This Guy Predicted What The Nintendo Switch Will Be Like More Than 2 Years Before Its Launch

This guy absolutely nailed it with his predictions.

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Back in January 2015, there was no confirmation from Nintendo that they were working on a brand new console. Although rumors were abound about what Nintendo’s next console might be but there was no concrete information back then. However, one Youtuber got it absolutely right about what the Japan based company was working on next.

The Wulff Den uploaded a video all the way back in January 2015 analyzing what potential steps Nintendo can take regarding its next hardware. He predicted that Nintendo’s latest console/handheld will actually be a hybrid and may also utilize dock so that players can connect an HDMI to it and play games just like a console. All of this indeed came true when Nintendo revealed the Switch earlier this year.

The Wulff Den makes a pretty good case on how Nintendo’s main competitor is Apple (and not Sony and Microsoft) and how the gaming landscape is changing in order to accomodate gaming on the go. It’s a pretty good watch and we recommend watching the entire thing below.

I guess he could be one of those guys whose uncle really works at Nintendo.

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  • spideynut71

    So did I. You can ask anyone who’s worked at our local Gamestop…as well as their regular customers…in the last few years. I must’ve told 100 people over that time that their next console would be a hybrid between the 3DS and the WiiU tablet.
    The success of the DS/3DS + the failure of the WiiU, even though the concept was pretty solid, pretty much dictated the direction Nintendo would be going.

  • Anthony DiGeronimo

    Hey buddy you should check out my comment on N4G. I can prove in black and white that I was commenting on a Nintendo hybrid much earlier than this person. No need for apologies just a correction. Thank you in advance.

    • Anthony DiGeronimo

      Uh this this story is an outright falsehood. I demand a retraction.

    • Anthony DiGeronimo

      Ok firstly. Writing as ABACK2FRAG on N4G exactly 1463 day’s ago. I quote,”Why do you think Nintendo merged their handheld and home console division’s? It is my opinion that in five or six years we’ll have a handheld that is also a piece of a larger home console. Maybe?” Secondly. Exactly 1383 day’s ago.. Same here but a few month’s ago Nintendo merged their home console and handheld department’s. I think in five or six years we’ll see a handheld a tiny bit smaller than the Wii U gamepad linked to a home base unit by internet and cloud technologies. These statements are both readily available in my profile on N4g. That proves irrefutably that I was writing about a hybrid console much longer than the man in your false article please I think you owe me a correction. I know it’s only video game journalism but it’s still supposed to be journalism. Thank you in advance.

    • Jennifercstewart


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