Ubisoft Explains The Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Versions of Watch_Dogs

Senior producer Dominic Guay talks design and scale for the open world adventure.

Posted By | On 25th, Jun. 2013 Under News

Call us spoiled or just exhausted by the amount of great looking games, but as of now, it’s getting tougher and tougher to see major graphical differences between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nonetheless, all that extra power is going somewhere – and as noted by Watch_Dogs senior producer Dominic Guay, the PlayStation 4 and other next gen platforms are also helping to push for better design.

When we asked how far visual flourishes like larger crowds and scale would go towards making the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming open world action adventure more recommended over current-gen versions, Guay stated that, “First, it starts with the content itself. Watch_Dogs strives to innovate technically but also on the front of design. While we think pushing immersion (which includes graphics) is important for our title, we do not think it is enough.

“We believe that our efforts to push dynamism in an open world, that our efforts to connect all players together in new ways are fundamentally geared toward fostering game experience innovation. Of course it also refers to our commitment to developing the game with a mind-set on fully supporting ‘next gen hardware’.

“This is true of the PS4 or other next-gen platforms using modern technology, as well as a certain range of PC hardware which offers similar capabilities. But ultimately, our engine DISRUPT has been designed to scale to different platforms. So as it supports also current gen platforms, you can expect the same game experience we want to offer with Watch_Dogs, whatever platform you will be playing on.”

watch dogs ps4
Of course, the Xbox One isn’t to be counted out. We asked Guay how the Xbox One version of Watch_Dogs would be different compared to the PC and PS4 versions of the game, to which he replied that, “The Xbox One is a powerful platform, as of now we do not foresee a major difference in on screen result between the PS4 and the Xbox One. Obviously since we are still working on pushing the game on these new consoles, we are still doing R&D.

“This said, the platforms have some specificities that we are leveraging. For example, we are making use of the touchpad on the DualShock 4.”

Watch_Dogs will be releasing on November 19th for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U with the Xbox One and PS4 versions to release in Q4 2013.

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  • Blaze Blue

    this was really a bad read. I feel you was really holding back on some interesting information.

  • Hell No

    All multiplatforms will look the same on both consoles and it has
    nothing to do with developers not wanting to make the PS4 version better
    but Microsoft not allowing it. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/112785-Sony-Exec-Blasts-Microsoft-for-Content-Policy

    • PantherCrane

      They don’t own third party dev’s, so STFU!

    • extermin8or2

      they stop them publishing though if games aren’t the same or advantage xbox-been their policy fo years an apparently they have actually used it a couple of times…

    • Orlɛanž

      Yes, this has been confirmed by multiple reliable sources a month after Sony’s conference. MS needs to get OUT the gaming industry. They’re holding it back.

    • Persona 5

      I agree. But only we can stop them. By purchasing the PS4.

    • Lethal_Doze

      if you really think MS can “not allow it” you clearly have no idea about anything, grow up

  • Mitchings

    If they’re not at least seeing a notable increase in quality in the PS4 version over the Xbox One version then they’re clearly not very good at their job.

    A 50% increase in raw shader performance, 2x the fillrate and 8x the compute queue granularity, plus a faster and simpler ram configuration..

    ..if you can’t make at least a little use of that you’re a bit shit tbh. I get the feeling devs are playing the diplomacy game.

    • PantherCrane

      So the PS4 should look better than the PC version that uses ddr3 aswell right? :/

    • Mitchings

      I never brought PC into it; and seem to have totally skimmed over what I wrote about the GPU and gone straight to the ram.

    • Dakan45

      its a pc game, made on pc, so chances are they either downscale it for consoles or it looks the same, since ubisoft doesnt tax pcs alot.

      But there is no reason for the console versions to look better and not put those improvements on pc since they can handle them.

      Also GDDR5 is for video DDR3 is for ram.

      GDDR is faster for video DDR3 is for cpu calculations.

      Pcs have GDDR5 since 2008, ps4 may have more GDDR5 but alot of it will be used for cpu, so it doesnt have more than 5-6 for video usage.

      But why the hell will a game that is designed for 2-4gb of GDDR5 somehow manage to make full use of ps4 or xbone is beyond logic, again its current gen game not next gen.

