Titanfall Dev: ‘Don’t Buy The Game On Faith’, If The Gameplay Isn’t Acceptable ‘Don’t Buy It’

Respawn talks about ping and gameplay issues in the wake of the beta.

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Despite the overall enthusiasm towards the Titanfall beta, Respawn Entertainment has been fighting an uphill battle to address complains regarding server issues, ping problems, gameplay and more.

On the official forums, the developer addressed the ping issues, and clearly told people to try the beta first or asking people about the experience before buying the game. Responding to an earlier comment, he said, “Argonomic isn’t downplaying anything; he didn’t literally mean someone jumping on your Titan. He means when someone sees you first, before you have a chance to react. As you’re likely aware, with a high ping you might see yourself strafe around a corner, out of the line of fire, and still die an eighth of a second later.

“I’m just a designer and I can’t really speak about infrastructure or AU Azure servers, but… we’re not asking you to buy the game on faith. Please try the beta, or to talk to people in your area who played it if you don’t get in and make an informed decision based on that. There’s nothing hidden; your ping to each data center will be listed right on the main menu. If the gameplay experience isn’t acceptable don’t buy the game, and be sure to let Respawn, EA and Microsoft know that you’re not doing so and why.”

As for the overall depth of the game and the simplicity of Titan vs. Titan combat, the developer said, “Give it time and I think you’ll be surprised. There’s a lot of depth to TvT that might not be apparent at first glance. There are also missing weapons and abilities in the beta that really open things up in the full game. Winning 1v2 is quite possible once you develop the skills.”

We’ve been in the Titanfall beta thus far and aside from some server issues, it’s been a real blast. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. Titanfall launches on March 11th for North America and March 14th for Europe on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • kevin

    Imperfections or not am still getting the game, cause it looks fun and its a new a IP that needs support if I am to see a sequel. Go Respawn.

    • Parhelion88

      Actually I’m torn. It is a new IP, and adds something to the tiring FPS multiplayer genre, and that deserves support indeed.

      But the greedy decision to deliver it on only one next-gen console, makes less people able to play it, and it’s a purely BUSINESS decision. EA doesn’t care about customers, only cares about the exclusivity money they got.

      So I might end up buying it on PC, and hope that many people do the same, so that EA realizes that all their games should go to multiplatform, and let the customer decide.

      Heck, I might even pass on this, and wait on titanfall 2 (hoping it is delivered on all platforms) and then I’ll choose where I play it

    • kevin

      I won’t so much say they don’t care I believe it. Was a what can you do to lighten my cost decision and what else can you do for me decision. As for the platforms it depends on its success or failure. Till then am going to enjoy.

    • Jon

      The greed decision to deliver on one nex-gen console? You realize they make more money by delivering it on multiple SKU’s right? They are a new studio so it’s not like they have the man power of a well established developer to port the game to all platforms. They’re doing the xbone and pc version. Another dev is doing the 360 version. That’s 3 systems…I’m not sure what more you want.

    • Sea-HAWK fan

      I think you are wrong there. While it may seem like they will make more money on multiple systems, obviously they couldn’t. Microsoft paid them off well and good. Do you think there gonna say ok Microsoft, I’ll do you a favor and lose out on milliions and millions? no.. They say Microsoft gives us what we would make plus some, plus some more.. come on now. think..And not enough man power to port it? Maybe if what they say about Sony being more powerful then Xbox one, but its on pc so that can’t be the case.

    • Jessika S.

      That was not a EA decision it was a Respawn decision,Respawn Entertainment is an independent company and it’s only using EA for distribution and publishing so they completely own the Titanfall license. Microsoft will own the rights to the first Titanfall cause of the deal that was made.

    • DanoMano73

      its not business at all. if you knew anything about writing code you would know that the consoles have vastly different engines. so they would need to write 2 totally different versions of the same game.

    • Jessika S.

      “It looks fun” are you not in the Beta cause it’s really fun.

    • kevin

      Was not lucky enough to win early entry and had to work this weekend 2 doubles , so won’t be able to till Monday hopefully they extend it a day more.

    • Jessika S.

      I hope so, it’s open now so anyone can join.

    • Dennis Crosby

      I think that what they where going for. making a fun game. FPS for the last couple of years have been lacking that and its great to see it making a come back

  • paul jones

    The beta has made me very glad I bought an Xbox one. I’ve got a ps4 too and its clearly the better hhardware, but damn Titanfall is gr8.
    Read my impressions here http://thelazygameblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/what-is-titanfall-like-if-you-suck-at.html

    • Brony with Sunglasses

      why would you blog spam? on a site that isn’t clearly well known?

