Street Fighter 5 Producer Tells Xbox One Owners To Buy A PS4 If They Want To Play The Game

Yoshinori Ono says there’s plenty of time to save $300 and play Street Fighter V.

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Street Fighter V Cover

Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono recently gave an interview with GameSpot in which he outright told Xbox One users they should go out and buy a PS4. The producer said this way, they will be able to play Street Fighter V when it finally comes out. While there was once talk the game will eventually be coming to the Xbox One, Capcom has come out and said the game will be exclusive to Sony’s console and the PC for the title’s lifetime.

The company has made a number of comments about why it chose to go with Sony over Microsoft and Ono laid out at least one more. In the interview, he hinted that putting the game on the PS4 has allowed Capcom to offer balance updates for free for the first time. “For the first time in franchise history we’re going to allow all balance adjustments to be available free of charge, so we’re treating it as a platform,” Ono said, discussing the benefits of working with the platform holder. “If you purchase the game, you’ll be able to upgrade to the content throughout its lifespan and you’re never going to be punished if you take a break from playing the game.”

While Ono said that gamers have plenty of time to go out and get themselves a PS4, time is actually running out if they want to play the game on launch day. Street Fighter V is due to hit the PS4 and PC on February 16, 2016, before the game hits read out our Wiki and study up on the game.

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  • Sol Pro

    Yoshinori Ono disrespected all the XBOX playas who have supported capcom with street fighter 2 hyper fighting , sf2 hd remix , sf3 online edition , the various sf4 editions. I was thinking about buying it for pc but that statement make me sick. F U Yoshinori Ono. Street fighter is dead to me. I wont be playing it no more. Killer instinct , DOA , Tekken , MKX will keep me satisfied

    • legacy

      Have fun, don’t come back we won’t miss you and we will be playing those as well minus ki

  • Evil_Annie_2015

    The guy is right, if Xbox One user really care for sf5 and want to play it then they should buy a ps4.

    The funny thing is that I do not recall any article where XB1 players are asking the developer to bring sf5 to the XB1 lol

    • legacy

      That’s right keep playing that launch game where they release one character a year, killer instinct sucks real talk

    • William Ramos

      To be honest I’m looking g at it from a different point of view, sound like Capcom is worried that SF5 might not be enough on one platform. That is why they are saying its not to late but it is when you look at the rest of the titles that are out like MK and KI.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      True, and to be honest SF is not really a system seller. But I dont see petitions from the xbox community to bring sf5 to the xbox one. This is more of a question by the bias gaming media trying to make this exclusivity deal bigger than it is.

      Also, imagine the outrage if CD tells the ps4 owners to buy an xbox one if they want to play Rise of the Tomb raider a year sooner.

  • Truth™

    Better on PC
    Better community on PC
    No Framedrops on PC
    Mods on PC

    Xboners can ascend to the glorious PC master Race if they want this game. No one needs a 900P disgusting trash console like the POS4.

  • FoxNM

    [Laugh] Mr. Ono, you want me to buy PS4 so I can buy Street Fighter 5? No. No, thank you. [Laugh] Damn! I love Street Fighter! [not laughing]

  • Phantasystar77

    Oh, so Mr Ono is trying to tell us Microsoft charges people for balance updates? Really? I guess I forgot to pay for all my Killer Instinct balance updates whenever they updated the game. I also forgot to pay for them in Smite as well. They constantly have them too. Seriously, if I hadn’t already owned a PS4 I probably would have bought one to play this. After actually buying the game today im more let down by this game then any other title i’ve purchased in my over 30 years of gaming. I have never seen such a rushed, half-assed bare bones game then this. They essentially shipped out a beta version as complete and expected the masses to be happy. I’ll never buy a full priced Capcom game ever again after this. When I do buy one it will likely be used so Capcom does see a dime of profit. I forgave them after their SF X Tekken scam, but they’ve gone too far. The greed of Mr Ono and his bosses won’t be getting anymore support from me.

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