was leaked during the steam issues whereas the sony PSN hack exposed credit card information (if I remember correctly). valve were treated less harshly because the issue was less severe because a cached page which at most shows someone’s purchases is less of a big deal than (basically) plain text credit card details that can be used to steal money and buy things with another persons money. also some games can still be bought as hard copies in stores and just get updates (if that) from the internet the same as consoles. the hack on valve in 2011 did contain credit card details but they were encrypted beyond any usability

  • XbotMK1

    People seem to forget Steam was hacked back in 2011.

    • Truth™

      And Valve acted immediately both times while Sony pretended it didn’t happen and was fined by the EU for it. Then their droning, drooling fanbase defended them.

      There are no false accusations. It actually happened. Deal with it, Xtreme Derp 🙂

    • Betty Factor

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