The Elder Scrolls 6 Is Not Coming Out Anytime Soon if Todd Howard’s Recent Statements Are Anything To Go By

Don’t get your hopes high, Elder Scrolls fans.

Posted By | On 13th, Mar. 2016 Under News


Within the past few weeks, Bethesda’s Todd Howard had made some comments about the projects that the company was working on. However Howard later on clarified that the comments he made might have been a bit premature and he realized that people might have read more into the matter than they should have.

Howard made it clear that while Bethesda is indeed working hard on a number of big projects, there isn’t exactly a timeframe as to when these big projects are going to be landing. That means for those who are are looking forward to the next Elder Scrolls game anytime soon should not get their hopes high. At the same time, those comments don’t put the game entirely out of reach when it comes to sometime in 2017.

Although Howard was pretty careful to make sure he didn’t actually spill the beans, it will not be a surprise if the next game is in active development right now, at least in some shape or form. Bethesda covered it’s tracks quite well when it came to Fallout 4. Perhaps Howard is putting up a smoke screen. We can only hope Elder Scrolls 6 is actually closer than it appears right now.

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  • Don

    Anybody expecting Elder Scrolls VI to release in 2016 doesn’t know Bethesda, lol.

  • Devin Lowe

    Another click-bait article.

    Linking to past articles that are equally source-less doesn’t make this article any more credible. Just another article pretending to give official information when NOTHING official has actually been announced.

    Then again, the total lack of credibility isn’t surprising.

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    • Thrawn05

      I’ll give them some credit though, they didn’t say “Skyrim 2” in the title. lol


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