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Is This Uncharted Trilogy PS4 Listing Real?

This does't even look slightly real, though hopefully it is

PS4 Firmware Update Incoming To Fix 2.50 Issues, Sony Looking To Provide Uncompressed PS4 Screens

A few updates regarding future PS4 firmware updates.

Tearaway Unfolded Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Tearaway Unfolded

Helldivers Review – Massively, Massively Multiplayer

Going in solo is like serving time in the stockade, but buddy up and hitting terra firma is a hell of a ride.

Naughty Dog Ramping Up Its Staff As Production for Uncharted 4 Enters Its Final Year

Specifically, they seem to be hiring environmental artists.

DriveClub Server Update Incoming, Online Services Unavailable for 8 Hours

Evolution Studios' racing sim will be receiving major stability patch for online play.

PS4 Exclusive Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Nearing Internal Beta

The Chinese Room hard at work at getting the game out the door.

Greg Kasavin On Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Parity Clause And FPS/Resolution Debate

"I think it's reasonable for game players to expect great things from the current generation of consoles."

Does Bloodborne Set New Benchmarks For Graphics And Performance On PS4?

Despite some visually impressive hooks, From Software's PS4 exclusive seems trapped in the transition from pre...

OnLive Ceasing Operations, Sony Acquiring Assets

Major game streaming company closes down after nearly 12 years.

PSN Is Back Up Online But PS4 Fans Are Not Reacting Well To The Outage

PS4 fans are not happy and understandably so.

Primal Carnage: Extinction Targeting 1080p/60fps On PS4, Dev Explains Unreal Engine 3 Modifications

"It's important that games have a stable, high frame rate so that gameplay appears smooth."

Bloodborne Director: ICO “Awoke Me to the Possibilities” of Games

Hidetaka Miyazaki pursued a career in game development after playing the classic adventure title.

RIDE Dev: DX12 Will Bring In Slight Benefit For Xbox One, Current API Already Has Some DX12 Features

But overall development pipeline for PC and Xbox One games will become more similar and tighter.

Bloodborne’s 1.02 Patch Goes Live, No More Item Duplication

No more item duplication for you, Mr Cheater.

Bloodborne: Here Is How You Can Save Your Life In The Game

Rate a message. Save a life.

Bloodborne: Here Is How You Can Beat The Game Quickly, 37 Minutes To Be Precise

Speedrunners are already breaking the game open.

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