Tropico 5 On PS4 Will Run At 1080p, Developer Aiming For Locked 30fps

Haemimont Games head programmer Ivan-Assen Ivanov says the game features “open-ended, unpredictable visuals”.

Posted By | On 27th, Sep. 2014 Under News

tropico 5 preview

Haemimont Games’ Tropico 5 has been out on the PC, Mac and Linux till now and even the Xbox 360 has tangible release date of November 11th. The studio still seems to be chugging away on the PlayStation 4 version, which leads us to believe that it will feature some notable improvements, both visually and gameplay-wise. Could a 1080p resolution and 60 FPS frame rate be some of them?

We got in touch with Haemimont’s head programmer Ivan-Assen Ivanov who stated that, “Unlike most games, Tropico 5 is a game with open-ended, unpredictable visuals – it is all about building your own island, however you like it. We’re focused on maintaining a locked 30 FPS even in the late stages of the game, when your city is huge and bristling with life. The resolution is 1080p.”

Tropico 5 will be out in Q3/Q4 of 2014 on the PlayStation 4. What are your thoughts on the frame rate and resolution? Let us know below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    a simulator like this doesnt need 60fps so doesnt really matter what it is

    • Sampontang4309

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    • Axe99

      +1 – you hardly need a locked 30fps for a city-builder (although it’s preferred if possible). City-builder gamers generally prefer a better sim and lower framerate to a buttery-smooth Simcity ;).

    • Mark

      Yeah I think a number of gamers r getting too excited over arbitrary spec numbers. In some real world game situations, less numbers here, will pay off big there. It’s almost like people want

    • Guest

      Its not some “arbitrary spec numbers”. People want and expect their next gen systems to be able to paint a sharp 1080 native image and run at least at a constant 30fps. Otherwise whats the point of upgrading to a next gen system when you could instead stick to or get a last system system for cheaper.

    • Mark

      It’s always the “Guests” who’s name calling around here. For all the luv u have for yes, those “arbitrary numbers”, it will never produce a great game on its own merit. That is WHY it’s ARBITRARY. It is an unreasonable talking point. For example, if I thought COD Ghosts was terrible in the first place, should the mention of the resolution excite me?! Hahaaa.

      And no, the majority of console owners do not “expect their next gen systems to run 1080p”. They don’t walk into Gamespot asking about the specs and what resolution and frame rate it’s capable of. They only need to see Ryse and Killzone to get excited about the potential……and Ryse isn’t 1080p!

      And this whole resolution issue is about trade-offs, not IF a system can produce 1080p. Wii U can bust 1080p out lol. Insomniac’s adding more on screen. Same thing Capcom did with Dead Rising 3 putting a thousand zombies on screen, but dropping the resolution. Alot of gamers had FUN with DR3 because of that choice. Not so, if there were only 15 zombies running around in 1080p right?

      This is what I want u thinking next time u read about a game in 1080p; AR-BI-TRARY.

    • crizz1066

      I’d disagree, when the next gen were 1st talked about I was expecting 1080 and so was allot of the press and people I talked to. If res doesn’t truly matter why is M$ offering teams to improve games which don’t reach 1080?

    • Mark

      Ok, if people were expecting a consistent 1080p image for all games comin out the gate at launch, I can understand the disappointment. People may feel slighted about the power of their console. Understood.

      I gotta make this short. Ryse and Killzone’s graphics were all I needed to know the potential of these systems. Funny how both games are amongst the best out visually, but went under heavy scrutiny (even lawsuits!) for running sub 1080p (mp in Killzone). It ain’t hard to understand. Developers don’t mention enough to these people that pixel quality can trump pixel quantity in the right situations. I believe this is called post processing (could be wrong but I think so). Case in point, read the DigitalFoundry analysis of Ryse Xbox One vs PC (1080p). The X1 version retains almost 100% picture quality in comparison. The PC version runs high settings, but admittedly will get ultra settings later. People at E3 thought Ryse was 1080p too.

      And Microsoft is only spending extra effort for multiplats because of the Xbox’s “weaker” image. That is confirmed by one of their PR execs if u search for it. They talk about fixing the “resolution issue”. Of course they want Xbox owners and potential upgraders to feel they’re getting what the competition has. They’ve been stated they allow studios freedom, but not anymore, for obvious reasons.

    • crizz1066

      Wow thats short 🙂 From how I see things if M$ hadnt had been such bullies over the last 10+ years in gaming. They wouldn’t face this back lash and they might have been able to stand up and say, you know what res doesn’t matter. They promised 1080 before the specs were released. As for Ryse, that was a very basic game, yes it looked great but was an on rails qte. I think its next year we will truly see some real next gen games and I feel its then that this debate will end as then the power of the PS4 will shine. It simpley comes down to M$ wanted to get in to TV as they could see how much money was there. While Sony concentrated on making a gaming machine. I think that simple fact explains the difference in power.


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