These Xbox 720 Concept Designs Are A Sight To Behold

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Xbox 720 Concept 1

Xbox 720 Concept 1

We have some gorgeous Xbox 720 concepts for you, which look simply ravishing. Considering how bulky and unremarkable the first model of Xbox 360 was, and the complete contrast in design when you look at the Xbox 360 Slim mode, it’s clear that Microsoft has learnt the finer points of good appealing hardware design. Now, when you think about Xbox 360’s successor – Microsoft can nail the design easily, which will not only make it look futuristic, like it is supposed to be in, say, 2014, but it will also feature a lot of interesting technological enhancements. We don’t know what they come up with though, so this amazing concept design gives a close idea of what to expect from the upcoming console from Microsoft. We have 10 spectacular images here, and full credit to whoever made them, as it is quite hard to track them down on the Internet.
So check them out and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • d0x

    The one thing i hope they dont change is the controller . Well they can fux the dpad but everything else about the 360 controller is perfect..

  • ME

    I am so glad those who made the concepts dont have actual jobs in the industy. Those are FUCKING TERRIBLE.

  • tim

    Some of the console designs are alright, and some are to futuristic, I’d prefer it nice and simple. And please for the love of god Microsoft please DO NOT change the layout or look of the controller, its perfect already. The controller designs in this are way over done and have like 3 trillion buttons/thumb sticks on them (pic 6)

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  • charles2029

    I love concept designs, but wonder how so many nice designs get scrapped for some of the design mishaps that get put into production.

  • Stoshy

    Who the heck designed this crap? Good luck trying to repair the cases if you dropped them. Microsoft likes easy to replace hardware and accessories, not expensive works of art.

    Anything that does look plausible, looks to reminiscent of the Xbox 360.

    X-BOX not X-CIRCLE

  • Stoshy


  • Bill

    Rofl at the controller, it’d be easier to surgically implant controller’s into the hand then to play with that P.O.S


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