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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Bug Kills Attack Boat Pilots Indirectly

Aka how to kill Attack Boat pilots with a simple glitch.

Titanfall PC Beta Impressions: Stand By For The Multiplayer Experience of 2014

Respawn Entertainment's first game isn't what we were told. It's actually better.

Final Fantasy 6 Android Glitches Addressed in Next Update

A cutscene crash which prevents further progress will be corrected.

Battlefield 4 Hit by Second Class-Action Lawsuit Over Quality Issues

EA's failure to correct Battlefield 4's bugs has earned it another lawsuit.

Battlefield 4 Xbox One Update Delayed, Arriving in Next Title Update

The developer's war against multiplayer issues continues.

Battlefield 4 PS4 CE-34878-0 Error: Here Is How You Can Fix It

Can't access multiplayer? Here are two temporary fixes for you.

Battlefield 4: DICE Working to Fix Game Crashes and Freezing in Multiplayer

A PC client patch is currently being worked on.

GTA Online Update: Rockstar On Reputation Points, Cash And Cloud Issues

Twenty days after its launch, Rockstar is fighting to fix GTA Online issues.

Rockstar Releases List of Grand Theft Auto Online Bugs

The online experience isn't without its hiccups.

The War Z: Paralleling the Gaming of Systems

Do missing game features include a working game at launch?

Witcher 2 patch 1.35 out

After the mega 1.3 patch. Witcher 2 gets another one that fixes a lot of things and adds a lot of improvemen... Read More

Gears of War 3 Beta – How To Split Screen With A Guest

Alright well we all know that you have always been able to split-screen in all of the Gears of War games w... Read More

Movement problems in Black Ops now fixed- Treyarch

Treyarch says that any movement problems that could be found in their super-blockbuster title, Call of Duty:... Read More

Gran Turismo 5 freezes for those who got it early

If you were to belief some dudes who got their copy of GT 5 early over at GTPlanet forums, it seems the game... Read More

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