Titanfall: Sniping Confirmed, Quick Scoping & No Scoping Are Ineffective

Sorry, l33t snipers.

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Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall may feature huge, hulking Titans that can crush infantry like flies – along with infantry that can scale walls and hijack said Titans – but there are still some conventional FPS mechanics in the game such as sniping. Of course, this being Titanfall, it’s slightly different from what you would normally expect.

On Respawn’s forums, scriptacus the user handle of a Titanfall developer, made it clear that, “Sniping is in the game, but due to how the game plays it’s a pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter. Quick scoping and no scoping are ineffective.”

Some forum users have compared this to Tribes: Ascend, in which sniping is difficult due to the fast nature of your opponents. Could there be more damage to sniping or will there be a slower setup to the overall process due to the inherently slower moving Titans? It’ll surely be interesting to witness when Titanfall releases on March 11th 2014 in North America and March 14th 2014 in UK for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Love sniping-now I have even more excitement for this game.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    Question is; why would no-scoping be ineffecitve? Will it do less damage? Cause that wouldn’t make any sense. Tbh sniping in this game would be hard anyway cause of people’s movement yeah, but if they purposefully nerfed un-scoped sniping that’d be a bit annoying. Lack of quick scoping is perfectly fine, but if no-scoping has less damage i can’t say I agree.

    • Mike Troxell

      no-scoping will most likely be ineffective because you’ll most likely need to be fully scoped in on your target in order to shoot. to keep ppl from quick scoping you’ll most likely have to be scoped for a certain amount of time before you can take a shot. not allot of time but mot likely enough to keep ppl from being able to pull of a COD move.

    • Patrick Toworfe

      Yeah that makes sense. Or it might be like COD Ghosts where snipers don’t have aim assist which eliminates the exploit that makes quick scoping possible. it’d be a shame to completely prevent people from getting good with sniping, but scope delay sounds like a reasonable limit too

  • Eric M.

    This would not be an issue or even come up if games like COD were not exploiting it. I am glad they are addressing this, we don’t need ” COD with Mechs 3″- If you want to use a sniper rifle like an assault rifle and spray from the hip, then choose another gun.

  • godlike1

    remove sniping altogether.. only a special kind of selfish scum goes sniper in team games.. screw the lot of these scum

    • StrongIsland

      Bf4 is a team game and 98% of people are sniping its a joke.

    • Necro

      Thats the point. I am so sick of these devs who baby the recon and sniper classes. Because of this, a great game like BF4 is almost ruined.. There needs to be a cap on how many recon can be in a game.

  • kevin

    Sweet, with everything they do to this game it becomes a must have.

    • bigevilworldwide

      LOL yeah um I don’t know about all that with it’s NO campaign whatsoever, Full MP games to generally do outstanding….It looks good but far from must have

    • Necro

      No, this is the closet to a must have you can get. Its the most hyped game i have seen in a while. EVERYONE, who has played it says its one of the best shooters they have ever played and that its going to change up the formula. Not only that but even people who arent fans of shooters loved it when they played it. Also, that this is a new shooter from the originals dudes who created COD. Yea, this is a must have.

    • James Bauer

      I don’t have doubts the Titanfall will sell well and have overall good reception from both critics and the community, but gameplay-wise, many know nothing about how it plays. Sure, you can make assumptions by watching videos or reading reviews, or use the idea that a studio comprised of of old COD developers as a hint, but until people actually play it, there is a lot of grey area.

      Things I am interested in knowing are

      – what are the damage scales like/how fast/slow is the TTK? Is it like COD, where like 3 bullets anywhere from any gun results in a kill, or is it more skill-based, where more shots are needed, requiring players to be consistently accurate for longer? More shots to kill also helps to deter camping.

      – what is the ROF of weapons? This ties into ttk, as it can can be used to tweak.balance it.

      – how accurate are weapons – is hip firing viable or is there a heavy reliance on aiming-down-sights? ADS has it’s advantages, but alos it’s disadvantages. It effectively helps to stagnate the action/pace of a game, by hindering movement and fov. Halo is arguably one of the most popular shooters in recent times, and it doesn’t rely on ADS, which helps shape its gameplay.

