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The Order: 1886 Graphics Engine Detailed

3D scanned textiles and more result in a very pretty title.

Pathologic Interview: An Enemy You Can’t Kill

Creative Director Alexandra Golubeva on why Ice-Pick Lodge are remaking Pathologic.

PS4’s Play Go System Is Broken And Sony Needs To Fix It

A rather annoying issue that Sony should look into.

Sony Shipped 6.4 Million PS4 Units in Last Quarter

147 million in game sales achieved along with a 16.8 percent increase in overall sales.

Sony Are Closing One Of Their PlayStation Chip Factories

Does the closure point towards a change in their business tactic?

Sony Sells Sony Online Entertainment, Developer Will Now Make Its Games Multiplat

Will now be called Daybreak Game Company.

These Are The First 18 Minutes of Bloodborne

May contain spoilers, proceed at your own risk.

Here’s TONS Of New Information on The Order 1866

Including some insight into the original conception of the game.

PlayStation Now Received Uncharted 2, God of War 2 HD and More

Several top notch titles join the PS Now library.

The Last Guardian Is Still Very Much In Development

I need this game, purely to satisfy my curiosity.

Stop Bashing The Order: 1886, It’s Getting Old

GamingBolt's Bill Smith on why you should reserve judgment on The Order: 1886.

The Order 1886: New Screen Shows Gorgeous Wide Open Level, Awesome Beware The Lyncan Poster Revealed

This is what they should have showcased last year.

Is This The Official Boxart for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End?

Going all Christopher Nolan on us.

PS4 GPU Optimization, DirectX 12, Xbox One Cloud To Be Detailed At GDC 2015

DirectX 12, the cloud, Project Morpheus, and more.

These Are The Games You Will Be Getting With PS+ In February

It's a good haul this month, guys.

Naughty Dog On Shipping A Polished Game: Downloading 20GB Patch Or Similar Is Not The Best Experience

"Is it a good experience when people get their disc and have to wait for a patch to download?"

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