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Yet Another Advantage of PS4’s GDDR5 Memory: Allows High MP3 Bitrates & Less CPU Compression Cycles

Brett Paterson talks the advantages of faster memory bandwidth for reading and decompressing audio data.

Ninja Theory Explains Why Hellblade is Coming to PS4 First, No Update On Exclusivity Length

Product development manager Dominic Matthews says Hellblade will be "coming to consoles first on PlayStation".

More Servers Going Online For DriveClub, Connectivity Issues Should Go Down Further

At least the online slowly seems to be getting where it needs to be.

PS4’s 2.0 System Update Preview Trailer Released

Everybody likes a good update!

PS4’s Lack of Dedicated Audio Processor Compared To Xbox One Doesn’t Really Result In Limitations

Audiokinetic's Mike Drummelsmith speaks on the positives and negatives of a dedicated processor.

PS4 Exclusive Toren Can Make Your Wait For The Last Guardian A Little Easier

Travel to Swordtales' dark fantasy world in 2015.

PS4 System Update 2.0 Releasing on October 28th

Adds suggested players, new themes and much more.

PlayStation Experience Tickets Go On Sale October 24th

At least it's not a dubstep montage!

DriveClub Improving Connectivity, More Events to be Made Available

Connectivity steadily improving but more work to be done.

New LittleBigPlanet 3 Video Introduces Toggle

He can grow big and he can grow small.

DriveClub Server Issues Continue, No Concrete Info on PS Plus Edition

Evolution reports that connectivity issues persist during peak times of the day.

PlayStation Experience Event is “Unprecedented”

New opinions on the event come to light.

DriveClub: Majority of Players Now Able to Connect, Issues to Continue

Evolution is still hammering away on DriveClub's online problems.

Sony Details PS4 System Update 2.00

They've removed one feature from what they originally announced, but it's still a pretty substantial update.

NPD September 2014 Report: PS4 Leads Over Xbox One in Console Sales

PS4 sales in September triple that of August.

Destiny Currently Most Played PS4 Game, Breaks Sales Records for PSN

Ranks as number 1 for the store in nearly every sales category.

Futuridium Interview: ‘PS4 Simply Munched Through Anything We Threw At It’, An ‘Easy Win’

Mixed Bag Games' co-founder Mauro Fanelli talks about the power of the PS4.

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