The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2: Considering The Possibility Of Co-op And Multiplayer Mechanics

Would a multiplayer mode in a new Elder Scrolls game really be that bad?

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One of the many good things we can always say for Bethesda’s game releases is how they are always focused on their vision- they know what they are, and they never try to shoehorn needless elements just to ensure market appeal or popularity. For instance, in spite of a growing tendency towards the inclusion of a multiplayer mode in just about every major release these days, Bethesda has never yet capitulated and included multiplayer of any form in any of its game.

And yet the question of multiplayer of some sort in upcoming Bethesda releases is something that is worth considering. It’s too late now for Fallout 4, but let’s consider the next Elder Scrolls game- could it have a multiplayer mode of some sort? What does Bethesda stand to win or lose by doing something like this?

The arguments against having multiplayer modes of any kind are well documented: they take away resources that could go into making the single player mode even better, they are unnecessary and dilute the game’s focus, they are often shoehorned and compromise the game’s single player campaign- these are all complaints that have rightly been leveled at recent Bioware releases, for instance.

But could Bethesda make it work? I certainly think there is a chance that they could, and it wouldn’t require much reworking of their single player framework either. I see a form of co-op gameplay, featuring high level quests that function a bit like raids, with high leveled monsters at the end. Defeating these monsters and completing these quests gains participating players access to high level gear and loot that is otherwise harder to achieve in the single player mode (although still perfectly possible).

Essentially, think of it like a Bethesda take on the Monster Hunter or Destiny formula. I think that not only could it work, but it could also fix some longstanding issues in the Elder Scrolls series- the increasing trivialization of gear and loot, the scattershot combat mechanics, the lack of compelling sidequests. Something like this would include a form of multiplayer in Elder Scrolls, yes- but it will improve the overall experience for the players, instead of dragging it all down needlessly, as multiplayer modes in traditionally single player franchises are otherwise wont to do.

What do you think? Do you foresee a multiplayer mode of any kind in the next Elder Scrolls game? What would you want it to be like? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of The Elder Scrolls. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into the next The Elder Scrolls game, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • E Seminolus

    No way man! It already takes them 3-5 years to build us all an epic, can’t miss, single player experience. Let’s just leave it at that. And make it Elder Scrolls 6, not Skyrim 2. Nothing against Skyrim, but take us to another outstanding fictional land which we can explore for years.

    • Raza

      I’d love to see either Valenwood or The Summerset Isles.

    • E Seminolus

      I’ve always wondered what could be found in the Black Marsh…but it could be either one of your choices also, I’m sure I wouldn’t mind.

  • VenomSnake421

    Whats Skyrim 2? its not happening.

  • Haleos

    Skyrim 2? Never happen (thankfully). We’ll get another entry in the Elder Scrolls Series set in another providence. I personally hated the environment of Skyrim. I would prefer the Summerset Isles and that is where Bethesda seems to be going based on what happened in Skryrim. I doubt we’ll get Co-Op either I hate the idea that EVERY RPG needs it because it simply doesn’t. You got ESO that is their multiplayer right now.

    • Willian

      Coop isnt MMO!!! ESO is not what players think of when they think of Coop. ESO is an MMO, where the game is diluted to fit a world where everybody is the hero and u play alongside lots of people but not necessarily with them! CoOp is a situation where you could have a mate of urs being ur follower, perfectly fitting single player experience, think of Diablo 2.

    • Raza

      I rather liked Skyrim. But yeah, would definitely prefer it if they moved to another province.

  • Tristoni

    Elder scrolls online– Bethesda all over it, it’s an MMO…

    • Aaron Cochran

      I think if they did something like bloodbornes summon extra help and tips thing it wouldn’t detract from single player horribly but they would need to update the difficulty a bit to make such a thing have any value. As it stands now multilayer just adds no value to the franchise. I would liken it to reading a book or watching a movie rather than a heavy skill based game. And it’s perfectly fine the way it is. I still play and replay all of the bethesda games from time…just like revisiting a good ole book I haven’t read in a while.