      – Is there health regen, and if so, can it be turned off?
      – Can reloads be interrupted by firing your weapon?
      – How fast are weapon swap animations?
      – Can players sprint and strafe or sprint and shoot?
      – is there an FOV slider?

      Regardless if everyone who plays this game is praising it, there are a lot of unanswered questions. For all we know, many of those people who played the game are COD fans, and enjoy the game for its similarities.

    • James Bauer

      There is a campaign, it’s just integrated into the MP – BRINK did the same sort of thing. Think of it like “story based MP.”

    • D’shawn

      There’s a difference between what Destiny and Titanfall is doing. destiny was presented with a very strong narrative, to be rich and full of interesting lore. Co-op and public events/seamless multiplayer is built around this.

      Titanfall was presented as another competitive shooter. The lore is not what people are talking about when it comes to titanfall, its the gameplay and the competitive looks. The lore is second though tin the game, so I doubt many people will be engaged. Won’t be long before people are pulling the “why don’t they just drop the cinematic BS and focus on multiplayer”.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Totally understand snipers in this game scenario. Can help to keep those hijackers from simply laying in wait the entire game.

    I can picture the scenario now of a hijacker patiently waiting for a Mech to stroll up along side his building and then make his move. Only to be headshot as he begins to leap. Sniper making the mic transmission… “Tango Jacker down… you are clear to proceed.”

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  • THANKG GOD! That noscoping/quickscoping bullshit got real old real fast. – _ – (except in Halo, but the mechanics differ quite a lot between Halo sniping and COD or Battlefield sniping)

    • James Bauer

      Quickscopers will likely find ways to bypass this, or adapt so quickscoping is still viable.

  • James Bauer

    Sniping seems to be the “cool kid class in shooters, where everyone and their mother thinks they are some kind of elite assassin, and insist on playing the class…

    My ideas on how to deal with this epidemic, is to both emphasize its role as a long range weapon and make it a hard to learn, hard to master role. The ideas I propose are just ideas in general, and not necessarily designed as a “all or nothing” approach.

    – Increase the animation time for aiming down sights, making quick-scoping ineffective.

    – further decrease the effectiveness of quickscoping, by significantly reducing the damage of the weapon, in CQC situations.

    – add mechanics such as weapon sway, wind, and bullet drop, to add skill to effectively using the weapon.

    – make the weapon considerably harder to handle when moving or standing.

    – Require snipers to have a spotter, or give snipers relevant benefits for having one. This would also require the role of the spotter to be worth choosing.

    – Make the weapon unable to fire unless aiming down the scope.

    – Make anything but headshots deliver negligible damage.

    These could all be adjusted/tweaked according to the type of game being played – arena shooter vs modern combat for example.

    many of these may sound a bit too strict, but my goal when coming up with them was to deal with quickscopers and inexperienced snipers form playing the role. My mindset was “how could I effectively block anyone but actual snipers from effectively playing this role or even wanting to play it.”

    On a personal note, I would remove snipers from FPS games. Although it can require a good deal of skill to hit those long shots, it puts the player in a very low risk situation, where unless they are being counter-sniped or actively “hunted” they have little opposition to worry about. For me, shooters are all about medium and close range engagements, where battles are won from reflexes, positioning and aiming, not killing people from a mile away where you can’t be shot back.

    I would also do away with knives/melee weapons, especially now with their one hit kill mechanic. the “S” in “FPS” stands for “shooter” not “stabber.” At the very least, I would make it a class-based item, so not everyone had one.

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  • Jeremy James Wojciechowski

    Day 1 people will be quickscoping in Titanfall. Bet on it.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Lol. Big blow for the cod kiddies thinking this would be their knew game.

  • You are flat out wrong

    So much for the casual audience then.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Quick scoping is just a manipulation of auto aiming 90% of quick scoping are terrible at fps if that manipulation isn’t there


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