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Sony Working To Integrate New Technologies in Game Demos, Developing New Firmware Concepts

Also looking to develop "tools and drivers for new peripherals on current and future platforms."

PS4/PC Open World Game H1Z1 Receives New Info, Dev Comments On Comparisons With DayZ

Also talks about servers, and answers frequently asked questions.

PS4 E3 2014 Lineup Is “Bonkers” – Insider

DriveClub gameplay could be showcased.

PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 First Screens, Introduces SHAREfactory And Allows HDCP To Be Turned Off

Sony introduces a whole new video editing suite for the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Sales at 7 Million Units Worldwide

Software sales cross 20.5 million units worldwide.

PS4/PC Zombie Sandbox Game H1Z1 Panoramic Screenshots Are Beautiful

Redditors find some hidden screenshots.

Sony’s New 4K Media Player Looks Like The PS4

It's a rip off.

Sony Trademarks “Couch Multiplayer”, “Social Virtual Reality”

And "Social Screen" and more.

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey: One of the Strangest Uses of The PS4 Camera You Will Ever See

Grande Games' André Noller talks development, concepts and the unorthodox nature of Cherry.

Sony Corporation Selling Square Enix Shares for 4.8 Billion Yen

SCE sells off more than 9.5 million shares in Final Fantasy developer/publisher.

Kodoku Runs At 1080p/60fps On PS4, “There Is So Much Memory To Use” – Dev

Cross Buy between the PS4/PS Vita is still to be decided.

Killzone Mercenary Gets Botzone

Play all eight maps offline.

PlayStation Now Loading Times Get A Significant Boost

It's a lot more tolerable than it was before, but still pretty damn bad.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Receives King of the Hill Mode

This new mode will "create chaos" in traditional matches.

PS4 UI Mock-up Screens Showcase Library, Games Folder and Necessary Features, Sony Should Take Note

Check out one user's idea of different tweaks the PS4 UI could have.

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