Titanfall Xbox 360 Delay Due to EA Maximizing Next Gen Sales, Not Quality Issues – Pachter

Wedbush Morgan analysts believe the shift means less execution risk for EA in fiscal 2015.

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Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has been pretty well in terms of sales and reviews since its release on the Xbox One and PC. One interesting little development after the launch of the next gen versions was that the Xbox 360 port, developed by Bluepoint Entertainment, had been further delayed until April 8th/11th in North America/Europe. The reasons given were to allow for further polish.

However, in an article on Barron’s titled “EA’s Calculated Titanfall Slip”, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, along with Nick McKay and Nick Citrin, believed that “the Titanfall delays reflect revenue management and an effort to maximize next-generation console sales, as opposed to any quality issues. We view the game as the first must-have for the Xbox One, and believe that it is in the best interests of Microsoft and Electronic Arts (near- and long-term) to maximize next-gen console sales, particularly with the industry’s current-gen sales below expectations recently.”

Pachter also believed this mean less risk for EA’s fiscal year. “The shift of Titanfall on the Xbox 360 gives us great confidence in Electronic Arts’ ability to deliver upside to first-quarter results, and limits execution risk in fiscal 2015. We believe the delay means that Electronic Arts will deliver significant upside to our current estimates, which are Street-high for the first quarter; we also believe that first-quarter EPS upside to consensus estimates is likely, and will cause many investors to view execution risk as minimal.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Do you think Titanfall was delayed simply to allow for higher revenues on the Xbox One and PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Kevin Kirby

    So EA just confirming that developers tell lies all the time because a few weeks ago they said the game needed more polish?

  • Vic

    What a bunch of BS

  • Sean

    If that was the case I still should have gotten my pre-order dammit. Its already payed for.

  • Olando Rayshawn Wilson

    I knew that was why they pushed the game back. I also believe that visually it will be nearly identical to the xbox one version.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Sub 720p and 30 fps, with worse textures, probably not.

    • Olando Rayshawn Wilson

      I don’t think this game will be any different from Metal Gear or Thief or Assassins Creed: Black Flag. All of those current gen games look barely better than their next-gen counterparts. They haven’t shown any gameplay or anything from the 360 version because they wanted everyone to focus on the One version and push systems out. I think the 360 version will outsell the One version quicker than we think.

    • FoSho

      True man. I really hope it turns out good. It will give me a reason to start up my 360 again that is for sure. I want to play Titanfall bad and I do not want a XB1 so this will be a good way to play the game and enjoy it. All the gameplay and mechanics will be the same.

    • dibils

      gameplay will be same but it will be in 30fps, a fast paced game like this will suffer in 30fps

    • Xtreme Derp

      Preorders for 360 don’t seem to be nearly as much as Xbox according to vgcharts.

    • Kei202

      Look barely better? Do you own a next gen console because they texture rendering is night and day.

    • Olando Rayshawn Wilson

      Yea it will look just like games i mentioned previously and their next gen counterparts. They’d never release a Titanfall that looks bad even if it’s on a older system. That would tarnish the brand. They are already getting over on people by releasing a full priced game that only has multiplayer.

    • Lacerz

      Bu.. bu… but… you can’t tell the difference in resolutions and resolutions don’t matter!!!!

    • Xtreme Derp

      Resolution matters when comparing 360 to Xbox One, but not PS4 to Xbox One. Have to keep those double standards straight. lol

    • CHAINSAW305

      That’s what you hope it’ll be.. lol!

    • Xtreme Derp

      That’s what it’s rumored to be.

    • CHAINSAW305

      Yea.. and you’d love that rumor to be true… lol! Rumors.. always turn out to be b.s. But we’ll see.

    • FoSho

      Maybe so. The 360 and PS3 are not as dated as people may believe. It might look pretty dang amazing.

    • TechHog

      In denial because you can’t afford a new console or PC?

    • jimmy

      If anything they are more dated than people think.

      The hardware inside them was behind the curve when they released. The GPU in an XBOX 360 is worth like ten dollars today.

  • Robert Hoover

    Q1 profits tied to Xbox one titanfall. Q2 profits from 360 titanfall. Its a more spread out profit margin instead of having a heavy q1 and a “down” q2

  • Karl Strayer

    Anyone who was gullible enough to buy the “quality” delay excuse, probably was gullible enough to by an Xbox One in the first place. Typical EA Microsoft ploy.

  • FoSho

    im sooo gay!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TechHog

      Hey there. 😉

  • thereconjacob

    its so obvious that microsoft did this so the xbox one would get more sales! those retards just want more money and don’t care about their customers!


    It’s kind of funny to see people actually think that Titanfall will be 30fps or this sub 720p nonsense on 360.. lol! Especially since the game was first developed for the 360 and they chose the Source Engine so they could get that 60fps gameplay. On top of that. Respawn has been ridiculously tight lipped about that version. No 360 gameplay vid and the game is due out in like 4 days. It’s either gonna be really nice or really bad. We’ll see

  • Bryan Hook

    Well I’m not one for conspiracy, but seeing as some retailers have already sold copies of the 360 version I have to agree…. This was delayed to push xbone…

    • Rubix99

      How about this conspiracy theory, the 360 was just as good as the Xbox One version and was in fact delayed in to be sabotaged? Deliberately made more inferior to prevent a backlash from Xbox One buyers!

    • Bryan Hook

      That would be an interesting situation, and tbh, wouldn’t even mind as I prefer my ps4 > xbox one anyway…. Happy enough for now until I finally decide to get a pc…

    • Rubix99

      I’m going with PS4 when the time comes to upgrade from 360.
      I dont even care about Titanfall as I never play online games and never been a Gold Live member.

      If I was an online gamer though, I think PC is probably the best way to go since both new console require paying subscriptions, and if an online gamer had both consoles, they would be paying 2 subscriptions on top of their monthy ISP on top of their line rental bill!

    • Bryan Hook

      Yup, that’s what I do… But I rip the single life and my job is pretty decent, I’m thinking the pc is gonna replace my xbox, might even check out putting a dual operating system with steam Os or Linux… But time will tell…. So that’s why I’m content to wait until the pc market settles (it always seems to change a bit after new consoles)

    • me

      No, one xbox live subscription covers both 360 and Xbox one. I switch back and forth all the time. Oh and Titanfall on x1 is amazeballs.

  • Stephen Lee

    Checkout the latest info on EA Games this year



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