The PS4 Was The Lead Platform for Just Cause 3

That doesn’t mean the Xbox One or PC were afterthoughts, though.

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just cause 3

Every game, even if it is multiplatform, is usually built with one platform in mind- the lead platform, so to speak. And each generation, that platform happens to be the console that is easiest to develop for, or the console that has the widest reach (more often than not, those two factors coincide).

So really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that Avalanche Studios’ great looking Just Cause 3 was built with the PlayStation 4 in mind- the developers confirmed that to VG247 Italy today in an interview at Gamescom.

As they were quick to point out, however, this does not mean that the Xbox One or PC were afterthoughts- but just that the target spec for the game was the PlayStation 4, with appropriate adjustments being made to it to make sure it runs fine on the Xbox One and PC as well.

I mean, most games are built with the PS4 in mind these days, so that’s not really much of a shock. Still, it’s not often that a developer outright admits it, so this was an interesting admission, to say the least.

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  • kma99

    Ahh no most games are built with the computer in mind. Do they pay these journalist to be stupid.

    • Marcusi23

      who told you that most games built are with computer in mind that is false. mainly every AAA title are built with console in mind. why do you think either the pc port is kinda bad or the pc port is months behind the console release date. many devs are trying to get away from the pc because so much pirating. Pirating is one of the main reasons why games aren’t built with pc in mind.

    • kma99

      These companies don’t build their games off the ps4. Both consoles are using the same architecture as what the pc has been using x86. So you mean to tell me these companies are going to go away from what they have been doing just to develop for the ps4? Get outta here.

    • Marcusi23

      ok i don’t think you know what they mean about 1 platform in mind. The games are being developed on a pc Yes but just because they’re being made using a pc doesn’t mean they had pc in mind. I think that you think lead platform means they’re building the game directly off the console no the builds are always on pc. Lead platform just means its taking its specs(ram,gpu,cpu etc) into account when building the game. which in return would make the game look better on that platform.

    • kma99

      Ok i know what a lead platform is and this is simply not the case because ps4 isnt always the lead platform no matter what everyone want to tell you. There is more to being a lead platform other than just stating so.

  • bardock5151

    Broken port confirmed.

  • InvisiGhost

    I’ve been waiting so long for this game…if its a quarter of a percent as fun as the others, it will be a great..

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    means we are held back with the weaker PS4 CPU and bottlenecked GPU bus.

    • papasmurf

      The multitude of multiplats that run/look better on tje ps4 debunks you.please accept reality

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      We haven’t asked for the DX12 hardware unlocks yet ,
      Only have agree with Kinect reserve and the 7th Core so far.
      Or we may agree keeping it under NDA for longer

  • papasmurf

    The multitude of multiplats that run/look better on tje ps4 debunks you

  • *Also On PC

    Turned out it was the PC all along

    Another console peasant BTFOing


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