The Order 1886 Dev On The Recent Review Score Misquote & Tech Limitations

“Never in a million years I would dare to say what the “appropriate” review score for our game should be.”

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The Order 1886 (4)

The Order: 1886 has been subject to much criticism regarding its gameplay length and replay value. The criticism is somewhat justified but we still think there is a solid shooter to be found in the game, specially for folks who are interested in cinematic games.

A few days ago, EuroGamer Italy published an interview with Ready At Dawn Studios’ founder and CTO Andrea Pessino. Unfortunately, Andrea’s statements about the game’s review score was misquoted by a few sites/forums. This resulted into players accusing Andrea of a statement that he actually never made. In order to further clarify the issues, Andrea took to his Twitter feed to state that he would never do such a thing.

“Never in a million years I would dare to say what the “appropriate” review score for our game should be,” he tweeted. It’s rather unfortunate that developers have to clarify something that they actually never stated in the first placed. Regardless, Andrea did the right thing by putting an end to this so called confusion.

If you have played through the game, you must have observed that Galahad does not cast a reflection on windows. This was something that was also pointed out by our tech analyst Bill Smith in his tech article for The Order: 1886. Andrea has clarified that this was a technical limitation. Given the game’s graphical prowess, I wonder why Ready At Dawn missed on such a minor detail.

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  • Starman

    You already did… sh*t bucket….

  • Guest

    Tech limitation? LOL! How weak the PS4 is.

    • Kayser

      not weaker than xbox one ?

    • Starman

      The game is running at 800p , 30fps with black bars , no real gameplay….. and you have the nerve to talk about power, you’re by far the most ignorant fanboy here ..if you know the true definition of “ignorant..

    • Blazin_28

      Think about this:

      Ryse developed by Crytek arguably one of the bes devs:
      1600×900 = 1,440,000 pixels @ 30fps on Xbox One

      The Order developed by R@D a moble devs first AAA game:
      1920×800 = 1,536,000 pixels @ 30fps on PS4

      Seems that the PS4 is more powerful when a moble dev can push more pixels and have better graphics then Crytek can produce.

      Also the black bars are to increase FOV and were a design choice.

    • Nathan O

      how much better do you think Ryse would look if it was released today with another full year and a half to work on it?

    • Guest

      Not much better. Seeing as how no other game on the X1 looks even close and the game pushed the system so hard, it keep dropping into the teens.

    • Guest

      You honestly think that buffoon understands arithmetic? All he undertstands is how to swing on MS’s nuts

    • bardock5151

      How do you think Ryse would have looked after a year and a half delay? Your argument is pretty much invalid.

      Should we compare Halo 4 to the first killzone?

    • Josh

      I had no idea the first KZ came out only a year before Halo 4…. mind is blown

    • bardock5151

      Kinda sad that you failed entirely to understand the point.

    • Josh

      I get your point, just saying your analogy was terrible

    • Blazin_28

      Halo has always been a crap game when it comes to graphics. I would bet KZSF looks better than Halo 5.

      Also Crytek is a large very experienced dev. If R@D had the number of employees Crytek has they probably wouldnt need to delay.

    • Psionicinversion

      and if they had more employees that could of done something more than just a glorified tech demo

    • Failz

      Dumbass, Ryse is a launch title developed with Kinect in mind. It was the best looking game for 2 years until now. Lets see how long The Order lasts with games like Star Citizen coming out soon.
      Those Black Bars closed your vision. Stupidest idea iv seen from a developer. Enjoy your mid 65 metacritic game. Those who cant play it arent missing out on much.

    • Blazin_28

      Black bars increased your FOV but you are obviously too stupid to understand what that means. Also metacritic has nothing to do with anything. We are talking about power here. Using the order and ryse as examples of each consoles power. Showing that a smaller less experienced dev was able to push more pixels and better visuals on PS4 than one of the best devs were able to create on the Xbox One. And yes i will enjoy the order over and over again because it is a great game. Critics dont get it right for everyone. Allot of people enjoyed Ryse and it scored 60 on metacritic

    • Failz

      You sound so stupid right now. Your comparing a launch title game that came out more then a year ago to a 2nd tier PS4 title… lol Any developer can make a good looking game especially including all the delays it took to get there.

