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Sony President Andrew House Expresses His Views On The PlayStation 4

The big man himself has something to say.

PS4 JRPG Not Related to PS Experience, Microsoft Exec Addresses Claims of PS4 Bias at Game Awards

A couple of updates for the upcoming The Game Awards And PlayStation Experience.

Phil Spencer: PS4 Had A Great First Year

Nice to see some sportsmanship.

PS4 Will Be Launched And Sold By Same Company in China as Xbox One

The console war turns into console fraternity.

PS4 SDK 2.0 Unveiled, New Features Detailed

The new SDK opens up new doors for developers.

Sony Says There’s “No Evidence” That The PSN Was Hacked

There's "no evidence" of a hack, but act cautiously anyway.

PS4 Is The Best Place To Play This Holiday Season, Sony Says

Except, you know, it doesn't actually have a great many games worth playing.

The Order: 1886 Will Get A Brand New Demo At PlayStation Experience

Make or break time, Ready at Dawn.

Update 1.14 for Gran Turismo 6 Brings Community Features, New Cars, Updated Track, & More

Loads of new stuff, and all of it is free.

Never Alone PS4 Releasing on November 26th in Europe

The 2D title has been delayed by a week due to patch certification testing.

PS3 Receives Firmware Update 4.66 , Weighs 44 MB

Patch notes still to come.

Sony Bend Working On New AAA PS Vita Game

But I thought Sony said they wouldn't be putting any more AAA games on the Vita?

Sony Looking At Providing Smaller, More Frequent PS4 Updates

'We're looking at 2015.'

DriveClub update 1.07 is now out, adds Photo Mode

Plus a few new tracks.

PlayStation 4 Sells 1 Million Units in Germany

That's really impressive.

Driveclub Is Hitting Problems That Evolution Studios “Had Not Anticipated”

Problems that have arisen are crippling the games playability

PlayStation 4 Is Now One Year Old

Greatness still awaiting.

PSN Is Down For 6 Hours Today For Maintenance

All is as it was meant to be, remain calm.

Star Citizen Developer Says PS4 Is A Better Platform To Develop Games On

It looks as though Sony are making all the right moves.

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