The Elder Scrolls 6: Is Bethesda Looking To Upgrade Its Engine?

It’s about time.

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Bethesda’s games truly play like nothing else on the market, presenting players with a world so interactive that it borders on being a full sandbox- and that comes down to their engine, that they have used for every single one of their games since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. 

Unfortunately, this same engine has also led to a lot of problems with Bethesda’s games, such as their general bugginess, as well as an identifiable lack of evolution in some key areas. Bethesda have claimed to have ‘updated’ their engine before the launch of a lot of their major games – Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 – they have ultimately just added nuts and bolts to the same core engine, leading to the same problems remaining across all their games, with the addition of new ones.

However, Bethesda may be looking at upgrading their engine for the speculated The Elder Scrolls 6 in earnest- at least, if this new job listing that they made is any indication. The new job listing is for their Montreal studio, and Bethesda are looking for an Engine Programmer. Among the responsibilities listed are “[working] closely with artists, lead engine programmers, designers and producers to implement and optimize game features,” “[planning] and [designing] code in collaboration with team members,” [providing] technical expertise to develop cutting-edge technologies to include: architecture, design, prototype, implement, test, debug, document, profile, maintain, and support,” and finally, of course, “[maintaining] existing systems,” indicating that the engine programmer will have to learn to work with the existing engine and work flow, too.

Could this be indicative of Bethesda looking to upgrade and overhaul their engine, though? It’s too early to get excited, particularly given just how many times we have all gone through this same song and dace routine before- however, a job listing like this indicates that a new engine, or an upgraded one, is on Bethesda’s mind, at any rate- and that can only be a good thing.

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  • red2k

    The engine is crap they need help. Look games like Farcry 4 or Primal they are miles ahead for TESO.

    • Adam Heritage

      You can also look at fallout 4 because that looks like crap to most games out there.

    • Brenda Myers

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    • leanton31

      Don’t forget The Witcher 3.

    • I think you’re confused since TESO was created by ZeniMax Online Studios and they used a heavily modified HeroEngine, the engine used in SWTOR. The regular Elder Scrolls and Fallout series was made by Bethesda Game Studios using the Creation Engine.

    • red2k

      Tanks for clarify it. I don’t play to much TESO because the game was awful and if Fallout use the engine that isn’t a good news too.

    • No, Fallout is not made with the same engine as TESO. I think your confusing Elder Scrolls Online with The Elder Scrolls which are different games entirely.

  • leanton31

    They need a new graphics engine period. A 5th “upgrade” in their engine is laughable.

  • TheCurzonian

    Yeah, that engine is over a decade old, and was used for like 5 or 6 games. Its about time they built a new, and better one, to make the next Elder Scrolls game awesome.

  • Love T

    I doubt they are working on a game engine whilst working on the game itself. They should be done on a separate timeline or by different teams (which Bathesda do no have the resources for). Some engines to consider for Bathesda would be Frostbite, Unity. They’re good for the open sandbox games. Licensing these game engines would probably be worth the investment IMO.

  • Aaron

    They Upgrade their existing engine one more time and I will refuse to play their new titles… Its old, and the graphics look dated on new games.


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