The Order 1886 Director: People Looking for “Some Reason” to Hate Our Game

Dana Jan is excited for feedback from those who’ve played it though.

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The Order 1886

Ready At Dawn Studios’ The Order: 1886 isn’t even out yet and it’s garnering some mixed reactions. This is due to a recent YouTuber posting an entire walkthrough of the game which clocked in at roughly 6 hours (despite clearly rushing through it). Though analyst Michael Pachter believes it will be a success for the year, The Order: 1886 has still seemingly attracted a lot “haterade” according to director Dana Jan.

Speaking to Develop, Jan stated that, “We have this uncanny ‘haterade’ for our game no matter what. People are looking for something to throw at our game, some reason to hate it. I’m excited to hear what people who have actually played the game think about it, how do they feel about the quality and the quantity? I think by and large that most people are going to be satisfied.

Every high profile title, especially exclusives, are subject to scrutiny but Jan believes it’s even more audacious in this case. “It’s more just shocking that for a game that isn’t out yet, for a franchise that is brand new, the amount of negativity is just…

“I just feel like these days it’s so easy to be negative and I think the internet is the new playground for bullies. Who goes out of their way to really go and say something positive, right?

“If you go out to a restaurant and you have a good time, do you go online immediately to post something? But if you have a bad experience, you’ll jump on because you want to warn people about it right? It takes a lot more effort to say something nice than to say something negative, and I think people are excited to jump on some bandwagon of negativity.

“I don’t think people need to go out there and be unbiased supporters of our stuff or anything either. I want them to make up their own minds about the game period. It just seems like the pendulum swings the other way so frequently. I mean, we’ll see, right?”

The Order: 1886 is out on February 20th for PlayStation 4 so we’ll indeed find out for ourselves just how good or bad it is. Stay tuned in the coming days.

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  • Mark

    Well I understand RAD’s reaction to the criticisms. I mean these guys put alot of time into this game. Of course that hurts. But, here’s why people r going in on The Order;

    1) Alot of cutscenes….unskippable at that
    2) Which equals less actual gameplay
    3) No co-op or mp to experience with friends
    4) No Widescreen option, or setting for the black bars
    5) All in light of being delayed

    Those r valid concerns, and actually pretty much the same criticisms Ryse caught…..every game is under a microscope now. So many games since 8th gen launch have been chewed up. From Ryse, WatchDogs, to Destiny and Unity, all these studios got blasted. But for the most part, they sold well or great. All is not gloomy man.

    From the couple of chapters I saw, the story is intense, and brings up important questions about humans being irresponsible to their environment and each other. The end was awesome to me. Was gripping. Very much in paralell to Ryse. QTEs all the way baby! Lol.

    My opinion; if u PS4 owners have the dough, go buy it (CD), beat it, and trade it in for credit immediately. S’what I did with Ryse, and took a couple of memories with me from it. Enough to hope for a better sequel.

    • rodney patrick

      LMFAO,stop it just stop 59.99 for a game that one half is QTE the other half cut seen with a little gameplay in-between with no co op no multi player and only 5 to 7 hours long,at least ryse and watch dog has a multi player mode

    • Mark

      Well, that’s why I was saying they could buy The Order (on CD), beat it, and immediately trade it in for 20-30 dollars store credit on their next game. That way they’re only spending 30 beans on it. And that way they’ll know for themselves if the game’s good for them……again, for them.

    • Starman


    • Anders

      1-5 are all good things to have in game. But this is a different game and you can’t expect 1-5 to be in every game. This isn’t a game for players who need that no matter what. Those players should buy another game.

    • Starman

      Bruh ! the game under delivered , it’s too short for the price tag , controls are clunky .The graphics are nice but, not was was promised after the long delay of the game .

      “People should go buy another game” ???? really?

      Maybe you and a lot others need to stop CO-SIGNING their Crap …and maybe , just maybe you will finally get a decent game…

    • Mark

      My point is that since there’s a group of people on the fence about the game (I see this sentiment frequently), then I gave a solution to that group or person interested. If they buy The Order this way, they can enjoy it, without gettin hit too hard in the pocket.

      It’s just a way of saying people shouldn’t allow others to ruin their gaming hobby. I’m seeing alot of herd and sheep-like personalities around the net, parroting one another……and this is how I distance myself from them.

  • Anders

    Asking questions and being curious is completely fair. But don’t trash talk and hate on The Order if you don’t want what it has to offer. Just buy a another game.
    Complain after you have played if it is broken or if it didn’t deliver what they promised.


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