Umbra Dev Comments On No Exclusive Mandate For NEO And Scorpio, Hopes Devs Will Have Some Say On It

“I hope that the developers have some say on what to do with the excess power.”

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The PS4 NEO and the Xbox One Scorpio do promise a new paradigm of console gaming and console game development- but there is the little problem that for all the extra power that these upgraded new consoles may have, there can be no games to properly utilize them. Microsoft and Sony have both, after all, mandated that there can be no exclusive Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 NEO games.

Doesn’t that, in a sense, make these new consoles a bit redundant? When GamingBolt had a chance to sit down with Umbra COO Sampo Lappalainen, we decided to ask him this very question, to pick his brain on the matter.

“I hope that the developers have some say on what to do with the excess power,” he said. “For example, they could have a separate HD version of the game with nicer effects for the new consoles. This brings the consoles closer to PC and it seems like this is what the platform holders are going after. This is obviously more work for the developers so they aren’t necessarily all that happy if this is what happens.”

At the current moment in time, it doesn’t seem like something like this will come to pass, however- right now, it seems as though Sony and Microsoft are both prioritizing not alienating the millions of customers who purchased the standard PS4 and Xbox One not even three years ago. Still, one has to hope that both companies realize the wisdom in having exclusives for these new systems- there’s not much point to them otherwise.

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  • David Gordon

    the Xbox One Scorpio wont be a redundant console any more then the Xbox One S is redundant. The Xbox One S has a Ultra HD Blu Ray player inside and can do 4k video but not 4k gaming, thats where Scorpio comes in. Scorpio will have the power to do 4k gaming and VR. So what would be the point in making a better 1080p Xbox One game when Microsoft seems to want the Scorpio to be about 4k gaming and VR tech?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Sure, but only if you want to play something as graphically simple as Ori and the Blind Forest, in 4K.

  • WiLD

    However also the editor does not seem to understand that they are not ‘ ‘ new system ‘ ‘ … but the same system …. PS4 . Before you understand it better …

    And ‘ that will probably be a hole in the water without exclusive etc . you can guess …

    But maybe Sony is confident that resolution and more frame are sufficient to sell ,180p made ​​the difference…. the ”videogamers” that want….

  • Well if MS is going for 4K with scorpio, they are in for a rude awakening when they see that less than 8% of HDTV owners have 4K screens. Its estimated that it will take until 2021 for 4K HDTV’s to be a majority. If MS or Sony think 4K is going to suddenly take off with everyone snapping up 4K HDTV’s…they’re greatly mistaken, most HDTV owners right now are 100% satifisied with their 1080P sets…heck there is hardly any 4K content out there right now, this is baffling to me that they are “pushing” dev’s to deliver 4K games. I think this will quickly change, mark it down.

  • Troy Marcel

    Phil spencer has said this Time and time again, it will be up to the devs too do what they want.

  • Mr Xrat

    Another reason why iterative consoles are a bust. Quit with the excuses, Xgimps, your precious 6TF beast is going nowhere.


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