The Elder Scrolls 6 Does Not Need To Be A ‘Skyrim 2’

Making a literal Skyrim 2 would be missing the point entirely.

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One of the common refrains in all of our coverage for The Elder Scrolls 6 on this site has been our insistence that it take from Skyrim. That makes sense, too- the fifth installment of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series remains the most popular, and is also perhaps the perfect representation of the symbiosis between depth and accessibility that Bethesda have been trying to achieve with their games. Their previous games could be daunting for newcomers, while something like Fallout 4 sacrifices too much nuance and depth for accessibility- it is barely an RPG at this point.

Skyrim, then, represents the perfect template for Bethesda to follow with The Elder Scrolls 6. But there are certain disclaimers that need to be made with any proclamation such as that- when we refer to an Elder Scrolls 6 as a Skyrim 2, we are not literally asking for a Skyrim 2, in that we’re not asking for a direct sequel, or a game set in the province of Skyrim, or continuing the story of Skyrim. Indeed, part of the charm of The Elder Scrolls games comes from being able to explore new areas in the land of Tamriel- a game returning to a province we have already explored would be missing a big part of the allure of Bethesda’s games, which is the ability to explore an all new world.

No, with The Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda must, by necessity, move beyond the frozen confines of Skyrim, and take us to a new area, perhaps one yet unexplored by any game in the series yet- what that may be remains to be seen (though the process of elimination leaves us with only a few likely candidates), but having The Elder Scrolls 6 be a literal Skyrim 2 would be a grave mistake.

Bethesda should, rather, look at everything Skyrim did well – its balance of nuance and accessibility, its wealth of well designed content, its incredible music and graphics, and its compelling atmosphere – and try to replicate that with their next game. Skyrim 2 is what they should aspire for- but only in spirit, not in name.

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  • Dustin Power

    The issue I have with Skyrim is the combat and difficulty.

    When you increase the difficulty setting the only changes that occur are the damage the enemies put out, which just makes the game more frustrating when you get one-shot by some mage that you didn’t see and didn’t have a chance to dodge; and the enemies get more health, which again, makes the game more frustrating. How many times should I have to hit a bandit in the face with a big sword before they die? The correct answer should be one or two, not twenty.

    Instead of increasing the numbers when the difficulty is increased, they should have the AI adjust to make groups of enemies work together by flanking or being more aggressive with their attacks.

    The skill tree could use work too. Instead of having a bunch of skills that again, just increase the numbers, skills should change how you play. For anyone who got into modding Skyrim, SkyRE did an excellent job of addressing this.

  • InPlushWeThrust

    Too bad Skyrim suffered from being dumbed down for consoles. Too many of the RPG aspects and functionality were removed to provide an easier console version.

    Things like the stripped down spell system, the horrible UI, etc.

  • One With Shadows

    Thus far two comments from two cry babies. I’ll not b*tch and moan about anything Bethesda does as their games are, without a doubt, the most economically friendly in all of gaming…not to mention a blast to play.

  • Sai Krishna Vajjala

    “Fallout 4 sacrifices too much nuance and depth for accessibility” – couldn’t have put it in better words.

    FO4 felt like devs sacrificed good questing for cheap accessibility things. In Skyrim, even though the game gives lot of freedom, it also has a sense of “progressiveness” in the map. For example, I first look at Riverwood, concentrate some time there or around, go to Whiterun, increase my knowledge of the world, get to know things from a stranger perspective, while giving me some caves around to explore and some good quests, characters like a warriors guild, bounty quests, a small taste of magic, an air of rebellion, showing the potential of blacksmithing. Each quest is well tailored, forget the bugs, but Skyrim balanced open-world design with “moving the player” in the world in incremental phases.

    In FO4, this was true until you meet Minutemen, save them, and then setup shop in Sanctuary. Once this is done, there are no quests or interesting side-story line to give me motivation to explore. for example, Skyrim, on one hand gives me a mystery of “being dragon-born” while giving me thrilling side-stories like Whiterun’s tree quest, warrior’s guild quests. civil war, among other things. These all give a “character” to the world. FO4 does not give this.

    FO4 tells you to explore on your own, without giving me any “thrilling” quests or “motivation”. Preston is supposed to be “WhiteRun’s Jarl”, “Warriors’ Guild’s Farkas”, and the “Settlement” – all in one. Also, sometimes, the quests he gives are so far away that your level does not even tend to match the place, and then it’s time bound. Besides, there is no “interesting side-story” or any thrill to explore – except for finding bandits, roaches and other stuff.

    FO4 forgot that you cannot make “exploring” itslef an adventure or a quest on its own, exploring should be part of an interesting quest. That might be OK for some,but that’s lazy design.

    And, I won’t even get to interesting characters until I reach Diamond City, which frankly at that point is very bad. Don’t even get me started on the main story. It’s not an unrealistic story, but its a story that we dont need to tell through a game or a movie.

  • William Bertram

    My two requests would be nice to have less fetch quests, and more dramatic interludes like the Season Unending (I think) quest with the peace council hearing at high Hrothgar. One other thing I’d like to see is a deeper exploration of the Daedra made possible. Some were fleshed out more than others, but like Molag Bal you just kill a guy and get the mace, and then a few NPC’s make comments about the mace and that’s it (unless I missed something). I thought there was a missed opportunity there when doing Dawnguard to have some special things happen if you had the mace, and had done the bidding of Molag Bal. Same with Meridia, it seemed like being all about justice, there might have been some special event for her followers in Civil war. Just my 2 cents, Skyrim was my 2nd favorite game ever and I enjoyed it for hundreds of hours, 10/10 in my book.

    • Katherine Dempsey

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