Umbra Dev On PS4 NEO And Xbox One Scorpio GPU TFLOPS Difference: ‘It’s The Big Picture That Matters’

There’s more to a console than just TFLOPs…

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The Xbox One Scorpio turns the table on the PlayStation 4 in a lot of ways, but perhaps the most important way it does so, especially in terms of bragging rights, is that it will be more powerful than the PS4 NEO- negating the power advantage PlayStation has held over Xbox all generation.

When we got the chance to sit down and have a chat with Sampo Lappalainen, COO of Umbra, we asked him for his take on the upcoming Scorpio (6 TFLOPS), and its power advantage over the PS4 NEO (reportedly 4.3 TFLOPS). His response? There is more to power than just TFLOPs, and a console’s true advantage is in which one sells to customers better.

“More TFLOPs is naturally nice, but feature to feature comparisons are not the most fruitful discussion to have,”Lappalainen said. “Things like CPU speed and memory bandwidth play a huge role as well, but in the end it’s the big picture that matters. I think that until both consoles are on the shelf of a store, the jury is still out on which has the upper hand.”

That said, he also believes that Umbra is well positioned for the new consoles. “As our product is so platform agnostic, we don’t have to do much whenever a new platform emerges. This hold true with the new console generations as well. With the developers having the difficult task of supporting these new platforms, I would imagine that our assistance is more valued than ever.”

I think that on the whole, he is right- there is more to a console comparison than just one parameter like TFLOPs. However it is also true that the Scorpio will end up the more powerful console, after all.

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  • crizz1066

    Lol no they’re in the business of making money via advertising. There’s very little journalistic integrity, especially in gaming.
    Don’t start what?

    • shane

      I know it’s getting like that, I’m saying news even gaming news supposed to be fair and unbiased. You know that crizz.

    • crizz1066

      Lol news hasn’t been unbiased or fair in decades. Well unless you count bbc, but even then.
      Who are you anyway? The internet police? I don’t even see any bias

  • EditoMZ

    I don’t know why people try to compare the NEO with Scorpio, Sony said many time that the NEO is still a PS4, Scorpio it’s a completely new system that will compete with the PS5 or the Sony machine not the PS4, NEO it’s a upgrade to better accommodate the PSVR at a comfortable 1080p 60Fps while capable of displaying UHD video content…

  • crizz1066

    Ahhh have I started to piss you off

  • Hvd

    its all about the power thats what pc gamers will tell you thats what sony fanboys told you for 3 years a its still all about the power now.its just not in sonys favor anymore.

    sony fanboys now say its about the games what games? gt sport was guess what delayed s going to be a ps4 neo launch mans lie was fail,the order 1866 was fail, everything else is delayed only 2 good games this gen for ps4 bloodbourne and uncharted?….lmao

    how much longe are you guys going to put up with sonys

    the delay station where delays await….lmao

  • Dynasty2021

    Funny how console owners now only care about graphics isn’t it?

    Can you get a more uninformed, illiterate and hypocritical group of fans?

    I mean these guys are dumb enough to believe their new console will do 4K gaming, when the new GTX 1080 can’t do it at 50 FPS let alone 60, and is worth £600 and cutting edge.

    Also it’s officially more expensive to be a console gamer now, as you would have bought 2 consoles in as many years, when a budget decent gaming PC can be had for £5-600.

  • crizz1066

    Finally someone who realizes it’s just a bit of fun

  • Quentin Whiteman

    Things PS4 OWNERS HAVE TO ACCEPT…Scorpio will be more powerful, games will look better and run smoother on the Scorpio console. Even if Scorpio runs 1800p at 60fps on most games the games will look much better than neo’s 1440p 60fps on most titles. Things Xbox owners must accept…The console will be priced around 599.00. Given the specs and the goals microsoft have set as well as them saying repeatedly its a “PREMIUM’ console, it will be priced as such. Performance has a cost accept it. Neo Im guessing will be priced @ 499.00 given its specs and title as a premium console as well. Ps4 slim@ 349.00 original @ 299.00. X1 S 399.00, 349.00, 299.00,249.00(Original). With all this being said gaming is going to be amazing on either platform. As far as the winner goes, thats determined by price, quality and quantity. Since Sony will once again undercut the cost by at least 100.00 im betting on them to retain the lead… Since Im not planning on ever spending 600.00 bucks on a console, neo may be in my future. For now im enjoying my X1S and ps4……and Wii U sometimes..

  • Skorge

    Xbox One has no obese trolls like Mr Xrat and his 30 sock accounts, that alone makes it light years ahead of the PS4

    • Mr Xrat

      PS4 doesn’t have scum like you constantly being triggered by reality, which makes the brand toxic to the point of irrelevance.

  • Skorge

    Power only matters when Sony has the power advantage, when MS has it, pfft power don’t matter, pixels mean jack

    Media logic


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