The Order 1886: New Screen Shows Gorgeous Wide Open Level, Awesome Beware The Lyncan Poster Revealed

This is what they should have showcased last year.

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The Order 1886

The Order: 1886 has been receiving a lot of negative press lately, which to an extent is justified. Sony and Ready At Dawn haven’t shown much of the game, except a few visually appealing but bland demonstrations. To top that, Sony’s marketing of the game is somewhat questionable. The game is less than a month away from launch and there is no justified hype surrounding the game.

However, during the on going Taipei Games show in Taiwan, Read At Dawn showcased a new demo that showcased for the first time, wide open levels. Now ‘this’ is something that they should have showcased long ago but they didn’t for some reason. Check out the screenshot below and it reminds us of the early concept art that was released when the game was first showing during E3 2013. If The Order: 1886 has more of these open level sections, that Ready at Dawn and The Order: 1886 have my attention. Let us hope the gameplay delivers at launch, since it does look to be a visually impressive masterpiece.

the order 1886

In related news, PlayStation Europe tweeted this amazing poster asking players to be beware of Lycans. As you can see it has that late 1800’s vibe and feel to it and it matches the theme of the game pretty well.

Bonus: In a recent trailer for The Order: 1886, we saw several weapons in action such as M2 “Falchion” auto-rifle, Three Crown and C-81 MaschinenPistole. However, it seems that Ready At Dawn Studios might have showed off a new weapon as well. Check out the GIF below, when Galahad goes through the tunnel. (GIF via NeoGaf user)

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  • sally345

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  • yardie

    we all know the gameplay is gonna suck 😛

    • kreator


    • Dadrixx

      Actually we don’t. All we have seen are the usual mechanics of the TPS genre, and it looks pretty solid overall. Nothing new indeed, but what it does, it seems to do it well.

      Funny how some people bash this game without any argument.
      “The gameplay is bad” Have you actually played it ? If no, great point bro.
      If you did, how is it so bad ? What are the problems ?

    • Adrian

      yeah it won’t stop me from buying this game as I already Pre-Ordered it

    • bruce livingston

      Pay no mind, sounds like an insecure xbox fanboy.

    • Amith Thomas

      True, we don’t know it sucks.
      However, we do know that the gameplay in the demo was rather shallow, and that the gameplay design is very… well, not nice. It’s the COD campaign way of doing things. The same design philosophy ruined CODs campaigns, as well as BF3 and BF4, remember that.

      I enjoyed the 30 minute demo they showed.. I don’t own a PS4, but any AAA exclusive excites me a lot, and I might end up playing with a friend.

      2 possible problems for me, from what I’ve seen :

      – Core gameplay is very basic, and nothing else. This means no other mechanics other than shooting and moving. If this is the case, the shooting would need incredible depth, but that’s not something you’re likely to have.

    • Dadrixx

      FINALLY someone who has arguments. Thank you.

      All the things you said are legit reasons to be worried, but the thing is RaD hasn’t shown much, so they wouldn’t spoil anything. We already know there will be gunfights, and infiltration. Now will we have a choice, like in TLOU for example ? We don’t know.

      From what I’ve seen, QTE during melee combat is only used for a more “cinematic” feel, for screenplay. Why not, if it’s not used too much. As for the rest, melee combat look a lot like Watch Dogs.
      – Get close enough
      – Press a button
      – There ya go

      Once again, about player freedom, we haven’t seen it yet, but it seems there is some. RaD always said there would be open spaces, and that the game wasn’t only a 12 hour corridor, it wasn’t THAT linear. Sadly, they didn’t really show it, but that screenshot seem to confirm it. I really hope there will be more. Because it’s still not much.

      I do hope too we will have other things to do than just walking/running/hitting/shooting. Some crafting would be neat, and I would love an actual reason to think “Hey, I should go explore this place, even though I don’t have to”.

      Personnally, I won’t mind if the final game looks like Heavy Rain with more gameplay, but I’d rather have something closer to TLOU or Uncharted, for that matter.
      But then again, I’m already sold for the setting, the lore, the characters, the guns and the music. Anything else will be a nice plus, but I won’t mind too much if that’s all there is.

      RaD never hid anything, they stated from the very beginning that they wanted to make a “cinematic” experience, quite close to Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls, and so far they seem to have delivered on that, and there is much more gameplay, gunfights, etc…
      But we don’t really know how close to these games it will be, based on the little they showed.

      So in conclusion, don’t pre-order it, except if you’re already hyped by what we’ve seen : a linear cinematic experience.
      But let’s not just bash it, saying it’s going to suck (I’m not pointing at you, I’m saying in general). We might me pleasantly surprised.

    • SoSkandalus

      lol wide open. its a f n street. i bet we wont even get reviews for this game until a week later. sorry sony, not falling for your ”amaaaazing screen shot” propaganda this time.