    • Izzy Bozz

      Looking solely at the hardware, yes the PS4 should look somewhat better. But since the X1 “cloud” or whatever the hell people want to call it, will relieve some the processing power, some games will look and run better on the X1.

    • Mitchings

      Microsoft’s cloud speak means very little. ‘Xbox Live Cloud’ is just a snazzy name MS have given to their dedicated servers which also run some server-side networked code just like MMO’s and such have been doing for years.

      Handing off chunks of code for rendering and such just isn’t practical due to the latency of Internet connections.

      Sony can also do what MS are doing here and it is not an advantage. There are not ‘3 Xboxes in the cloud for every actual xbox; that was straight up junk.

      MS made a poor attempt at misdirection using’ cloud’ as a buzzword.

    • extermin8or2

      plus watch dogs isn’t always online so isnt’ using the cloud :p

    • GK15

      Sony doesn’t have 300,000 servers. It’s a little different.

      All things considered, I don’t see why certain online games can’t offload things like lighting and AI to free up more space for other processes.

      We haven’t really seen how this will work yet. It could be a great thing.

    • Izzy Bozz

      The thing is, im just going by what developers are saying, especially Respawn. In reality neither of us both really know how X1 will utilize the cloud. You can say MS is marketing the “cloud” just as a gimmick. But until we actually see how the “cloud” is used, these comments among us are just speculations.

    • Jessika S.

      No one is using “The Cloud” at least for now for texture processing. If you hear anyone speak of it they are just using it for game control AI or dedicated servers. Can you imagine playing a game that parts of it’s graphics are being process on the cloud and your internet goes down or just having a bad internet day, your game will look like $#!%.

    • Izzy Bozz

      It’s hard to say how Xbox will really use the cloud since they haven’t really specified much about it. The question of how game would be affected if they were to go offline is still unanswered. I highly doubt a game will look like sh** if your internet went out; it might not look as visually stunning, but still quite nice.

    • Jessika S.

      So it’s like buying a hamburger with out the meat and still calling it a hamburger, also if you watch any of the E3 interviews every developer talks on how they are using the cloud, I think the entire texture stuff is something they may do in the future but not right now in it’s early stages. I do believe in a few more years all this internet stuff wont be a problem just look at where we were when the Xbox 360 came out and look at where we are now, Tablets and Smart Phones.

    • Dakan45

      cloud is a load of wank. Nuff said, it CANNOT render games.

    • Izzy Bozz

      And what if it does? I mean, it’s not like you really know how the X1 will use it’s cloud, either.

    • Dakan45

      Cloud technology stores data in internet, in simple terms.

      It cannot render greaphics. You will not get better visuals as they say becuase of cloud.

      OnLIVE and project shield are similar but you need a very fast internet and stable to play games in subpar settings.

    • TruGamer29

      It doesn’t. Rendering via cloud isn’t feasible due to latency. Stop playing the what if game to try and bolster defense for the Xbox One.

    • benbenkr

      ‘Notable’ is subjective. Watch Dogs on the PS4 isn’t going to look better than the Xbone’s verison by 50%, that’s for sure. If anything, the difference we see is akin to the PS3 vs 360 versions.

      Even though both PS4 and Xbone are technically PCs, one can’t just flick some settings in the options and expect everything to run in a solid framerate. Considering Watch Dogs will be a launch title as well, again the difference will be tangible.

      Don’t expect ‘notable’.

    • TruGamer29

      It all depends on the platform they develop the game on. If they develop the game on PS4 and then port it to Xbox One, there WILL be a “noticeable” difference. Same thing applies if they developed them specifically for each system. PS4 is superior to Xbox One tech wise and therefore, if developed properly there SHOULD be a noticeable difference.

    • benbenkr


      Except, it isn’t being developed on the PS4. Watch Dogs is being developed on the PC since its unveiling at E3 2012.

    • TruGamer29

      If that’s the case then I concede there will most likely be no noticeable difference between the two. I was just making the point that, if taken advantage of, the PS4’s hardware is capable of a more than noticeable difference.

