Top Ten Scariest Indie Games of All Time

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Do you think only hardcore games can scare you? Well you need to check out these ten indie games that can literally make you jump out of your seat.

10.) And Yet It Moves – Self Developed

This will definitely be the least scary title on the list for most of you. Overall it’s just odd and has potential to be scary to some. The art style is like paper cut outs. I think for me it’s the real abstract feel of ‘A Capella’ sound effects and goofy game design that make it seem not right.  It has the tendencies to just have a weird feel to it and actually is a cool experience.

9.) Which – Mike Inel

Very cool visuals and interesting background music make Which one of the more scary games that you could be playing alone. There is some real spooky stuff going on, and you’re wondering in this puzzle style first person horror game. The audio is going to be personal preference for most of you, nothing really scary there. Walking around in this grey world is quite the odd experience though.

8.) FRACT – Richard E Flanagan

Just really strange is one of the best ways to describe FRACT. It has a very abstract and unusual visual style and to be honest, kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. This wont be the last time you hear about me talking about the audio on this list. The audio in FRACT is actually pretty scary, and adds a lot to the experience.

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  • A Barrel Roll

    If we were talking bout actual games then i think “The Suffereing” would make it somewhere on the list.

  • ZoruShark

    Amnesia is my favorite

    • Beast

      How Do i get that one to run on my pc????? 🙁

    • togo

      Don’t have such a sucky PC.

  • Josh

    I just love how 3 of the 10 games on the list of “Scariest games of all time” start off with “this game isn’t that scary” or something along those lines.

    • Beast


  • Jake

    This site should invest in some competent writers for future articles.

  • Sweet ‘n’ Tender

    Games in which you ‘run and hide’ are NOT scary, they are annoying.

    • Private_PenQuin

      agree, somewhat

  • Oden

    Oden wonders why this website has never heard of a game call Slender and/or Sanatorium, for those games put all the others to shame.

  • Slender is by far the scariest game I know…

  • Slasher951

    What about Slender? Or Sanatorium? Or Hospice? They’re all Slender Games!

  • Mopolite

    the only games that really are scary in this list is amnesia and penumbra all the others look like children’s games

  • Heros5k

    OMG there is now slender in the list…. What a bad rating of horror indie games

  • Aiden

    okay, you have overture, which was scary for a bit until you mastered self-defence, over amnesia, i don’t agree with that in the slightest, and you don’t mention the sequal to overture, black plague? son, I am disappoint.

  • Lol, this list sucks

    Hm, I didn’t know Amnesia and Penumbra was indie games 😛

  • Brushy

    WTF number two is a german song wtf is this supposed to be it aint even amnesia

  • Catt Villamayor


  • togo

    This list is decent, but the article/writing is unfortunately awful.

  • togo

    Honestly, the writing on this site fucking sucks.

  • Sid

    “Defiantly”? Oh good grief check your stuff before posting!

  • Here is a list of more current horror games

  • Chico Maroto


  • urizendor

    Another one, “An Evil Night”:


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