The Elder Scrolls 6: 15 Things We Don’t Want To See In The Sequel

Can the developers of Skyrim up their game to a new generation of gamers?

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Bethesda Game Studios, the developers of The Elder Scrolls series have created a fantastic, fantasy, action RPG series that breathed life into an other wise overused genre. From lizard men to cat people, even humans and dark elves, The Elder Scrolls lets the player express his or her inner role and become what has always been dreamed of.

Oblivion on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 for its time was mind blowing. A great land, deep in mystery and intrigue. Guilds and secret wars aplenty, greed and honor among thieves thrived throughout Cyrodiil. Beautiful and loaded with massive set pieces, Oblivion showed us how far games had come and tested our might to see how much we could handle.

Skyrim on said systems went even further than Oblivion. Shrouded in deep history about dragons once ruling the land: That time had once again come. And it was up to the Dragonborn to stop the evil from taking over the land of Skyrim. Dungeons were bigger, the land was more lush and powers, guilds, abilities, weapons and stories were all fleshed out much more. Gathering the power of the Dragonborn and using shouts brought a whole new level of insight into Skyrim again and reinventing what ground was already laid down from previous entries.

With a new, single player Elder Scrolls probably in the works, we’re going to take a look at 15 things we don’t want to see in the next game in the award winning series.

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Monotone Quests

Not all, but many of Skyrim’s missions were often lagging behind those found in Oblivion. Where Oblivion had long, varied quests, Skyrim went the route of long and pretty much the same. Many of the quests felt similar to the last. With Elder Scrolls 6 we’d like to see more variety in missions. Instead of “go get this and bring it back,” we want, “go get this. Bring it to her. Transform into this to be able to reach that.” This could potentially sprout a new experience from the old repetitive mission focus.

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  • somesome11

    Nope, right off the bat I dislike your first point. There were “too many abilities”? Yes, that’s totally what makes a game with hundreds of playing hours fun: lack of options and upgrades. And having a companion was bad somehow? What?! Heck no, Skyrim was awesome minus some glitches, they just need to update it graphically, have even more fun and unique quests (like the brotherhood), less repeating lines (arrow in the knee), and they’ll be golden. I don’t want them to turn it into Dragon Age 2, where the combat was decent but everything else was terrible.

  • JustAnother

    Simpler combat!?
    I’d have to disagree there. Combat needs to be more varied but more easy to pull off, more beefy, more balanced, more fun. Maybe Dark Souls without the incessant dying?

    Guys, keep a single page view. It’s just so much easier to read…

  • Doug

    I hope Bethesda largely ignores this guy. He needs to stop acting as though he’s speaking for more than himself and a few weirdo’s who want.. simpler combat?? HAH

    Has this guy really even played an ES game before? What makes you think dragons are going to be in the next game? Who in their right mind says “take notes from Elder Scrolls Online”?? Good grief man. I can’t even comment on a few things I agreed with because the stuff I didn’t agree with were… bad. Bad ideas that would be met with disdain from the vast majority of the ES community.

    BTW, menu’s were only bad on consoles because PC had mods…

    • Rasmus Lindegaard

      That is to say, the Vanilla Menu’s were bad.
      (because they really were)

  • Admirateur

    yea I’m not going to click for 15 pages.

  • punishmentCode

    “Glitches and Bugs” I can agree with, Skyrim could be incredibility buggy at certain points, and with quite a few quest breaking glitches that could be infuriating. Especially for console players who can’t use mod/console commands to fix it. Everything else….eh

    For one you can’t ask for a bigger world and “demand” shorter loading times, that’s not how that works…

    “take notes from elder scrolls online”….? No thanks.

  • Fear Monkey

    I started to disagree with just about every single thing listed and then stopped, realizing the article’s author doesnt seem to want a TES game to be a TES game, but more like a Bioware game or a Fable game.. You seem to clamor more for simpler gameplay and combat, simpler interface, Simpler ability choices…yuck… (You must be a console guy)

    I hope they don’t change as I love the style of gameplay they have. Simpler combat would be a disaster, the game’s combat is already simplified compared to Oblivion and Morrowind. I like tons of abilities as that allows for me to customize my character. If you think Skyrim is complicated, you must have never spent time in more traditional open world RPG’s like Morrowind, The Gothic Series, Two Worlds, Risen series, Drakengard, etc.