    • justerthought

      Big budget AAA mutliplat games are developed on high end PC’s using high quality assets, with all the console dev kits connected to it, taking what they can from the scaleable game engine that optimises the code to max out each flatform. That is the logical way to do it. You don’t code on the lowest common denominator or put yourself in a situation where you are coding things twice unnecessarily. You always scale down not up.

    • justerthought

      Very true. We may not see any difference up front on the graphics. They may be identical when you view screenshots side by side. I think the differences will be in how smooth it moves and how many NPC’s are on screen, what they do, or how realistically something bounces due to complex physics. Example on PS4 a NPC drunk might trip over and start arguing with people, while on XB1 he just stumbles around mumbling. You won’t see anything wrong playing either, but one will be deeper. Screenshot comparisons will not tell you any of that.

    • benbenkr

      Yeah, but we have video comparisons for a reason. 🙂

    • Jessika S.

      His trying to sell his game, his not going to alienate his game by saying that it looks good on a certain system. That’s why he tells you that youre getting the same game on next and last gen. He doesn’t work for Sony or Microsoft his developing a game which he hopes everyone no matter what system you own will pick up and play.

    • Solid Snake

      No but they should push each platform regardless of what the end result is & not hold back because thats what a real developer team dose.

    • Jessika S.

      Just because his not saying it doesn’t mean they are not doing it, again his trying to sell his game to as many people as possible on every platform possible. Which version looks better that will be for us to judge once the game is released.

    • Solid Snake

      Opinions are ruled out by logic keep this in mind when coming to an conclusion based on accurate data analysis.

      Cheers & Happy Gaming!

    • Jessika S.

      …….Again if I make two different kinds of Grill cheese sandwiches and someone asks which one is the best one, I’m going to tell that person they are both great and they taste incredible. Why would I say that… well because I want to keep on selling both, why would I alienate one of my sandwiches cause if no one buys it now I have a ton of cheese that I wont know what to do with. After people buy them both they can come to a conclusion of which one they like best either or, but that way I still keep selling both.

      PS. Opinions are ruled out by logic keep this in mind when coming to a conclusion based on accurate data analysis.

      Cheers & Happy Gaming to you!

    • Anonimous

      Wrong. We don’t know how either system is engineered yet. A 300 HP car can beat a 340 HP car if its designed in a certain manner, CPU comes into play here. A Police Interceptor car is the perfect example of how tweaks can overcome various barriers. These are both next-gen consoles and its not like we are comparing Super Nintendo to Nintendo or Playstation to Genesis. These are both designed, spec wise, to be in the same generation of consoles. If you think one console is going to look clearly better than the other, then you are delusional.

    • Jessika S.

      WRONG! We are not talking about next gen systems we are talking about a developer and his game and he can make this game for Next and Last Gen and at the end of the day he wants to sell all copies of his game no matter what system it’s on. This game is going to look the same on both PS4 and Xbox One, WHY? you ask because he wants to sell a game not a system. The difference won’t be in third Party titles but in first party exclusives which is where companies can squeeze every last bit of power to make their games look great.

    • TruGamer29

      No you’re delusional if you think 2 can be greater than 5. Your car analogy is horrible. The architecture of these two consoles are essentially the same, PS4 just has better parts (eg. 33% stronger GPU, RAM that takes advantage of the powerful GPU) which is why it’s 33% stronger in the first place.

    • kyle

      i totally agree with you. The ps4 might look better and might run a bit smoother but if your trying to sell as many copies of your game as possible for which ever platform it is launch for, you would not tell the media that one platform will play and look better than the others. That would be shooting yourself in the foot and resulting in the sales of one platform more than the others. So i think developers should not state which version of the games are going to look and play better, all they should be doing is telling you the features of the game with each platform leaving us as the gamers to see the differences in the games for ourselves

    • justerthought

      I think they are pushing each platform to the max because he said the engine scales up to the hardware. There will be differences, but he obviously cannot come out and say it or he will upset MS. He’s just being diplomatic.

      Of course it may swing the other way if that game engine is not compatible with PS4 memory architecture. XB1 favours code being broken down into rapid burst of small data so it fits in that EDRAM, but PS4 will struggle with shredded code because although the GDDR5 RAM is faster at transferring data, the latency is an issue compared to DRR3 RAM. A small delay in front of all those tiny data fragments adds up, crippling the performance. Let’s hope the engine codes correctly for each console.

