This Is What A PS4 Owner’s DualShock 4 Looks Like After A Month of Heavy Usage

This is bad, real bad.

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Dualshock 4_01

It’s fairly common knowledge by now that several users are facing issues with the rubber quality of the DualShock 4’s sticks. We have reported on how a Sony executive suggested not to press the sticks hard or even replace them with DualShock 3’s. It’s been exactly a month since the PlayStation 4 launched and the issue is not fading anytime soon.

A user on Reddit has shared images of his DualShock 4 controller. As you can see from the images below the sticks are badly worn out. We have seen some bad ones in the past but not as bad as this one. What is surprising is the fact that the user claims that he used the controller ‘heavily’ for [just] 25 hours per week ever since he bought the PlayStation 4 a month ago.  To top that he mostly played first person shooters, something the controller was specifically designed for.

Obviously not all users are suffering from this issue. But for those who are, we hope that it isn’t as bad as the one below.

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  • Rasheed Jackson

    Looks more like heavy chewing.

    • DNA

      Rat man strikes again

    • op_gamer

      FAKE, thinks he has been using sandpaper on it. I’ve been using my DS4 heavily since PS4 launch, mine still looks as good as new.

    • Rasheed Jackson

      Well fake or not, I find it funny how they try to down the quality of the controller based on one irresponsible idiot that seemingly cant take care of anything. I play my PS4 3-7 hours at a time and MY controller looks good a new ‘

  • Ryan

    Another reason to go with the Xbox One

    • Guest


    • Joseph Lan

      So get the system where everything is broken instead.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Holy shit-that is very bad. Wonder if this will make Sony release a revision of the controller like how the DualShock 3 replaced the Sixaxis controller-then again that’s a given. Anyway, can’t they just tear the rubber off the top of the control sticks if the rubber starts to come off? Surely it’s not that bad to play without the rubber on the sticks, though it’s obviously a bad idea.

  • Mustangbob

    Dude… look at his hair… wash your hands buddy and take a shower!!! its not the controller thats the issue it’s the dirt and grime on your hands because you play video games 24/7

    • Jason Brody

      That dude looks like a dirtbag

  • Dakan45

    18$ controller, what do you expect?

    That was the cost of weach dualshock 4 to make.

  • UnKnownLeegend

    I don’t think the issue is the rubber I think the issue is this guy biting it.

  • DNA

    I call bullshit on that one!

  • Jeremy

    There’s a piece of dandruff in his ear in the third picture.

  • eminit

    My controller did the same thing so I know this is not BS. I am hard on the sticks especially when I’m constantly pressing R3 and L3 down. At first mine bubbled out kind-of like oil on a radiator hose how the rubber gets soft. but once it became bigger it was flopping in the wind while I was playing and had to ripe it off. but i do understand how this happens. I have been playing the console for about 6-13 hours a day since midnight launch. for those of you that think hes been chewing it or not clipping his fingernails think again.

    • s3ltzer

      Uh…there’s life outside the PS4. I say that as much as I love my console.

    • Jay

      I am in agreement with you. The controller that came with my system is like this on both sticks. I haven’t played as much as you have, but I play pretty regularly both FPS and Madden. I bought a second controller and it is fine, haven’t had any problems with it as of yet. They both get used about the same amount, I rotate them as my batteries are getting low.

  • Xstation U

    He probably was throwing it on solid ground after losing on a game and dug his nails into the rubber analog stick. That guy also doesn’t look like a very clean person.

  • azur

    fake just look the pad the button are on the wrog side

    • DocGroove

      The picture is mirrored, most probably because it was taken with a webcam. Just look at the PS logo and text.

  • Mike Bardsley

    This is an inaccurate post. You should delete this. The controller is a fake.

  • s3ltzer

    Holy crap….thumbs go on the analogue sticks, not teeth. It doesn’t look like wear and tear, it looks like user abuse. Just sayin’…

  • lassep

    I got the exact same issue, it’s definitely real. Some might have gotten super lucky with their controller but, most of the nay sayers are gone as their controllers eventually broke like the rest of us. I went for my second replacement today, in under 4 weeks. Sony center refused to replace it again and gave me the money to buy a day somewhere else. So I got it replaced at games stop, they already traded in 3 DS4’s just today and guaranteed they would do the same if and when mine broke again.

    This is certainly a large issue

  • Adolf Soetoro

    ok…I’ve spilt guagamole on mine, dropped it on the hardwood floor, and the dog (a retarded 110lb blueblood bulldog) sat on it and the thing looks brand new.

  • fake or not ?


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