The Elder Scrolls 6 Won’t Be At Bethesda’s E3 2017 Conference, And Here’s Why

It’s a long ways off.

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skyrim special edition

It’s been six years since Skyrim came out, so it would be fair to say that The Elder Scrolls fans aren’t being unreasonable when they clamour for a new game in the series, and for it to come out soon. However, Bethesda have made no efforts to hide the fact that they’re not even thinking about the game right now, that there’s so much else that they’re choosing to focus on instead. And that is exactly why we can all be almost completely certain that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be at Bethesda’s E3 showing later tonight.

Look, E3 is a time when we’re all allowed to dream more than just a little, and there’s no doubting that millions of us have been hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe, Bethesda will surprise everyone and talk about The Elder Scrolls 6 at that their presser, at least to some extent. However, there’s plenty that we already know they’re working on. They’re probably going to talk about Fallout 4 VR, they have to talk about Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. And then there’s Starfield, which is rumoured to be their new sci-fi IP, made in the vein of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. 

So yeah, it doesn’t look like Bethesda are going to talk about The Elder Scrolls 6. Chances are, they aren’t even too far ahead into the game’s development cycle right now, and the trend for Bethesda recently has been to only announce games just a few months before they’re actually launched, which makes it even harder for a potential Skyrim sequel to make it to E3 this year. We really, really hope we’re wrong, and that Bethesda do indeed pull a rabbit out of the hat- but it seems very unlikely.

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  • Wilhelm Felix

    1. It’s not even a “too soon game” .. dude … It’s been like 6 years going 7 already since Skyrim. Why would you think it’s a too soon game? Heck the game is past due.

    • Mark Johnson

      Agreed. It took them 4 years to release Oblivion after Morrowind and 5 years to release Skyrim after Oblivion. They are overdue, especially as a growing, goliath game team.

      They haven’t released a new Elder Scrolls title for this generation of game systems either.

    • Wilhelm Felix

      I agree and when they were working on oblivion they were also at the same time working already on Fallout 3 which released in 2008 ..

      So they probably are already finished with Elder Scrolls 6 .. develpoment probably started late 2012 — now 2017… Is the announce date .. Dec 2017 is release date .. or early 2018

    • Amberblee

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  • Mark Johnson

    They are not a small game company. You act like they cannot manage multiple projects at once…. Lol.

    Their last two major projects were 2 years ago (Fallout 4] and 6 years ago (Skyrim). Porting Skyrim over to the Switch will not be all on Bethesda; its just as much Nintendo’s responsibility to help with the ‘switch’ (pun intended.) It’s not like it took them too long to get Skyrim Remastered ready for the newer gens and PC… and it won’t be that hard to get it over to Nintendo Switch.

    With all these minor games Bethesda is working on, they have to already be working on Elder Scrolls 6, and if not, then they need to get started! It’s been 6 years! Skyrim came just 5 years after Oblivion’s release date, and look how spectacular that came out! 6 years is already way overdue for this growing game team. They are definitely going to announce TESVI.

  • jhopkins678

    Bethesda is becoming a joke, taking on s*** projects like elder scrolls online to fill the void of the slacking video game development progression. it doesnt take more than 8 years to develop the next game of a franchise, flat out I dont care how much of a high detailed game they want to develop. Even multi million dollar studios successfully pump out successful movie franchises every other few years. And making movies is MUCH more work than a damn video game. Bethesda is focusing more on trying to thicken their pockets with mediocre side projects than focusing on pumping out true, to the core projects. Bethesda will be gone soon if they keep this slow pace non sense up. Bank on it.

  • Shaun Strickland

    they already said elder scrolls 6 is years away one interview said it could be 2020 before we see it

  • Laura Bo Yoon

    They’re losing so many fans over this.


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