      If not, we’ve got Ubi screen tear all over again on PS4.

    • Dakan45

      SURE SURE a PC GAME that is PORTED AND DOWNSACLED for X360 and PS3 that has been shown so far on PC and NOT on ps4 as people seem to think. Will somehow utilize the power of the NEXT GEN consoles RIGHT FROM THE START and provide FAR SUPERIOR visuals on one of the two NEXT GEN systems.

      Makes perfect sense. If this game was made for NEXT GEN consoles and not ps3 and x360, also we were 3+ years in the next gen consoles, then you might have a point but to claim that a CURRENT GEN game will utilize the advantages of one of the two NEXT GEN consoles before the generatin has started is just insane. You are basicly saying that watchdogs a CURRENT GEN game will use all the resources the xbone has. Then what about 3-4 years in the future? How will graphics get better if xbone and ps4 are maxed by watchdogs? This is the NEXT GEN not current generation, systems have to be far more powerfull than current gen systems ,a current gen game should be maxed out by both of them and not one ofthe two having trouble to run a current gen game.

    • GK15

      You do realize that this is one of the first games to come out on the systems this gen don’t you? It usually takes a few years/cycle of games before they really start pushing the systems. Right now, both systems should be more than capable of pushing the graphics well past what we have seen this gen.I would’ve thought this was obvious.

      Not to mention that the PS3 was technically superior to the Xbox 360, but multi-plat games tended to favor the 360. This was not only because the PS3 was like learning Chinese to develop for, but also because devs make games for the lowest common denominator and then port over. I know PS4 is more developer friendly this gen but still..

      You don’t really expect multi-platform games on the PS4 to have a major difference over Xbox One games right out of the gate do you? Ever?

    • Talentino Max

      you dunno shit about hardware, or how it works, and what the current consoles actually have apparently

    • Reaper

      Now the game is out and looks the same on both consoles, you look like an idiot

  • PantherCrane

    XBO & PS4 or basically the same, so I wouldn’t expect to see any difference in the games visually.

    • Persona5

      No they are not. Not by a long shot. I would recommend you to check out some spec comparisons. PS4 is the clear winner.

    • ShadowFox88

      Except they aren’t the same at all in terms of GPU power. The Xbox One has 768 gpu cores and the PS4 has 1152 gpu cores. That’s not even getting into the speed advantage of the memory. The video card alone is the equivalent of 2 1/2 times the Xbox 360’s gpu power (which was 240GFLOPS). I’ll add the PS3 was 228GFLOPS for reference. Anandtech did a nice hardware comparison a few weeks ago you can read here:

      In regards to this article it really depends on what the developer considers “major differences”. Even if they kept it graphically similar, the PS4 would still have a higher frame rate because of the extra power. We won’t be able to know for sure until the consoles are released this fall. Then websites will show comparisons and we can get the truth.

    • Guest

      Yes and the Xbox One has 4 additional Oban co-processors, which can do more than just move data (they can do graphics computations/compression as well).

      Besides XBO runs all memory processes in parallel.

      102GB/s ESRAM
      67GB/s DDR3
      25,6GB/s x4 for the co-processors (that also have cache).
      On the RAM side, that GDDR5 advantage is pretty much negated.

    • Deku-Johnny

      I imagine the difference between PS4 and XBO games will be the same as the difference between PS3 and 360 games. Not noticeable at all.

    • brianc6234

      That isn’t true at all. GDDR5 is a lot more powerful than DDR3 RAM.

    • Dakan45

      Not true either, GDDDR is faster for video while DDR is faster for cpu calcualations

  • Jack Slater

    The only line of code that will block the ps4 from being far superior, is the line written on the cheque, saying :

    ‘Remitter – microsoft corporation’
    ‘Pay to – ubisoft /put company name here
    ‘Amount – Fifty million dollars”

    These simple lines of code will make the Xbox one become the leading dev platform and get 300% more polishing, and will suddenly reduce the 1.8 Tflops bandwidth of the ps4 to only 1.0 Tflops. This code will also make developers and studios say the x one version will even look better than the PC, and thanks to the cloud, the Xbox one will only use 5% of its power.

