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Loadout Review

Customize, then kill everyone.

PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons Receive New Details

Protectors, ritual masters and guard dogs ahoy.

Sony Refuses to Offer Refund for PlayStation Game Purchased by Hacker

That's not #4ThePlayers at all, Sony.

DriveClub Uses Real World Weather Physics, Weather Effects Compared With Forza Horizon 2

DriveClub is the epitome of weather simulation in video games. Find out more in our final verdict.

Xbox One Is The Most Searched Gaming Console of 2014 According To Google

The PS4 is nowhere to be seen in the top 10.

Celebrate 15 Years Of Havok Physics With This Detailed Infograph

The physics come to life, causing some Havok.

DriveClub’s Drift Event & Photo Post-Processing Issue Resolved, Server Upgrades Being Rolled Out

It seems that a future patch will be fixing a lot of issues in DriveClub.

PS4 Console Exclusive SOMA Currently Targeting 1080p/30fps, Devs Will Try Optimizing FPS Further

60fps may be a possibility but it won't make much difference for SOMA.

It’s Still Not Too Late To Get a PS4 20th Anniversary Console

It's contrived as heck, though.

The Order 1886 New Video Transmits A Public Police Broadcast

The Order 1886 gets an atmospheric trailer .

Will The PS4 Be Region Free Or Locked In China?

SCEJA Deputy President Oda Hiroyuki's response is confusing.

AMD Hints At New Game Console

Apparently, AMD has partnered with someone on a new console.

Sony’s Gio Corsi Discusses A Possible Shenmue HD

Maybe Sega could troll fans just like Square Enix did.

PS Vita Is Not Dead From A Developers Perspective, Lot of Devs Happy With Software Sales On It

"As a game developer it seems pretty healthy to me!"

Xbox One’s 2nd Year Will Be Full of Games, Xbox Event Before E3 Unlikely: Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg on what lies ahead for Xbox One.

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