      Those Black bars are the stuidest thing iv seen in gaming. You talk up resolution so much yet accept letter box games. Btw Crytec pushed there game to 4k. Please research before posting such rubbish.

    • Blazin_28

      4k on PC not Xbox One like we are talking about.

    • Failz

      Quote “Showing that a smaller less experienced dev was able to push more pixels and better visuals on PS4 than one of the best devs were able to create on the Xbox One.”

      1- Crytec are making games in 4k

      2- Ryse is a launch title game using Kinect

      3- The Order was delayed for more then a year

      4- Ryse was the best looking game for since 2013

    • Psionicinversion

      no it didnt, the black bars decreased your FOV… when your slammed up against a wall and cant see over it becuase of the black bars thats not increasing it its decreasing it

    • Blazin_28

      Your comment shows you dont know what a wide angle FOV is. They are giving you a wider FOV than your tv is wide. If they didnt have the black bars then you would just see less on the left and right. You would not get more on the top and bottom. What your talking about is how close the camera is to the character. They would need to zoom out to see more on top and bottom.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah I know they’ve gone for a 21:9 wide picture but still doesn’t help the game and you can’t say they’ve missed it. It can like 6 hours to beat it on easy so for QA they could of run through it countless times so its deliberate and is wrong for it

    • Blazin_28

      If they went full screen this is what you would see. Less on the sides and the same on the top and bottom. The black bars are not taking anything away from the image. The image is just wider than your tv is thats why there are black bars…

    • Egla

      Ryse does not run at 30 fps, not even close.

    • Guest

      Yeah and? How many games are 720p 30fps on the X1? And the systems continues to have inferior multiplats and crappy exclusives. So don’t talk to us about unimpressive. And you’re definitely the most ignorant fanboy here. You don’t even know the definition of ignorant.

    • Guest

      The game is running at a letterboxed version of 1080p and its got the same 1:1 pixel clarity and is a higher res than one of X1’s favorite res’es, 900p, it utilizes no upscaling and is by FAR the best looking game on either system thus far (so Infamous, KZ, DC and Ryse). So go crazy some more you obviously illiterate little fanboy twit. And p.s. you shouldn’t call anybody ignorant, when you’re as dumb as you are.

    • Failz

      Ryse on PC destroys the order so its not the best looking game on all formats.

    • Michael Norris

      Yea the Pc version may but not the Xbone version.

    • kreator

      X1 version kills it too!

    • Parhelion88

      This is entirely false. I own both Ryse on PC (on my gtx 970) and The Order on PS4.
      And The Order is clearly the better looking of the two, by far. Well, Ryse is more than a year older, so it’s to be expected.

      The Order will probably be trumped when Star Citizen is released, until then it is the unchallenged graphics champ

    • Psionicinversion

      Star citizen is like the holy Mecca of games and fan boys hate out because it will never be on there system. SC will be cpu and gpu heavy so there both knackered

    • TheFanboySlayer

      You fail…

    • Zarbor

      You must be blind. The game looks great. Doesn’t play great but you have got to be silly to even discuss the graphics of this game. Pick another topic son.

    • jayflow

      Ewwwww! You done messed up now! You talked about MSman…I mean Starman’s love toy!

    • kreator

      You mad crackhead?


      Weaker?! LOL…

      The Order 1886 have the best and the most photorealistic graphics of this whole gen easily, including your expensive PC…

    • bardock5151

      Ignoring the on the rails gameplay that others just don’t want to use. It’s pretty, but not all that impressive.


      With your commentary, it’s evident that you are just another hater who doesn’t played yet…


    • bardock5151

      And you’re just another fanboy who will hype Sony’s dog’s crap as the next best thing.



      The big difference between us is that i’m playing the game on PS4, and you are playing it on YouTube…


    • Ricoh123

      I feel bad for you.

      I have the best deal here.

      I’m not playing it at all.

    • Jecht_Sin

      You’re not playing anything at all and so you will do until Holiday 2015!! lol

    • Ricoh123

      Yea lol indeed.

      You might want to check the Xbox one exclusive list vs the ps4.