    It’s incredible how a few lines of ultra optimized code can make wonders and miracles.

    It’s incredible how these studios are indoctrinated and manipulated, blinded with $$$. Damn, they do know they HAVE 50% MORE power on the ps4, but they always tell BS and control damage, so nobody says ‘ hey, ubisoft said the ps4 has 50% more raw power/bandwidth than the Xbox one’. It would be bad to microsoft and good for Sony, microsoft don’t want that to be said.

    BUT, if the Xbox one had 1tflops and the ps4, 0.98 tflops, in this f*cking same article,ubisoft would happily be saying ‘ OMG, it’s incredible, the amount of extra stuff we can do, with that extra power. It’s unbelievable! ‘ bla bla bla

    Many guys/gamers must be saying ‘yeah, incredible,great, microsoft have invested 1 billion $ on Xbox one games’. In fact, the only thing that billion $ will do, is paying fat cheques to developers and studios, so they don’t max out the ps4, and make the Xbox one games even look slightly better.
    So, people who will get a ps4 day one, you can be sure all the multi platform games will be screwed , on the ps4 version, because developers will get some cheques from microsoft,for making both versions look the same, when, we could enjoy a ps4 version 30-40-50% better.
    F*ck that billion $, macroshit.Die.you’re like devil , for gamers. Why do you need to f*ck the entire industry and community, for just a couple of billions, that you could easily make, by adding 5$ to office or windows prices? Sony make consoles and games with passion, for gamers. They almost go bankrupt, just to put a bluray player on a console, so people buy a nice piece of hardware, that will last 10 years, while you, Lamers, you make and sell a slab of plastic rrod compliant, you fool customers by selling them a piece of crap that will overheat and die, sooner or later, you do nothing to gamers,excepting grabbing every cent you can, you pay millions so developers sell their soul, and screw the ps3 version, and still, there are 15 millions of guys that applause 3 times a year, when they get a new halo, gears or a new cod map pack.

    Really, go away. Gaming is a passion. made with passion, by passionate manufacturers, for passionate people. You are soulless. Gamers for you are just a bunch of stupid walking wallets.
    Seriously, go away, stop. Let developers truly max out the ps4, instead of being forced to match the inferior system.yeah, inferior, by at least 50%. Let these fantastic developers just use every Hz of the ps4. Keep your billions, and make office 2015,16,20, and windows 9-10-15 instead. In another words, f*ck you, go away. You’re useless.

    Sorry guys for the big comment. I just hate these liars , who think they can buy everything on this planet.

    • kevin

      Dude when you fill out the supposed check you speak of then they will say whatever you want them to say. Till then get over it.

    • Dakan45

      ‘It’s incredible how a few lines of ultra optimized code can make wonders and miracles.”

      Guilable Moron detected.

      “so people buy a nice piece of hardware, that will last 10 years, ‘


      The ps4 is dated NOW with pc hardware on top, if it lasts for 10 years, say goodbye to graphicsand techonogy improvement.

  • brianc6234

    The PS4 version will definitely run better and have better quality graphics. DDR3 RAM just can’t compete with GDDR5.

    • Kris

      You don’t even know what that means!!! Jeeze…so many of you just spout off like you’re software engineers or something. What Im saying is, sure, maybe, from the information available online, GDDR5 is superior to DDR3…but that in itself doesnt mean anything! And Im a Sony guy, and clearly PS4 exclusive and especially 1st party titles may look a step above those available for XBox One, but stop being a robot regurgitating nonsense all over the internet. Its sad.

    • Austin Wood

      8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM means, among other things:

      Expedited computation on both CPU and GPU thanks to effectively doubled bandwidth versus GDDR3.

      The PS4 GPU will have access to more VRAM than any other commercially available X_86-based machine (i.e. PC VGUs).

      Scaled RAM allocation between the PS4’s optimized GPU and CPU will improve overall system performance and significantly diminish—if not entirely remove—bottlenecks such as framerate caps on GPU computation and loading times via CPU computation.

      You seem to think that RAM is directly related to graphical quality (“clearly PS4 exclusive and especially 1st party titles may look a step above those available for Xbox One”), so, correction: YOU don’t even know what it means.

      P.S. RAM is hardware, not software.