  • Phydeux

    No! NO! NOOO!! There needs to be a few franchises out there that are never sullied by multiplayer. No matter how well-intended, multiplayer ALWAYS ruins a narrative game because you’re constantly having to play a balancing act between characters or else the storyline can’t move forward.

    Both players have to arrive at the same places to progress.
    Bosses have to be given new mechanics or higher stats to compensate for multiplayer that aren’t present in single player.
    Special “mini-raids” require more difficult enemies than you’d experience in single player.
    Multiplayer also breeds competition for loot that doesn’t exist in single player.
    Multiplayer also adds the potential for monetized gear and bonuses that wouldn’t exist in single player and only exist to create more revenue/profit for the publisher.

    But most of all, it takes away from the central drive to make YOUR player the best they can be in order to take on all comers in the game, and you have to start worrying about who is carrying whom through the rest of the game.

    Ultima was the grand-daddy of all RPGs and it was single player not only because of technical limitations, but also by design. When Ultima Online came out it had only the most superficial similarities to its progenitor series, and it has only strayed further as time has gone on. Now it’s an Ultima game in name only.

    • Willian

      nobody wants MULTI player elder scrolls. We want Co-Op. Up to… 2 or 3 mates join ur game, and thats it!

    • Phydeux

      How can you say co-op isn’t multi-player?

      More than one player is involved, therefore it is multiplayer.

      I guess reading comprehension wasn’t your strongest area in school.

    • Willian

      My point is in reference to the commonly idea that when people are saying that they dont wish for multiplayer they are normally thinking of a game where there are many players. Reason why i capitalized multi, trying to reinforce the meaning of MANY. The way I see an Elder Scrolls Coop would be similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, you can play with Tails on P2 and assist Sonic, but Tails is not the protagonist. This way I believe the single player game would no be affected. So not a full multiplayer game but yet something very enjoyable. And at the end, you can just play Sonic and it wont make a difference if u have someone playing Tails.

      And dont u have better things to do instead of insulting people?

    • Phydeux

      The difference is, Sonic co-op didn’t cause you to vie for resources and didn’t alter the game’s difficulty engine. So yes, the single player experience would definitely be altered significantly.

      And no, I don’t have anything better to do. 🙂 I can manage to do my job and insult you at the same time, and do both with excellence.

  • Luciano Romero

    ok, as you probably know if you’re reading this, skyrim has a lot of mods that includes a beta of a multiplayer mode. So i think that the next elder scrolls needs to be easy to mod and be easy (in theory) to create a co-op mode then leave the rest to the modders, wait until they create a good co-op mod, take it, improve it, and make a free oficial multiplayer DLC.

  • Willian

    I wish the next elderscrolls is set somewhere not in Skyrim and that the only multiplayer mode available is a Co-Op system that limits the number of people in the same game to… 3 or 4. The difficulty wouldnt be a problem as it can be adjusted just as easily as Skyrim’s difficulty system. I do not understand why Bethesda wasted time on ESO, and it makes people think that that’s the sort of multiplayer experience we are looking for.

  • Zac Haslop

    I’m a huge Bethesda fan, as gen Y I grew up with several computers and learned how to network from a young age. My experience thus bringing my opinion is that internet play is drab, boring and frustrating. This is why I assume that the majority deny Bethesda turning their epics into an OPTIONAL co-op. As others have mentioned the work can be done by the community. And honestly I am sick of the your the hero of the world, detracts from a realish fantasy experience. I want nothing more than to explore a world with a small party. Have a “Hero mode” and a “Hardcore mode” (an original bethseda mode and say a baldurs gate mode {-minus the dialogue box})

  • Rafoca

    Yes. It would renew the franchise. People that now have the idea would eventually embrace it.

    I’ve never played a game that was worse in co-op.

    And no one would be forced to play co-op anyway

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