The Last of Us 2: 15 Things We Don’t Want To See In The Sequel

What we don’t want Naughty Dog to include in The Last of Us 2.

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I‘m going to make this perfectly clear at the very beginning (though I’m sure most people reading this have opted out of reading and went right for the comment section): These suggestions in NO WAY mean there is anything wrong with the original. These are simply opinions we believe fans would enjoy not seeing in the sequel.

Now that that’s out of the way, The Last of Us is considered one of the most beloved games of last gen. Receiving over 200 video game awards, several of which were the most coveted Game of the Year Award from across the internet, there’s no doubt that people believed in Naughty Dog and their pure vision of The Last of Us.

Here is our list of 15 things we don’t want to see in [the possibly in development] The Last of Us 2: Revenge of the Creepers! … Okay. I made that subtitle up.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization.

Same Characters

Both Joel and Ellie had phenomenal chemistry as a father/daughter relationship blossomed through their months on the road. And in turn on their own roads of who they were and what emotional barriers they were crossing in their lives. In the sequel we’d love to have new playable characters with a new, amazing story arc with emotional impact that those two gave us. Joel and Ellie’s story had a satisfactory ending and we wouldn’t want that tainted by bringing them back for more.

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  • Seeker

    Ellie is a big part of why LoU was so good. Wouldn’t make sense to leave her out.

  • Seeker

    I agree with some things on the list like a less linear game and longer playtime. But things like Ellie being a fierce shooter is not a problem. If you remember, she was raised in a military environment, so, of course she would have at least some knowledge on how to do these things. And I really don’t know many people who would want to see Ellie or Joel not in the game. You can add new playable characters, but taking these two out can backfire heavily if the newer characters aren’t loved as much. The things on this list are your opinions, and I respect them. But, I don’t agree with taking things out that made the game so lovable.

  • Daiquawan Pickard

    So basically… make an entirely seperate game, with different gameplay mechanics, and different characters, but slap on the title “the last of us 2”. You know what I want in the sequel? For it to actually be a sequel. Instead of a completely different game set in the same world. Maybe add in the ability to switch characters. As well as better bonus costumes for Joel. The only good Idea in this article was multiple endings based on your choices.

  • BritinBcn

    I want the game to be linear and straight forward with a moving story just like the original, for me it was a new and different experience because it was like a playable movie and it actually had a better story line than most zombie movies made. Your ideas change the whole essence of TLOU, I hope nuaghty dog sticks to the formsat they created in the first.

  • Drew

    This guy sounds like he wants to play Fallout 4. He should go do that.

  • Godzig Mcbane

    so go play fallout 4… sounds like that’s what you want to make it… fallout 4 (2)

    • Jovan SRB

      You mean something like a zombie mod for Fallout 4?

  • Jovan SRB

    I think Joel and Ellie should be protagonists in the last of us 2. It is THE LAST OF US 2, not a new game. And I’d like them to add a character switch feature. That’d be sooo good

  • Sean Stavnicky

    I disagree with most of this. Especially with changing characters. Throughout the game I have grown to care for Joel and Ellie. I feel like they are part of that game title now. Ellie especially has a lot of story left in her. It would be like taking Nathan out of Uncharted.

  • Ty Hale

    Mind as well turn it into a FP shooter

  • Thomas Hughes

    Who writes this stuff? The Last of Us was a masterpiece of a game. Gameplay, graphics and story telling just top notch. So why shake up a winning formula?

    The Last of Us 2 should follow on from the story with the same main characters, plenty of scope there and i’m sure a good writer will do it justice. Gameplay wise I only really expect minor changes(Maybe some improved movement, running climbing mechanics). Graphics wise Im not sure their is much that can be improved with the current PS4 hardware.

  • Empowered71

    I vehemently disagree. I absolutely want Joel and Ellie back. Matter of fact I could see them making Ellie the main char for the sequel and Joel taking a step back (on account of his age). I feel they need another time skip of a few years resulting in Ellie being fully grown. I want to see more of Ellie. To placate the Joel fans the could have a story DLC of What Joel did for the 20 years between the outbreak and his meeting Ellie. Also about your last point of Ellie having unrealistic skills. Remember from Left Behind that Ellie mentioning being trained by the military to be a soldier. Naturally everyone would be taught such important skills 1st aid and how to shoot.

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