    • Dakan45

      Sorry but DDR3 is better for cpu, it has beter latency.

      GDDR5 is better for video not cpu.

    • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

      The latency involved with gddr5 is usually due to the cpu and gpu not being on the same chip and not being able to access a unified pool of ram. By putting both processors on a single die with unified memory, the latency should effectively be neutralized. You can’t think of the next gen consoles in the same light as traditional pc setups.

    • Dakan45

      Meh, we should wait and see.

    • Solid Snake

      That would be the case if we were talking about a typical off the shelf x86 & memory architecture but playstation 4 is using a semi custom x86 & memory architecture so that’s simply not the case here.

      P.S..it dose not take rocket science to understand the obvious.

      Cheers & Happy Gaming!

    • Dakan45

      what is the case then smart guy? Last time i checked the memory conttrollers are on the cpu.

    • Kris

      Umm, no asshole, that was why I was commenting. The person I was responding to DID seem to think that the differing RAM choices between XB1 and PS4 by itself equated to a PS4 superiority.

      As for my comment about PlayStation exclusive titles being visually superior, when and where did I say the reason behind that was the RAM choice? Oh, okay. I was making a general statement about the possibility of increased visual fidelity or at least game complexity on the PS4 due to its overall performance edge compared to XB1.

      For future reference, read an entire post instead of a handful of sentences then reacting. And I used the term software-engineers because they are the people WRITING CODE AND LEVERAGING THE FRAKKING HARDWARE, not because I thought RAM was software. Jeeze.

      P.S. I seriously loled at your smart ass remarks. You are a massive tool, though.

    • Dakan45

      Why the FREAKING HELL will they use GDDR5 advantages right from the get go on a game that is made for pc and ps3/x360 hardware. No people they will not utilize GDDR5 advantages right from the start let alone in a port.

  • dog fart

    so wii u isnt next gen LOL ,THE PS4 VERSION has nothing visually wiiu cannot do and since wiiu kinda owned ps4 this e3 visually

    this game needs gamepad or better still a combination of gamepad and wii remote plus FOR A REAL NEXT GEN EXPERIENCE

    true mouse pointer aiming true wii motion plus motion and all the tacticle stuff and hacking etc and co-op buddy play via the gamepad


    • om not a sony fan … but PS4 is waaaaaaaaay powerful than WiiU

      and WiiU is not a next gen console

  • John

    Well that sums up pretty much the BIG difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. The touch controls is such a big advantage because there are only 16 buttons on a controller. By adding the swipe mechanics, developers can free a button or two for an in-game action more suitable for button press. The funny thing is, the Wii U have this…

    • Guest

      Remember that gamepad shot that was leaked at the Valve offices quite some time ago? It was a prototype Xbox One controller with the new add-on that is still in development. The Xbox One controller receives a new physical connector that can deliver more power and more functions through it.
      Where the 360 had the messenger pad, the Xbox One will receive a multitouch touchscreen as an add-on.
      It’s also the reason why there will be exclusive Turtle Beach headsets for XBO as it also delivers surround passthrough.

  • Slickshoes

    John Carmack says he sees no major advantage with either console. I’m a ps3 owner but since he nailed the graphic powers of the last console generation (saying ps3 was ultimately more capable but preferred the x360) why would I believe what non-programmers are saying over him? I don’t know, but can’t we “sony boys” not be fanboys and wait until the games come out before making too many ignorant assumptions? I enjoy the comments but the one-sided black and white ones are irritating and add nothing to the conversation.

    • Solid Snake

      John Carmack has been barring his career with every ignorant statement hes made thus far even euclideon’s ceo Bruce dell made an utter fool out of him & notch.

      Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

    • Solid Snake

      Guess this site don’t allow embedded videos on it here the link below….

      Euclideon & Unlimited Detail – Bruce Dell Interview by John Gatt:


  • Slickshoes

    I think you hit the nail on the head Benbenkr. I hope it goes differently this generation. I’m sure it will from how easy the ps4 is to develop for but I hated that I got the buggy version of Skrym as my xbox buddies made sure to let me know.

  • spideynut71

    It’s Ubisoft, and it’s a multiplatform, multi-gen game…..what do you expect?

