Ten Things We Want To See In Metal Gear Solid 5

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All of Hideo Kojima fans know that he is on to something big and we are all excited to hear what the next ‘Hideo Kojima Game’ will be. He has mentioned several times that he currently has two ideas, Metal Gear Solid 5 or a totally new project. But as far as I can say and given the number of times he has mentioned MGS last year, we can safely assume that Kojima Productions’ next game will be Metal Gear Solid 5.

If that happens, and we’re pretty sure it will, we want to see a few changes in the franchise. Therefore, we present to you 10 things we want to see in Metal Gear Solid 5.

10. Bigger and better boss fights

Yes we need scary bosses in Metal Gear Solid 5

The boss fights in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater are the best in the entire franchise. Some of the boss fights took me close to 3-4 hours, specially the fight with a 100 year old sniper, The End. The fights with The Fear and the walk through while facing The Sorrow were amazing experiences and it all got summed up by the awe inspiring final fight against The Boss. Unfortunately these qualities were lacking in Guns of the Patriots.  No doubt that the boss fights is MGS4 were great, but Snakehound Units pale in the comparison to the Cobra Unit. We want Kojima Productions to take a hard look at the boss fights and bring in some crazy enemies in Metal Gear Solid 5, whilst making them a bit longer and challenging.

9. Reduce the difficulty level

The difficulty level of Peace Walker was insane

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is easily one of the best games on the PlayStation Portable and one of the toughest too. The campaign is insanely difficult and it can take you around 20-30 hours to complete it, even on normal mode. I hope the development team will not be carrying the same sensibilities in to Metal Gear Solid 5 otherwise it could potentially spoil the experience. We’re not saying we want the game to be totally “casualized.” We do want the game to be challenging, but not so much as to make us go completely crazy.

8. Remove co-op dependencies

Co-op may make an appearance in MGS5, but we hope it does not become almost a compulsion at some points.

Finishing Peace Walker was a big pain. Some sections are so frustrating that it is almost impossible to get through without a buddy. Now I am not sure whether there will be a co-op feature in MGS5, but if there is I hope Kojima Productions won’t be making it compulsory for some sections in the game.

7. A less confused plot

MGS2 was an AAA experience, but its overly convoluted plot made me feel like banging my head against an iron wall.

Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots are far too complex as far as plot lines are concerned. Especially Sons of Liberty, where I think some of the fan following was lost by the introduction of Raiden and a mumbo-jumbo story about the digital age. Guns of the Patriots had cutscenes which were long enough to be classified as a full featured movie, not to mention the last one which was almost ran close to two hours.  We want Metal Gear Solid 5 to be simple and sweet, more on terms with the Bad Guy versus the Good Guy philosophy.  If you come to think, MGS1 and MGS3 had simple plotlines where it was Snake versus Liquid or the Boss versus Naked Snake, and they never felt too simplistic. Keep it simple and I am sure more audiences will usher in.

6. Make the main lead acrobatic

Well not as athletic as this guy... but a bit as much.

Did you guys ever notice that navigating the main lead in franchise is like driving a truck? Be it Snake or Big Boss, these guys can’t even jump properly. At least Raiden was able to perform those side kicks in MGS2. But yes, MGS heroes are not known to be acrobatic compared to their enemy counterparts. I am not expecting the protagonist in MGS5 to be as agile as Mr. Drake, but still basic actions like jumping, rolling, CQC etc should feel a bit more natural . Right now our heroes look like a controlled robot.

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  • You’re no MGS fan those suggestions are awful, the comic style cutscenes suck, foxhound and dead cell are miles ahead of the cobra unit.

  • Hm

    I’d prefer them to start from scratch with a whole new franchise, story and character that reinvents the stealth genre again, taking advantage of new technologies and trimming the convoluted storylines and cut sequences down to an absolute minimum.

  • asd

    I could see MGS5 being either an Gray Fox game taking place in the late 90s or perhaps as The Boss during/after WW2. I disagree with your point on Snake vs Big Boss though, as I think Big Boss was pictured too weak in MG1/2. I mean, seriously… Sure he was 61/65 years old but as Solid Snake was his embodiment only, with far less techniques to utilize and not as good a mindset, I’d rather see a BBvsSnake person to person, if it’ll ever happen.

