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Super Smash Bros. Sells 4 Million Units Across Wii U/3DS in Lifetime

Nintendo's hardware sales saw a significant increase year-on-year.

Super Smash Bros. Patch Quells the Wrath of Diddy Kong

Nerfs have appeared for the overpowered Kong.

Fire Emblem’s Roy and Street Fighter’s Ryu Leaked for Super Smash Bros.

So THIS is how Nintendo plans on getting around the Street Fighter V exclusivity!

New Nintendo 3DS Is Getting Unity Support

3DS joins in on the indie movement.

Project X Zone 2 Releasing in Autumn for West

Monolith Soft is bringing more crossover goodness to 3DS.

Yo-Kai Watch Finally Confirmed for 2015 Western Release

The popular ghost-hunting RPG will be out in North America and Europe later this year.

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem collide in a Persona-like environment.

Fire Emblem 3DS Trailer and Details Revealed at Nintendo Direct

Nintendo reveals new details about the upcoming 3DS title.

Lego Jurassic World Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Lego Jurassic World.

Nintendo Confirms It Will Just Be Focusing on 2015 Games at E3 This Year

This just gets fishier and fishier.

Iwata: NX Will Not Be A Continuation of Either 3DS Or Wii U

'Expanding on existing hardware is dull.'

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Releasing on 3DS This Summer for West

The second remake in the Untold series is coming.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review – The Ultimate Monster Hunting Game

Capcom's vision is finally realized in this glorious and breathtaking game.

Media Create Sales: Majora’s Mask 3D Sells 230,000 in First Week

The return of the N64 classic tips the scales in favour of Nintendo in Japan.

Xenoblace Chronicles 3D Receives A New 3 Minute Trailer

Check out the introduction trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

NEW 3DS XL: Majora’s Mask Edition Hardware Review – Is It As Groundbreaking As Its Predecessor?

This is, without any doubt whatsoever, the best build of the Nintendo 3DS till date.

Amiibos Will Unlock Times Demos of Virtual Console Games Soon

Nintendo's NFC figurines will be getting even more uses soon.

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