Thralled Dev: “Next Gen Consoles Too Expensive for Some People”, Ouya Delivers Human Experiences

Miguel Oliveira also believes the console encourages “multiplayer couch gaming” experiences.

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For all its quirks and humble beginnings on Kickstarter, the Android-based Ouya console hasn’t exactly been lighting the world on fire since release. Looking at the success of the Xbox One and PS4 in recent months, which have both sold millions of consoles worldwide, further validates that fact. However, Thralled developer Miguel Oliveira explained to GamingBolt that the console has a lot to offer compared to next gen platforms.

“I can note a few things. First of all, it places a devoted bet on introspective experiences that focus on serious topics with real-life implications, and that are set to explore the depths of the human condition in ways that this medium has never done before; experiences that Ouya is investing in like That Dragon, Cancer, Neverending Nightmares, and Silent Enemy, are ones that focus on vulnerability, on love, on the stuff that really makes us human.

“These experiences are bound to offer us a glimpse of the stuff that makes us what we are – This is what art is to me, and what I personally love.”

Oliveira also believes the Ouya succeeds in bringing people together, especially those for whom other consoles would be out of their price range. “Beyond that, Ouya also heavily invests in products that bring people together – ‘Multiplayer couch gaming’ experiences that encourage people to sit by each other and have a shared experience, to laugh and have fun with one another.

“There is also the obvious subject of pricing – The Ouya’s makes it accessible to all audiences. Next-gen consoles are great and I love them, but they are too expensive for some people, and I believe that this medium should be barred to no one.”

Do you agree with Miguel’s views, especially about next gen consoles being too expensive for some? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Hates bad writers.

    It’s entertainment, I could care less if you can’t afford it. Entertainment is for those with the money, I don’t want my products to get worse just because they need to pander to poor people who clearly need to focus on other things besides playing games. Not to mention both consoles are a great price for what you’re getting, and they’ll last for years. the Ouya library is a joke, and it will continue to be one. Plus it isn’t going to have all of the big titles people want to play.

    Survival first, entertainment next. Can’t afford it? Get lost.

    • While I agree some people do need to get their priorities straight, I don’t think economic status should exclude anyone from having fun.

      Even those who can’t afford it need to escape from the plight of their every day lives. And that’s for everyone’s benefit. The last thing you want is a bunch of angry, depressed people walking around with nothing to lose.

    • Hates bad writers.

      You’re right, they shouldn’t be excludedd from fun, but they should when the fun the’re included in is being lessened by their needs. Go have fun with a ball, my entertainment is MADE for people with money, not those without. Libtards thinking they can solve all of the worlds problems. News flash, when things cost money (justly) it doesn’t mean they should be lessened to accommodate people who CLEARLY need to be worrying about other things.

    • Benjamin Stanley

      Libtards really?! We are bringing politics into this now. I will agree with you that things cost money. Money makes people motivated to work. In my case very motivated because I am working a factory job that pays minimum wage. I have been doing this for an entire year now or will be as of April 14th. I am doing this to make my game and that makes is all the more sweeter.

      PS. I am a Liberal or Libtard in your words…

    • You must realize that at one point, even a ball was out of the price range of some people.

      That’s the beauty of technology and the age we live in. As the processes improve, the prices go down, and things get more accessible across the board. It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you sit on.

      I understand you might want to feel part of some special club, but it’s really not all that exclusive. I’m not even sure why you feel threatened by it or even OUYA as they clearly don’t even cross over into your preferred mode of gaming.

      If you’re afraid it’s going to take over, then it says something about the side you’ve decided to be on. It’s an admission you’re not sustaining the industry. And only that can be changed by your own habits. Not by trying to stifle new ways of reaching new audiences.

    • Benjamin Stanley

      So what you are saying is “I was raised with a silver spoon In my mouth let me bad talk everyone who cannot afford entertainment”

      Honestly grow up man.

    • Malachai Hough

      what big titles? I can’t see any on the next gen, I just see the same old crap from the last gen but with even more cgi. let me see now, the choices for next gen – ultra emo kid fanboy fantasy, urban warfare against terrorists in America, ultra realistic boring racing sim, another lame assasins creed or another game trying to be a movie when It would just have been better if they made a damn movie, wow great choice.

    • Jeff Chevalier

      but overpriced, which seems to increase some ‘murrican penis’ lenght.

    • Ryan Huang

      Technology evolves to help bring people out of poverty. Yes, innovation costs money. But what if that innovation was within the price that the average person can afford and need and as well as to have fun? Not only the sales of your products will go up, but people’s lives will improve. For example, not too long ago, Apple created the first iphone. it was very expensive and cost prohibitive to buy. Then Google came out and created Android. As more companies making Android devices the cost of Androids went down. Today a person can buy an android phone as low as $20 with hundreds of apps available. As for the games not being popular claim. To make a great game does not necessarily mean that one has to spend tons of money to make a quality game. It just has to be a priority. If the OUYA was filled with affordable,quality games that everyone can buy, everyone will go over to the OUYA.