  • Ali Tavakoly

    I think the price for the game is wrong. If it had a nice extensive first player story mode with coop option. i would buy it in a heart beat. The game play is quiet fun. It is like a child of Mirrors edge, section 8, Portal and team fortress 2. However a pure multiplayer game like tf2 should not be $60. TF2 is very successful and it was put out with hl2 and portal. For a really good price. The orange box sold well. Also the economy of tf2 makes it unique.

    • Marbles

      I actually agree.
      Though I am curious as to what the Campaign mode holds.

    • Ali Tavakoly

      There is no campaign mode.

    • tom

      there is, but not what you think it may be.

    • Oakleaf

      How is this like Portal?

    • Ali Tavakoly

      The tutorial scenarios.

    • Shawn

      I disagree completely.

      The problem with modern FPS’s is that the campaign is just a side dish to the multiplayer, some crappy on rails experience thrown in for the sake of having it.

      There is nothing wrong with a pure multiplayer game, if they use the time that would have been spent on the campaign to make a great multiplayer.

      It would have been good to see it priced at $49 instead. If it was PC exclusive there is no way it would have been priced at $60.

    • Ali Tavakoly

      I don’t mean call of duty type of game. But i know what you mean.


    Thank God for the Beta. Got it yesterday and 24 hours later ,haven’t been able to have one game. No response from support ,even though loads of people are having similar issues. If I didn’t try the Beta/Demo/Stress test I might have actually made the mistake of spending money on this broken game.Although what did I seriously expect from EA, obviously they learned nothing from BF4 or Sim CIty. Even though it’s just a Beta ,I don’t have any confidence in them that it will be fixed in a few weeks, so no chance I’m risking buying it out of good will or faith.

    • Lizzipoos

      Just because you can’t get in, doesn’t mean it’s broken. I have been able to play all day at random times and haven’t encountered a single issue whatsoever. Nor have my friends.

      You are basing your opinion of the game on one thing : not being able to play it. You haven’t played it, so how can you say it would be a mistake to buy it? The beta is still on for 2 more weeks. How about some patience instead of instantly writing of a game just because you can’t get in. Also, this is nowhere near the problems that occured with Sim City nor BF4.


      using similar logic as yourself, just cause it works for you doesn’t mean it ‘s working perfectly. There’s threads with 1000’s of people complaining about game breaking bugs on the support forum, so saying its not broken just cause you played it for a bit is a fairly bold statement and insulting to people who haven’t been as fortunate as you.

      So far I’ve managed to join two games over the space of 24 hours.There is no changes on my side so it makes me think the problem is server side as that is the only variable. If something was broken on my side , it wouldn’t work any time, let alone randomly.

    • Crusina .

      lol thousands of people sure.

    • Ceci Pipe

      To be fair, not being able to get into the game kind of writes it off instantly for you regardless of how good the gameplay really is. Can’t call Sim City a good game for the first two weeks if you never had a game, and if you can’t get in then you can’t get in.

    • Oakleaf

      It’s still in beta, this is the reason why.
      But there is no way i’m buying this game if I can’t try it first, just in case it doesn’t work for me.

    • Johnny

      I call bs. Been playing it and working very well no problems.

  • Marbles

    I am still on the fence.
    While I enjoy the game, I am already bored.
    This may be because I have a low tolerance for FPS games, but some (Halo Reach/4, Battlefield Bad Company 2 & 4, Unreal Tournament) I can get into and just enjoy for hours.
    This game feels more like a MOBA at times, but I am trying to find a way to keep interested and I am curious as to the “Campaign” mode.

  • Mats Leven

    I don’t buy Xbox one version , 792p and 34~50fps is suck ,

    I will buy PC version for 1080p and over 60fps


      Damn straight. Although I won’t buy it on my PC either since it is still the same company I’d be backing.

      You can run the PC version at any resolution you set it at albeit 4k and beyond. I’ll wait for the game to drop to around $15-20 on steam or origin or whatever this game will be released through. Only worth that much in my opinion……

  • You are flat out wrong

    Kind of difficult to tell Xbots not to buy the only game they’re getting for months.

  • Mark Robert Gadsby

    i hate people who look and look for faults, some of which are down to lack of skill. im a middle aged titanfall fan i love the beta and will be having FUN yes that magic word FUN on the day of release.
    cheers respawn, ive been waiting along time for a game like this.


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