  • WellWisher

    Multiplats won’t look any better people. Not until (and if) the PS4 gets a massive install base which far exceeds the X1’s and the PS4 becomes the primary development platform. Then you might start seeing differences like better frame rates in PS4 games. At the end of the day it comes down to install base and money, not power.

    • John Joe Silver

      the difference would need to be huge in the install base before they considered it…. also based on E3 Forza and KI both on xbox dev kits (yes i know some other games were on custom builds with nvidia in them but those 2 were confirmed as dev kits) played at 1080p60FPS while the sony published games struggled to maintain 1080p30FPS so it’s not automatic that sony will be better

    • WellWisher

      That’s why I added the ‘and if’. X1 could sell just as well. Who knows? Even the Wii U could come back if Nintendo gives it the 3DS treatment of great game after great game.

    • Guest

      There weren’t dev kits running FM5 and KI, they were final hardware, just like Major Nelson showed at the hardware panel. One game was running on PC because they weren’t completely finished with it and thus well enough to port yet (Lococycle), others were running in a debug environment which won’t exceed target hardware (Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3).
      The difference in installed base would indeed have to be very huge to make the PS4 a platform that receives extra development and thus cost for multiplatform developers. Only first parties will tap into that extra power, but when diminishing returns are already in effect on the current gen, one has to wonder how much of a difference that will even be, if at all. Gameplay should always go above graphics IMHO.

    • John Joe Silver

      i’m the same way a game running at 1080p60FPS means sweet fook all to me, decent gameplay and i’m happy

    • XtraTrstrL

      The better frame rates would happen automatically, without any specific optimizations to the PS4 version. This is because the very similar APU infrastructure of the 2 next gen consoles. It’s not the same comparison as PS3 vs 360. The porting will be much easier, with the PS4 being the easier of the 2 to work with, mainly because of the more complex inclusion of the 32mb eSRAM in the X1. The visuals could also be noticeably better without much tweaking, like having better AA or a further draw distance.

    • WellWisher

      Well, I’m not a developer, so the only way I’m going to know if you’re right is to wait and see.

  • Dakan45

    Some facts

    Watchdogs is made on pc, the engine is a pc engine.

    The Watchdogs gameplay you have seen was all on pc. The gameplay in ps4 reveal was on pc, most next-gen games have been demoed on a pc.

    Yet the games comes out on current x360 and ps3.

    Long story short dont expect current gen game to look that diffirent on next gen consoles, they didnt make graphics for next gen systems. They made the pc version and lower the graphics for ps3 and x360.

    It is likely the ps4/xbone version will look just as good as the pc version. It could look worse than the pc version or just as good, since ubisoft doesnt push pc hardware to their limits. Eg Creed 3 did not have alot of antialising settings.

    However it wont look better than the pc version. Its not a next gen game, ps4/xbone wont even flitch running this, to think that the xbone will somehow look worse due to inferior hardware is just wrong. This is not a next gen game, it is designed on pc and downscaled for ps3/x360, xbone will have no trouble running this. If it did, it will be even worse than the wii and wouldnt held up as a next gen system.

    • dan

      i disagree with you. I mean i do agree with the fact that you think watchdogs will look maybe around the same level as the pc. But for you to say this is not a next gen game is to be delusional of the facts. Frostbite 3 engine for example can run on phones,Does that mean its not a next gen engine? the engine offers scalability. The same with this engine pushing watchdogs. It can scale down to ps3 power, And scale up to next gen power…. Therefore whatever extra features next gen consoles allow it will offer. Such as way more characters on the screen, more variety of said characters (tons of models instead of saying the same 3 types of people) . Really far draw distances, Better physics, and of course better graphics/lighting.

      Its retarded of you to say watchdogs is not next gen.
      I also disagree with your point about where you think next gen consoles will have no problem playing watchdogs as if PC is inferior. More liessssss.. There is nothing next gen consoles can do to match the power of a high end console. Keep deluding yourself. Go watch the jimmy falcon watch dogs footage where it was actually shown to be running on PS4…. As soon as Aiden got into the car, it was a stuttering mess. You really think a $129 AMD APU can compete with anything higher than a 7870?.. Far less for a gtx 780 or a titan or a 7990 or a 7970 ghz editon. LAWL

    • Dakan45

      See, here is what most games on consoles run at barelly 30 fps and 1280x720P. They either run on low or medium settings on consoles. You can adjust the graphics on pc and add new crap, but that doesnt change the fact that they were designed with consoles in mind and with small rooms to stream resources in the low ram that current systems have and essentially recycle resources along with other tricks to save perfomance and make em look better than they really are.

