The Phantom Pain ARG Video: More Evidence of MGS Ground Zeroes Connection

More weirdness but a quick screen showcases what the Phantom Pain really is.

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If you had doubted that The Phantom Pain, teased by Moby Dick Studios and relating to Metal Gear Solid via an odd campaign of marketing and the original owner (who looked like Kojima with a wig and mustache) dying and suddenly resurfacing with his face wrapped in bandages…then doubt no more!

A new ARG video for The Phantom Pain was uploaded and while it didn’t contain much aside from an odd laboratory with lots of beeping (which may have been Morse Code or something, who knows), you can spot this little screen if you pay attention.

This can be seen in the initial reveal trailer for Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. And that too, quite prominently.

The Phantom Pain

A closer look at the still from the ARG video indicates that the Phantom Pain is a VR Program and that is for “treatment of neurological damage sustained in combat situations”, “treatment of combat related stress” and “enhancement of combat ability following impairment”.

Perhaps this has something to do with the boy seen in the initial trailer?

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  • their marketing is only confusing me and making me lose interest once again bombardment of rumors and half truths are a real turn off so much going on i cant follow ill just wait till the games are released.

    • So, by being vague and making an ARG and being teasy….You lose interest?…

      Your bloody loss on being immature while everyone else is having fun over it. They’re developing it and want to tease the FANS of the game, you clearly aren’t a fan if you just ‘lose interest’ like this.

  • Erimgard

    For the record, that IS Morse Code, and it translates to:



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