The Order 1886 Dev “Just Have To Make A Better Game Next Time”

Ready at Dawn founder talks about doing better next time.

Posted By | On 23rd, Dec. 2015 Under News

The Order 1886

Ready at Dawn has had a rather off year – after the release of The Order: 1886, the game was criticized heavily for its highly linear story and minimal gameplay, especially with regards to its amazing visuals. Though sequels were planned for the franchise, these were subsequently cancelled.

Founder and chief technology officer Andrea Pessino isn’t too stressed though. Replying on Twitter after posting a video of him lifting some serious iron, Pessino said that with regards to showing it to reviewers, “I don’t think it would have made much of a difference…We just have to make a better game next time, and we will.”

It’s good to see Pessino take things in his stride and remaining positive heading into the New Year. Though The Order: 1886 didn’t live up to expectations and deserved all criticism leveled against it, Ready at Dawn still deserves some credit for accepting it and working to do better. What are your thoughts on The Order: 1886? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Rodney Patrick

    What I fine funny about the last part of this article is that how you gamingbolt! giving them a pass for making such a crab of a game.but as I recall how you all gamingbolt! Dog 343 halo collection edition for weeks about their matchmaking being broke at launch witch they have fixed a week or two after launch…..smh the fanboyism on this site is absolutely ridicules

  • XbotMK1

    The Order 1886 would’ve reviewed a lot better if it had a multiplayer, a few more hours of campaign content, collectibles, and more boss variety. The story, characters, atmosphere, and core gameplay were top notch. I also like how the game was directed at mature audiences will very believable violence and story telling.

    • Starman

      STFU !, the game was trash , and even the developer says so , but he’s wrong about his own game …. you are the fkn wose kind of Sony fangirl … Did I tell you to STFU ? If not …STFU !

    • seriously stfu

    • Jessica Terrell

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    • Michael

      Stop making excuses. The game just isn’t good. That 50% more power for ps4 has to show up sooner or later though, right….lol

    • Tech junkie

      They could release the original version of ET for atari on PS4 as an exclusive aND you would praise the game for how great it was.

      Take your meds

    • XbotMK1

      Ulike you, I don’t hate on a game just because it’s exclusive to a particular platform. I give my honest opinion on what I think about games.

      I’m more interested to see what the full game of Scalebound is about , above most other games on any platform next year.

      But my most anticipated game isn’t Uncharted 4, isn’t Halo Wars 2, isn’t The Last Guardian, isn’t Final Fantasy 15, isn’t The Division, isn’t Dark Souls 3, isn’t No Man’s Sky, and isn’t Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s this game made by an indie…

    • Tech junkie

      I’ve never hated a game based on its platform, you on the other hand have many times.

      Take your meds already

    • XbotMK1

      Yes you have and only a fanboy would be so upset with my comment.

    • Tech junkie

      Please show me where I hate a game simply because it’s on Playstation

    • leanton31

      So, basically what you are saying is that with 70% more content the game would have been better. What else is new. The problem is, that IF’s do not a good game make.

  • GHz

    I tried HARD to like this game. Cinematic experience was just not my thing. I rather actually play than be a spectator. That’s how I felt. My actual interaction with the game was very minimal. Great looking game though.

    • Anthony

      “I tried hard to like this game. Cinematic experience was just not my thing”

      lol You’re a hypocrite and a lying troll. You praised Ryse and Halo 5 which each had a five hour campaign with many cutscenes. You also praised Quantum Break which as alot of cutscenes and linear gameplay. Even though The Order 1886 had many beautiful cutscenes The Order 1886 is played more than watched. It has great 3rd person shooter gameplay and the quick time events brought the cutscenes to life.


    • GHz

      I don’t know why you’re taking my preference to heart . You’re such an incy bitsy emotional dude. So fickle. I like what I like, I dislike what I dislike. Halo 5 has GREAT single player campaign. Chuck full of goodies! Ryse was a great release title. Hordes of enemies on screen & plenty interaction moving the game forward 🙂 The order, not so much. All you get was to watch how pretty the game plays by itself. Why you mad?

    • Kinect

      He’s just pointing out your hypocrisy. You can’t bash The Order 1886 for cutscenes and cinematic experience, and then give Ryse a pass hypocrite. You’re a joke GHz

    • GHz

      Do you realize how weak & petty you sound? So if we all go by your dumb logic that’s based off your insecurities, I must be a hypocrite too for preferring Fritzl’s Lunch Box burgers over McDonalds. -___- Stop hating on pple because they have different taste than you.

    • Tech junkie

      Pretty safe to say you are a joke

    • lagann

      While I don’t know what GHz prefers….to compare The Order with Halo 5 is laughable.

      Please practice what you preach.

    • Kinect

      But he’s right. Halo 5 had a short repetitive campaign and used the same bosses just like The Order 1886.

    • lagann

      Sorry. Try again.

    • XbotMK1

      Oh, I get it. You’re in denial.

    • lagann

      Sure, if that’s what make you sleep at night…

  • lagann

    “Though The Order: 1886 didn’t live up to
    expectations and deserved all criticism leveled against it, Ready at
    Dawn still deserves some credit for accepting it and working to do

    Except….they really didn’t accept it in the beginning when the reviews started coming in. Did Gamingbolt miss how one of the devs threatened the media over the crappy reviews their game was getting? As far as I know, they never really issued an apology over the scandal, meaning that the whole team felt the same as the dev in question.

    • GHz

      I remember that one. Everyone had the same complaint. No gameplay. It was on big interactive movie, trying to be a traditional game. It seems that they finally got the interactive movie genre right though. Until Dawn had great reviews.

    • i purchased this game for 10 dollars yesterday. used. finished last night and traded it in today and bought just cause 3. the store dude laughed. i asked him why? he said that particular copy was sold and exchanged 40 times. wow. pretty soon no one will want it for free even. 🙁

  • i hope they commit seppuku with a butter knife before making another order 1886


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