Ubisoft Addresses Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Criticism

Beta is “not the finished product” according to employee.

Posted By | On 06th, Feb. 2017 Under News

The closed beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands went live on February 3rd and despite still being a month off from release, the feedback has been rather critical of the game’s direction. From the relative emptiness of the open world outside of the missions to the experience “not being Ghost Recon“, some Reddit fans aren’t exactly happy.

Ubisoft employee Keeba responded to several such threads on Reddit, noting even on the positive ones that, “The beta is not the finished product, and we are definitely working hard to make improvements before launch.”

Keeba also noted on this thread that, “If it makes you feel any better, I can assure you that there have been optimizations and changes made based on player feedback from previous tests. I forward all the feedback I see on various channels to the dev team, and they try to make adjustments and optimizations as they can, according to that feedback.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division comes up as a good example of a beta which improved greatly with its developer quashing some 10,000 bugs before the official launch. What are your thoughts on the Ghost Recon: Wildlands closed beta? Let us know below.

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  • RedKnightOH

    Highly Disappointed with the looks of this game… This looks and plays like a kiddie game with lots of F-Bombs. Lots of F-bombs are always welcome in my living room with my family home. The graphics look like something from the middle 2000s. Even SOCOM Confrontation from well over 10 years ago… looks better. And SOCOM played better than this. I read that Wildlands multiplayer games will have NO Clan Support for larger groups of friends to play together. It’s crap that only 4 players can play MP in very large maps at once.

    UbiSoft blows it again. They screwed up Rainbow6 Siege… now Wildlands. I’m done with UbiSoft and their crap games!!

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  • Jason Caputo

    Friends list folks and I had blast with the beta. So much we all kept coming back to replay the limited missions available. Planning and coordinating combined arms raids was super fun, and when things went wrong, we were always either laughing or yelling or both.

    Graphics are not nearly as good as the Division, but there is so much foliage that move’s with wind. I’m not surprised. It is easily good enough though. Little touches like trees that react and bend away from helicopter blades or grass that ripples upon heli landing are very nice. Definite buy for me.

  • Matthew Markosky

    Night Vision Goggles Need to Be Added to Player Customization. Does not have to be anything special (Single Goggle, Double, or panoramic) but I’m surprised this was missed. This honestly can not be that hard to put in the game.

    Cowboy hats but no night vision goggles to wear? Someone clearly dropped the ball.

  • Mibo

    I liked it just fine. Was it perfect? No. I gave my feedback at the end of closed beta; things will clean up a bit before launch or it’ll improve by the first update. Either way it was enjoyable enough that I am looking forward to exploring the entire map. Really looking forward to taking down El Sueño. I suspect there will be quite a bit to do before that though. LOL So, yeah, I will be “wasting” my money on the Gold way before any updates. Bring it on, flaws and all.


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