Tom Clancy’s The Division Exploits “Against The Code of Conduct” – Ubisoft

Dev knows it has to “act a lot more strongly towards players who use exploits.”

Posted By | On 15th, Apr. 2016 Under News

Tom Clancy's The Division_Falcon Lost

Over the past few days, Tom Clancy’s The Division has been facing a number of glitches regarding its newest update 1.1, which introduced the first Incursion. It’s also been the subject of exploits with players discovering ways to effectively glitch through certain sections and finish the encounter without taking any damage or going through all 15 waves of enemies.

What does Ubisoft plan to do about it? It hasn’t outlined anything yet but community manager Natchai Stappers said on the forums that, “Using exploits is against the code of conduct, so no, it’s not OK. We know that we have to act a lot more strongly towards players who use exploits, and we are working on that.”

Note that Stappers doesn’t explicitly say “ban”. However, that the developer is considering strong action against players for what are essentially problems with the Incursion’s design is worrying. While it has a legal ground to stand on, one has to wonder if it’s a good idea to blame players for its inability to properly play-test (especially when problems like the matchmaking glitch for Falcon Lost still exist).

What are your thoughts on the whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments.

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  • John Richardson

    You said it. It’s their f….kup, not the players. He needs to grow a set and take it on the chin. Actually, removing the glitches completely would take the last grain of fun out this game…….if it had any of that to begin with.

    • Ruth Sullivan

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  • Chris

    Just as an FYI, there is no CoC (going to the website results in 404 error). Nor does the User Agreement reference it. Just something they have pulled out of thin air. I don’t condone these things, but if you don’t want someone to do something, code properly. Hotfix the causes out, patch them later.

    • theduckofdeath

      There was a code of conduct and nda to accept during the alpha and betas. Maybe it only pops up the first time you launch the game after install. Anyway, like in legal matters, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the rules.

    • Matt Swayze

      Yes and no. Contract law still applies.

  • Pyon ZERO

    Losing interest in the game anyways. To many people exploiting and justice all killing people with no effort.

  • Roger

    i just love how the new content is 1 room. and the new “boss” … an APC that doesn’t move. so many vehicles in this game that don’t move … yet the tire tracks keep magically reappearing in the snow as it melts … … … .

  • Tapp

    What “legal ground” does it have to stand on? The players are not altering code, they are not breaking anything at all. Each of them have spent money on the game. They are playing that game in the condition in which it was sold. They do not have the authority to ban someone without returning that money. Mobile games try this all of time…. And they lose. As long as you don’t alter any code, you are legally fine. Ask D3, EA, Zynga and all of the others how many grievances they lose from iTunes and google Play. Answer: thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.


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