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Sony Has Started R&D On Its Next Generation System

But the PS4 just came out...

You Can Watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference In Theaters Again This Year

As long as you are in the US or Canada, that is.

Bloodborne Patch 1.04 Releasing on May 25th

From Software's action RPG receives another update on Monday.

Bloodborne Expansion Announced, More Info “Later This Year”

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirms the DLC.

Sony North West Studio Established for “High Quality” Project Morpheus Games

Sony's plans for VR games on PS4 is already in motion.

Capcom Will Prioritize HD Remasters Going Forward

Because as we all know, Capcom has never been one to re-release games in the past.

New DriveClub Patch Raises Level Cap to 55

These patches are bigger than any single game in the DS library. Think about that.

PS4 And Xbox One are Beasts of Machines, Battle Will Be Won Through Content, Not Graphics

FuturLab's technical director gives his take on the differences between PS4 and Xbox One.

How Microsoft Can Bring Momentum Back to Xbox One at E3

Can Microsoft catch up to Sony's PS4 sales with a stellar E3 presentation?

Bloodborne Sales Surpassed Sony’s Expectations

Sony UK's Fergal Gara talks about the success of From Software's new IP.

Ex-Naughty Dog Dev Explains Why PS4/XB1 Will Never Achieve CGI Visuals, 4K Will Take Two Generations

"Trailers and feature-length movies simply have a much higher budget per second than what the full game can af...

Guerrilla’s PS4 Exclusive Launching In 2016, Sony Bend’s New Game Similar To The Last of Us

Insider information rolls out regarding Sony Bend and Guerrilla Games.

Sony E3 Press Conference at 6PM PST, June 15th

The major players at E3 2015 are finally set.

No Man’s Sky PS4 Could Get A Physical Release Alongside Digital Download

Sony UK Boss says the company could start releasing physical copies of other indie games as well, on a case by...

Sony Not Worried About PS4 Holiday Games Line-up

Sony UK's Fergal Gara talks about what's to come for consumers this year.

You Can Now Play The Last of Us: Left Behind Even If You Don’t Have The Base Game

Experience the emotional story of Ellie even if you haven't played through the main game yet.

Ratchet And Clank Movie and Game Delayed to 2016, But Have an Incredible Cast

Both, the game and the movie will be launching in 2016.

PS3 Was More Or Less Maxed Out With Uncharted 2; Naughty Dog Has a Very Talented Graphics Team

Filmic Worlds boss, John Hable also talks about the selection process at Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog: PS4 Has Allowed Us To Push The Scale of The Environment In Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog's Ricky Cambier talks about the hardware advantages of the PS4.

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