    • JimTm

      Hey, I’m a console guy, and I don’t want anything to be simpler. Rather the other way around, more complex build of spells and combat, and way more things to explore. The things I love about TES is the freedom it gives the player. I love that you can become a vampire, a thief, mage or an assassin. (and so forth)
      One thing I do want is some variety in the gameworld. With loads of exploration to do.
      One thing that needs work is the user interface and the npc’s.

    • Fear Monkey

      I’m a mix of the two, I play PC and PS4 a ton equally right now, and favor one of the other depending on releases. Right now PS4 is getting all the love 🙂

      It’s funny to read how people complain that Bethesda has dumbed down TES and Fallout yet this article wants it even more simplified and dumbed down.
      I completely agree with your assessment, the NPC AI is terrible, the animations are still stiff in Fallout 4. They need to fix that in the next release of TES. Smother more realistic characters and animations and much better AI for NPC’s.

      I have had several quests in Fallout 4 now where I had to follow an NPC and watch it get stuck going up a hill or behind an object. Sometimes I have reload and sometimes it fixes itself after waiting, kills the immersion.

    • JimTm

      Yeah I’d say I were a mix as well. I just react when I see that being a console user always has to be negative over the use of a gaming PC.

    • Fear Monkey

      Id say each has their benefits 🙂


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  • Rasmus Lindegaard

    It’s disturbing to see how the author takes the liberty to treat the
    game as a console game. It was out for console, yes, but unlike Batman
    Arkham Asylum, The Amazing Spider-man, and such, ES games are not
    Console Games ported to the PC.

    A huge part of these games is the ability to Mod the crap out of them.

    The ES series must NEVER become as the Author here seems to desire it.

    • Jonathan Lindsey

      Actually, Skyrim WAS a console game ported to PC, hence why we got the clunky menus.

    • Rasmus Lindegaard

      Nope. A PC game that was just måde for the console first.

      Perhpas that makes almost no sense, but my point is that no person in their right mind would play skyrim on PS or xbox given the choice of a powerful pc.

      Why? Mods.

      Enough said.

  • Jonathan Lindsey

    Author needs to put on his big girl panties and buy a PC. Not a single thing mentioned is a problem for a PC gamer. Poor consoles just aren’t made for handling a game like this, no matter how advanced the hardware.

  • Saama Sane

    this guys full of it, but i do think multiple regions would be great, and it’s very much possible. They’ve done the whole conitnent of tamriel in their early games, albeit when the games were much less advanced, they can do it

  • J. R. Tomlin

    None of those were what I thought was what needed work except for someone repetitive and lackluster quests (hardly unique to Skyrim admittedly). How about NPCs that don’t say the same thing over and over and over and over. If you’re going to put in marriage (fine with me) make them actually able to speak to each other. The same with children, if you have them there should be interactions and not the same 2 pieces of dialogue over and over. When an NPC has told you something they don’t have to repeat it ad nauseum. A little bit of character depth would be nice. Yeah, those things made me a bit crazy taking away from what was otherwise an absolutely fabulous game.

  • Carlos Danger

    “There were no twists and turns. Like, Oh no! That dragon I just killed was my father (makes sense since a Dragonborn has dragon blood inside them)!”

    Wow. Just wow. I never thought I’d have to explain this, but the dragon blood is a gift from Akatosh, you know, the dragon god. You really have no idea what you’re actually talking about. No one in the right mind should take you seriously. ESPECIALLY not the developers.

  • sublimetalmsg

    Simpler combat like…………Dragon age???? Just hold the button down and auto attack???? No thanks I like to feel like im battling monsters not holding a trigger down to turn a page.

  • David Alvarez

    This is a very trite attempt to get Bethesda to turn the Elder Scrolls into something the series was never meant to be. There is nothing wrong with being a casual gamer, but don’t use your journalistic soapbox to demand that Bethesda transform their games to suit such casual, non-rpg playing tastes.


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