Ten Bad Habits That People Have Developed Playing Games Online

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Online gaming is the big advance that our current generation will be remembered for. It’s a practice that has been alive and well in the PC community for years, but the past few years have been the first time that console gamers have really gotten involved. Though this has opened up an avenue of gaming to a much wider audience, it also means said audience have begun to be affected by these new opportunities; and not always in a good way. Below are ten of the bad habits online gamers exhibit that really grind your gears. This list is in no particular order.

Stupid and inappropriate user names

A choice of nightmares it would seem

It’s a small thing, but altogether annoying regardless. When I first signed up to Xbox Live, I spent around half an hour searching for a user name. I got a pretty stupid one in the end, but I was fortunate enough to land a tag without a million numbers on the end of it and symbols replacing various letters. Worse than these hard to remember user names are ones that are just wrong. The amount of people I see playing Gears of War or Black Ops called “Mast$r Ch!ef 117 3117 n00b killr” is pretty absurd, and how many times are the guys called “Elite Sniper 82” really crap at sniping? Now if only I had a dime for everyone on Halo Reach who uses ODST as their call sign. Get some imagination people!


Seriously, do you really need rockets and the grenade launcher!? There’s only one of each on the map, and you think only you are masterful enough to wield them? So while mister rocket man rushes in to the enemy base to practically hand them both of these power weapons, us mere mortals are left with just a pistol and the clothes on our backs to get the job done with. You, mister rocket man, are a dick.


So we’re a few points down, fighting tooth and nail to claw back victory from the jaws of defeat. We have a strong defensive position, a good grouping going on, and enough power weapons to turn the tides in our favour. It’s not enough though. There’s always that one guy who thinks “oh well, we’re losing anyway,” and starts team killing in a bizarre attempt to satisfy his own pathetic ego. The big problem with this form of betrayal is that it becomes infectious. Rather than just letting the jerk kill enough until he gets booted, all the sane people on your team respond in kind, until pretty much your entire team gets kicked from the match. Thanks “jimmy prosaur 15268.” I hope you’re proud of yourself.

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  • I’ve realised that this whole article basically talks about XBOX gaming, more specifically Halo. If the title said “10 bad habits that people have developed playing on Halo” then it’s understandable. PC players don’t use headsets because we can type. That’s all I have to say.

  • Lol play PS3 online. Less racist young’ins who swear for fun and do this dumb stuff. I miss the Socom 2 glory days of online gaming!

  • OP is mad

  • Some of these are why I love the ability to file complaints against players. Team killing by accident or even just because your a dick isn’t cool but I usually let it slide, but team killing in order to steal my care package is cheating and I will file a complaint against someone who does it. And don’t get me started on ignorant racists, there are a few key words that if I hear in the right context I will immediately report a player for, people need to learn that that shit isn’t cool. Unfortunately the internet is populated by douche bags so a certain level of tolerance is necessary if you want to play games online but that “file a compliant” option is there for a reason so I use it.

    I must admit I am sometimes guilty of quitting early. Don’t get me wrong I can handle loosing as long as I had a good time doing it, but if I’m in a lobby with a team that’s spawn killing, teammates or even opponents that don’t care about the games objectives or simply players that just suck really hard I’m hittin’ the bricks. I play games online to have fun and if someone in the lobby I’m playing in is diminishing my ability to enjoy myself I’ll find somewhere else to play.

  • i could hardly read the entirety of each paragraph because of how all of this applies specifically to console shooters

    tea bagging? really? that came and went in counter strike over a decade ago, a juvenile fad that was old the second time you saw it..

  • You are so full of yourself, it’s amazing. You think you’re SO good at playing online that everyone else is inferior to you and should do what you say/do? Fuck off mate, you’re no god’s gift to online gaming. Get off that high horse and come back down to reality.

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  • you sir are a complaining little baby, if you cant handle it then maybe you shouldnt be playing at all; and getting mad at tea bagging???….dude really if you dont like it stop dying >:( haha or find the person who did it to you and do it back. altho i understand the team killing thing. Stop being such a whiney little pussy get over it. that is all goodbye 🙂


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