      So essentially they are not “next gen” games. Crysis in 2007 was more “next gen” than current multiplatform games. Watchdogs is not designed with the new generation of technology but with old. No matter if you put it on ps4 or pc, it will still use current tech on lighting, physics, texture streaming and such.

      You say

      “whatever extra features next gen consoles allow it will offer.”

      Which is wrong. The next gen consoles just allow for more complex and resource hungry games as pc does. However ubisoft is not gonna shove all those in there. Sure you gonna get higher resolution textures, better lighting or ai adjustements, basicly what the pc version had and some more things added later, but you are not getting a “next gen” game, you are getting the ps4/xbone version of that game that will JUST look better. To get the “new features” they have to design a new game for ps4/xbone, like division. Not because they cant add those features later but simply becuase they will not work extra to add them when they got the product ready. Same case with blackflag, dont expect the ps4 version to blow away the pc version which is based on the x360/ps3 version. The new consoles will run games at the same quality as current multiplatform pc games do, untile next gen games are made.

      So no watchdogs is not next gen.

      “I also disagree with your point about where you think next gen consoles
      will have no problem playing watchdogs as if PC is inferior.”

      Current pcs are more powerfull than next gen systems.

      “Go watch the jimmy falcon watch dogs footage where it was actually shown to be running on PS4”

      Nope it was on pc.

      As soon as Aiden got into the car, it was a stuttering mess.
      You really think a $129 AMD APU can compete with anything higher than a
      7870?.. Far less for a gtx 780 or a titan or a 7990 or a 7970 ghz
      editon. LAWL’

      That made no sense. No a 129 piece of crap cant compete with a desktop pc that costs 300 let alone 800.

      “There is nothing next gen consoles can do to match the power of a high end console.”


  • DarthDiggler

    Your headline is very misleading…

    “we do not foresee a major difference in on screen result between the PS4 and the Xbox One.”

    It should say Ubisoft sees little difference in XBONE and PS4. Fuckin trolls.

    • Dakan45

      Are you serious? No you wont get SUPER AWESOMEZ GRAPHICS ON DA PS4 and sucky ones on xboxone on the BEGGINING OF THE GODAMN GENERATION let alone on a PORT of a CURRENT gen game.

  • MattS71

    Why do video game makers talk in double speak? No hable English?

  • Don S

    I don’t want to shock you, but November 19th, as it turns out, is also considered Q4. So for the PS4/Xbox One, it could be the same date or later in Q4, pending the launch schedule for the new platforms.

  • zakcole

    How is this front page of N4G? This isn’t news this is fanboy propaganda. Oh yeah. Fanboys…

    The game has been made for current gen. How the hell is the Xbox One going to struggle to run it? This is what happens when children flood the internet.

    • Dakan45

      Exactly, if xbone run current gen games worse than the ps4 before the generation even started, we would have issues.

  • PatcherStation

    It’s laughable how many versions there’s going to be, then there’s all the DLC and special editions or whatever. Can’t say I’m too bothered about the graphics, but I read the PS4 version will have an extra 1 hour of game play as Sony got their cheque book out. With the Wii U version, there’s the extra milarky with the screen, but for me, it’s all about the content, but gone are the days when games didn’t come with things missing, which is what DLC is for. Like with Skyrim, it’ll cost a small fortune to play the full game or it might be a case of playing different versions as they’ll be exclusive DLC.

  • 24242

    The console’s are holding us back.

  • justerthought

    Hey Ubisoft, I know you’re the kings of screen tear, but if you’re going to push each next gen console to the limit, please don’t give us screen tear. A torn game is a broken game. There is no reason why you should be shredding frames on PS4. If you are, cut something out because you’re pushing it too hard and just breaking the game. I love your games but they are all bust with screen tear. The only exception was Assassin’s Creed 3 on PS3. Rock solid 🙂


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