      Xbox one destroys the ps4 for triple a exclusive releases this year.

    • bardock5151

      Good to see you aren’t denying it. 🙂


      Same to you… LOL…

    • Jecht_Sin

      There are plenty of us who hate the “pew! pew! boom!” of all generic FPS. Still they get 8s and 9s as if it was raining and they sell millions.

      If you don’t like The Order’s genre simply don’t play it. But refrain from judging. If I had to give a score to any FPS it would be a 2. To all of them. Look:

      – Cheap game miserably lacking a 3rd person view mode
      – A retarded sequel of “shoot/run/shoot/run/throw a grenade”. Rise and repeat.

    • Psionicinversion

      And what’s the order? Run gun shoot grenade wait for the stupid cutscene to end or pass out with boredom then have to redo it when you miss a QTE. Hand holding 3rd person n00b view

      I’ll get the game off eBay or something for£20 will probably only have to wait 2-3weeks then I’m going play it hard and beat it in 7-8hours. Would be shorter but I’m not that good with controller. Going be easy because the AI won’t be that intelligent and doesn’t need good pathfinding because there’s no where to run in a corridor shooter

  • Starman

    Useless fanboys , still trying to justify their purchase (hoax) of false power … PATHETIC … no hope for you idiots .. and this go’s out to the the coward editor here at ‘GB’ , you know , the one who always hides behind “GUEST”
    When you can tell me of what origin “Mathematics” and or arithmetic’s originated .. then come talk to me know nothing of the numbers spoke by the idiot that spewed them out , nor does he ..
    Just like a Sony BUTT-BOY love to throw big numbers out there ..but the only ones that are impressed and mesmerized ,are kids and naive idiots like yourself.

    • Reed

      Unfortunately, that was too stupid to comprehend. I do believe I lost a few IQ points there, so thanks for that.

      Please try again.

  • PachterStation

    Most games don’t have any replay value, that’s been the case since gaming started. The Order was always going to have top graphics, that comes with the tech. Anybody who wasn’t convinced that it was going to be full of cut scenes and quick time events, it was basically a case of living in the clouds. Even before the reviews, it was Gear of War set in London with quick time events Shenmue style.

  • Manoj Varughese

    No matter what. I enjoyed the game to the core.

  • LarZen

    They day I stopped looking at scores and following reviewers recommendations was the day I started to experience more exciting games. Basically the day I stopped being a sheep.

    If I want to get some information about a game before buying today. I go to a streaming service and watch gameplay. And listen to the broadcaster and ask her/him what he thinks.

    Or talk to other like minded gamers in various settings.

    The year 2014/2015 is when the reviewer lost it’s weight and function. RIP the reviewer. Long live the gamers.

    • jayflow

      Great comment and great advice!

    • Manoj Varughese

      This needs serious applying by everyone.

    • Allah Akbar

      lol i dont listen to reviewers, bought the order 1886 and loved it. the downfall is its too short

    • Jessika S.

      Some game reviewers are so jaded from playing so many games and also having a time limit to playing a game so they can get the review out on time or earlier then other sites that little things become frustrating to them.

      At the end of the day it’s just some tired persons opinion of a game and it shouldn’t reflect the way you would feel about it.

    • seeafish

      Amen! Same here. Been a couple of years I’ve played some of the best games in my very long gaming life, and most of them were 6s and 7s, some even as low as 5s. Oddly enough, most 9s and 10s were just the same triple A drab and dribble.
      It’s illogical: why should I play a game based on other people’s experiences?! The Order could have had a deeper story, but I loved the guns, the seemless cut scene to gameplay, the acting was top notch and it was a good length IMHO. Any longer and I would’ve lost interest. Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my 100 hours plus in the Mass Effect universe. Horses for courses.
      We need to stop measuring all games against the same criteria and publishers should stop making decisions based on the hot air that comes out of metacritic. Finally, gamers should go back to the old days of playing again, deciding if they like it or hate it, and inform their friends.

  • Psionicinversion

    The PS4 is a technical limitation lol…. tehnical limitation, translation had no power left… qoute “just scratching the surface” lmao yeah of them excuses

  • oVg

    No reflection in the mirror? He says “I am already dead” in the first chapter.



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