  • End of first point: “whilst making (the boss fights) a bit longer and challenging.” Entire second point: “Make the game easier.” Uhhhhhh . . .

  • well I kinda agree with the difficulty levels of peace walker. It was totally insane

  • 11. Remove melodramatic nonsensical Japanese story writing.

    Seriously, “Metal Gear Solid 4” was ridiculous. You had this hated-by-all bumbling dope running around going diarrhea poop everywhere then magically, with almost no story development, turned into super stud and started making out with the heroine at the end of the game.

    The whole story was so erratic and silly I started skipping the cutscenes to just move on to the action.

    • Jay

      No story development? Honestly, you’re a fool that couldn’t follow MGS 4’s story development or just not a fan of the entire series, but rather just played MGS 4. The whole situation with Akiba was clearly explained, and these are things that MGS fans come to expect from the franchise and what we’ve grown to love as well. The story is what makes the MGS series such a great series, but you seem to only like the gameplay. Thats fine, but don’t trash something you’ve no idea about.

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  • MGS5 should be a mgs, and mgs2 remake? WHAT ARE YOU “·$%! THINKING?

    let them do whatever the want to do, they know how to do it. YOU DONT, thats why you dont work with them, and i hope you never do, so u wont come with your mediocre ideas

    • No dude, he clearly said a “metal gear 1 and 2 remake” You are thinking about mgS series.

  • let them do whatever the want to do, they know how to do it. YOU DONT, thats why you dont work with them, and i hope you never do, so u wont come with your mediocre ideas

  • Well after reading so many articles on this site I have to say I am no longer surprised that this would be awful and missing the point. I think I lol’d hardest when I read that you want a less confused plot.

    THATS THE WHOLE POINT. It’s supposed to be confusing because MGS is sprinkled with little mysteries and plots twists at every turn. That’s part of the experience and is what gives Metal Gear part of its charm.

  • who ever wrote this article does not understand the whole meaning of the character or the game. this is an insult to the MGS Series, dont know who this article actually got post it. should be ashamed who ever wrote this.. and pls play the game first before writing something about it.. thanks

  • The mgs franchise is great on its own. Some of these suggestions make me feel like you never appreciated mgs for itself. If I wanted an platformer I’d play Uncharted. Snake doesn’t need to scale buildings. And as for peace walker being hard…well, maybe you should stick to rts or something. I find a difficult game to be challenging, it is what makes you want to play. Kojima is a genius and these suggestions are very belittling of his work.

  • i thnk sum of those points r really valid. In mgs (ps1) the plot was spot on, had basic nano machine stuff and portrayd a slightly more advance futuristic setting. The introduction of foxdie blew me away! In mgs2(ps2) the plot was 1ce again brilliant, but i would hav wantd sumthng more unique than the solid snake simulation aspect(it was as though there was no new ideas. There’s so much similarities between the two). As for mgs3…wow, amazing game! Mgs 4 was abit of a downer, seeing that it took place in such an overly futuristic setting. The focus around nanomachines was abit farfetchd, vamp being ‘immortal’ and yet snake has to die. Im supprizd thrz no nanos to suppress aging! The beauties could hav been excluded with their o so similar bckgrounds, and instead of them, we could hav playd wth snake as he tracks down and dismantle metal gears (or could we maybe see a prequel to mgs 4 in a new mgs surrounding philanthropy). Mgs4 served as being VERY substantial! The cutscenes were amazing(i dont mind the long cutscenes…infact, i wishd thr was an option to watch the cutscenes) sorry for long reply, but im a huge mgs fan!

  • P_V

    The only point I agree with is playing as Gray Fox
    Ever since I saw him for the first time while playing MGS1, I’ve wanted a game dedicated to him. One that started off pre-cyborg ninja-isation and finished with his battle against Rex would be awesome. Once that is done, the Metal Gear series will be complete in my eyes

  • rak33n

    yes co-op is a big must ! i wish it was in mgs4 but other than that it was good


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