  • Jason Mounce

    [/PS1/PS2 releases for $300] – Good price Sony.

    [/Next Gen too expensive] – PS4 is just $400 as a comparison of PS1/PS2 days….Only $100 more.

    • Hates bad writers.

      As much is it was overpriced for what you got, even the PS3 pre-economy crash wasn’t stupid expensive. Minimum wage in my country could have paid for it in a single part time check. Overpriced, but certainly not un-affordable. Pretty much every gaming machine with the odd exception has always been fairly priced.

    • Jason Mounce


      Neogeo, 3DO and PhillipsCDi remain the most expensive if there ever was. Amongst the randomness as they were to the industry.

    • I am my responsibility

      dont forget the laseractive by pioneer
      1k plus.
      while it did have some packs of current systems, it did have its laserdisc based games. (pyramid control in da house!)

  • Benjamin Stanley

    I agree with this Devs viewpoints as one who has approached Microsoft and Sony about their consoles and getting on to them. They are very expensive to get on.

    Sony and Microsoft pretty much have the same requirements to get on their system.
    – You need a Static IP (Expensive in some places)
    – You need to be an Incorporated entity. (Recommended)
    – You also need to sign Documents (NDA, Contracts, etc.)

    Lets sum it up –

    – StaticIP – If you are a one man dev team it wont be so bad. $5.95 monthly USD with a one time fee of 25.00 USD. If you are a 10 man development team. 29.95 a month and 75.00 USD upfront. It just gets more expensive from there.
    – This can range from 100 Dollars USD to 500 USD in others. It really depends on where you live and where you incorporate your LLC or whatever.
    – Lawyer and Accountant fees – Both Microsoft and Sony use allot of legal jargon in their Contracts and NDA’s. It is also a good idea to have a company Lawyer and Accountant on hand in case something goes wrong. Easily about 350 to 500 dollars per month for a good lawyer and accountant.
    – Dev Kits – A dev kit for a PS4 is expensive I cannot say due to NDA. Microsoft is a bit more like OUYA in the fact that every console is a Dev kit. Which I like.

    I would much rather develop on the OUYA TBH here is why –

    – Open Platform – This is one of OUYA’s strong points. No expensive upfront costs for dev kits or anything. Your console is the dev kit. No NDAs no Contracts. None of that crap.

    – No Development fee’s – I can make a game for OUYA and publish it for little to no money and get a return on my investment into OUYA. This is why so many crappy games are on OUYA. Needs more quality games IMO.

    – Streaming / Emulation Box – I can watch netflix (Side loaded ofc) on the OUYA or Emulate games of old for free. I have been playing allot of Golden eye 64 as of late. this is a great box for doing that. Same goes with game systems such as PSX, Atari 2600, DOS, the list goes on. So for 100 dollars you have effectively bought not only a game console but an emulation box and a very good one at that.

    But yeah…

    That is my 2 cents about the OUYA.

  • Malachai Hough

    Definitely, As much as next gen has been all singing all dancing in the build up to release, I’ve seen nothing news wise to suggest next gen is worthwhile for the cost of the hardware and the games, I’ve barely seen any interesting game news worthwhile fullstop on consoles. The initial sales suggest ps4 and xb1 sold shed loads but it will be interesting to see how much momentum they can keep up a year down the line, I would say most of the core gamers worldwide and “ipod generation” kids who buy into hype were the early buyers, I don’t think ps4 and xb1 can appeal to casual gamers without a huge price slash. The problem ouya has right now is android itself and the price, many people will turn around and say well I can buy a preowned last gen for cheaper etc or I can play more games on my phone blah blah despite the fact play store absolutely sucks for games. The ouya needs to add features which differ from the play store and are unique to the ui, Otherwise there will be always questions as to why so and so game is available on android play store and not droid ouya.

  • Bryan Pope

    It’s no surprise fewer people will be buying a PS4 or XB1. Part of the reason for both going to the same processor as PCs is that porting games will be easier, giving the illusion that everything’s alright. But more and more devs are considering smaller games and looking at phones and microconsoles. I’m glad to have an Ouya and I may get a XB1 eventually when there’s a game I deem worthy of $60, like the next installment of The Elder Scrolls. Until then it’s the Ouya for me.

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  • I agree with Mr. Miguel Oliveira about Ouya and its potential. I was a gamer in the early 80s, but throughout my teens and 20s, I could only do PC/Online gaming or handhelds. Because of college and a string of mostly part-time jobs, I couldn’t keep up with the rising costs of consoles and game CDs. Now in my 30s, Ouya has made me feel a part of the industry again and that makes me grateful.


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