This Is Why The Recent PS4 Slim ‘Leak’ Was Ridiculous And Fake

Dimensional mismatch.

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PS4 Slim

Yesterday a number of screenshots allegedly showcasing the PlayStation 4 slim were leaked on the internet. At first sight, those screenshots looked intriguing enough to spark discussion about its authenticity within the gaming community, but it is what it is… a fake. The reason? The dimensions of the Blu-Ray discs that the PlayStation 4 uses does not match with the alleged PS4 slim design.

The dimensions of the PlayStation 4, as mentioned in the official specification sheet released by Sony, is 275×53×305 mm. This means that the PS4 has a width of 275mm. The size of a standard Blu Ray disc that the PlayStation 4 uses is 120mm. With those numbers in mind, a Reddit user estimated the width of the alleged PlayStation 4 Slim.

As shown in the image below, the user estimates that it comes out to be 166mm. The size of the Blu Ray player comes out to be 84.17mm, which means there is no way that a standard Blu ray disc will fit in this design. Now there are smaller sized discs available (80mm) but they are capable of holding only 15.6GB. In short, the alleged PS4 slim won’t have a big enough Blu Ray drive to accept games disc. This  proves that the design is nothing but fake with ridiculous dimensions concept.

ps4 slim is a fake

And honestly, it’s only been over a  year since the PlayStation 4 was released. I’d say it’s too early for Sony to launch a slim version given that the existing version has already sold close to 20 million.

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  • Guest

    You’re meaning to tell me that there were dumb PS fans out there that thought this was real? Hahahaha!

  • d0x360

    Chances are we will see slim versions of both consoles at roughly the same time. They are both dependent on AMD shrinking the apu down AMD until that happens with reliable results there isn’t much either console manufacturer can do.

  • zx5

    Sony should release a digital only ps4, without blu Ray.

    • spideynut71

      Worst. Idea. EVER.

    • Starman

      No, it isn’t but, Sony isn’t that smart… and with a reply like that ………..Well , I think you know the rest.

    • jayflow

      Says the biggest idiot on this site!

    • zx5

      why? because you can’t trade your games in for $10 or can’t get lowball offers from Craigslist for them?

  • Helen J


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