    • DarthDiggler


      I agree I think a street corner stretches the definition of “open level”.

      What makes you think that Sony will embargo the reviews for this game for a week after it is released? Is this just a manifestation of your obvious anti-PlayStation musings? In all honesty I don’t think Sony even has a history of draconian embargo practices.

      The screens for this game do look great, if the gun play is decent and the narrative adequate, it could be a great title.

      Curious if this game was to come to PC or Xbox would you feel the same way? 🙂

    • DarthDiggler


      Biased much? 🙂

    • Dave C

      I know it will because QTEs suck and this game is filled with them.

    • rudero

      *goes back to cod pulling the right trigger for four hours

    • Dadrixx

      From the little we’ve seen, you already know the game will be full of QTEs ?
      How do you do ? A crystal ball ? Cards maybe ? Teach me master

    • yardie

      came back to say “we told you so”

  • DarthDiggler

    The Order: 1886 has been receiving a lot of negative press lately, which
    to an extent is justified. Sony and Ready At Dawn haven’t shown much of
    the game, except a few visually appealing but bland demonstrations.

    It’s not really justified to declare a game an utter failure over 30 minutes of gameplay (which is about the sum total anyone who has demoed the game has seen). Previews shouldn’t be treated like reviews and should be prefaced with the phrase “this is a work in progress”.

    However, during the on going Taipei Games show in Taiwan, Read At Dawn
    showcased a new demo that showcased for the first time, wide open
    levels. Now ‘this’ is something that they should have showcased long ago
    but they didn’t for some reason.

    Perhaps they weren’t ready to show that level. More “open” levels likely stress the engine a bit more which means they likely needed to dedicate more resources to make sure it was all up to snuff.

    I have this game on pre-order because I am a fan of the Studio. Ready At Dawn does quality work and The Order really showcases a great deal of maturity at the studio. Do I expect it to be the best game ever made? No, but given what I have seen I have played FAR worse.

    How about we let the game release before we review it? That way people will have an actual informed opinion instead of making assumptions that the entire game will be exactly like the scant bit of gameplay we have seen.

    • Kevin Malone

      Pretty sure nobody every said the words “utter failure”, but thanks for the hyperbole.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      Most likely didn’t show much because they didn’t wanna spoil the game, gamers as well as reviewers have only gotten less smart as time has passed, like honestly I wished they didn’t show anything else, I wanna be surprised when I play it for the first time, I don’t wanna go into a game knowing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about it, it seems like everyone wants to know everything before a game gets released…which is really dumb.


      And that is your opinion. Video gamers as a whole are getting smarter since the years before. Especially since they have to decide whether or not they are getting completely lied to before a games’ release. If I didn’t want to know anything about a game that I wanted to buy……….I would not be on sites explaining most things about the game before launch and before I played it.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      nah…look at what games are now, if you were to take todays “gamer” and give him a game from the PS1-PS2 era, they would struggle, games today are really easy compared to what they were, givin a few exceptions, but still, people are more impatient and seemingly too stupid to realize that they’re ruining something for themselves..and I would have to disagree with the idea that “gamers” are getting “smarter”, people are only getting more arrogant, but thats about it, more entitled, sure, but I haven’t seen a real increase in brains around the gaming community…but hey, games are super dumbed-down now, so I can’t blame people for not really being capable of using their heads. :/


      Because some games are easier…….I’ll give that to you, but other than that no I do not agree.

      All in all we are gamers and if you prefer to be called stupid, or less than people were considered mentally years ago then that is a choice you have made. I personally feel smarter as I have decided years ago to forego a prebuilt computer and build me own ever since. Every build has been a learning experience and I’ve always tried for doing most things to the best of my abilities.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      yeah but that has nothing to do with what I initially said or what I said just before your recent comment….I built a PC as well, its interesting and great, but when it comes down to all those other things I mentioned, gamers are as ignorant as ever :

    • Thad Vanity

      Speak for yourself….Most people are getting smarter.

    • Mike

      No, no they aren’t

    • Thad Vanity

      Flynn Effect.

      Maybe your not part of “most people” after all…..


  • andy

    “The Order: 1886 has been receiving a lot of negative press lately”.
    No not really, the last 2 months it has been receiving anything BUT negative press after a lot of big time journalists played the recent build. In fact that opening sentence is the first negative press I have seen lately. Good job Gamingbolt.

  • WellWisher

    Typical Brit in that top screenshot. Massive monster grabs ahold of his weapon and his expression says: ‘oh bother’.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    I will buy it day one. Then I will decide for myself how good or bad the game is. The heck, if I have the money, I will take that risk. I am pretty sure it won’t be a masterpiece or a disappointing game.

  • Mark

    Darn, finally some refreshing “open-ness” here. If nothing else, The Order looks close to being CGI level, very impressive. Hopefully PS4 owners have some fun with it.


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