Tom Clancy’s The Division Pre-Alpha Leak Shows Xbox One Version In Action

The hype seems to be dying off

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The Division

The Division

The Division was a game that grabbed a a lot of attention when it first showed its face at Ubisofts E3 conference, since then however the game has been flying under the radar and little to no real information has surfaced since then. Well now we have at least got some leaked pre-alpha footage of the game running on the Xbox One. There was a video, but Ubisoft have removed it.

However we do have two screenshots from the alpha Xbox One version of the game. As shown in the two available images, the game’s visuals in the alpha are considerably less impressive than those of the vertical slices of gameplay that we’ve been shown thus far, but this will obviously change as the development continues.

There were some rumours regarding a possible upcoming Beta that were circulating late last year, but they haven’t turned out to be true so far, though nobody really knows what condition the game is in.


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  • ProjektGX

    I really hope this game turns out to be good.


      It will be.

    • Agent_Blade

      Ubisoft have not been really publishing some quality games lately and Watch Dogs and Unity have still left a bad taste in peoples mouth. I really hope Ubi pulls through with this and Rainbow Six.


      It will be the alpha testers said that the game is really running well and the cover and shooting mechanics are some of the best they have seen. They also said that the area they are playing in is about the size of the city of Los Santos in GTA V and that is not even the whole map. They also said that the PVP areas will have 50 to 100 people playing at 1 time. Check out OpenWorldGames on youtube. I am happy that MGSV and The Division will be coming out close to one another.

  • gasparochomitz

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  • rodney patrick

    Whatever gamingbolt you can only run from the truth but so long

  • rodney patrick

    LMAO good try gamingbolt you going to have to do better then that

  • john johnson

    this can’t be real like how can it go looking that bad that quick

  • john johnson

    the pic’s look real tho but early ones

  • THEundying27

    Lol. Looks like crap. Downgrade-Gate strikes again.

    • Jorge Sanchez

      Oh yeah, with that image quality is really obvious.

    • Demetrius Radford

      Its pre-alpha not even in alpha

  • Mark

    Looks great to me. Will be a long wait

  • paul proudman

    Don’t people realise that when a game is revealed at the game confrences like E3, Gamescom or The Tokyo Gameshow…….. The games are running on high end PCs with top graphic cards The Ps4 and xbone are MID RANGE at best so downgrades are going to happen


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